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Camera+: Pro Camera & Editor

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User Reviews for Camera+: Pro Camera & Editor

I’m no expert but...

I was in the video production business for 20+ years and I would always shoot photos during our field shooting to help me remember important sequences for the editor. A fast shooting camera was important to me but quality gradually became the top requirement. I use to carry a cumbersome Canon 20D but I was afraid I would damage it when I was moving around the set. Then Apple started including a good, not excellent, quality camera with their iPhones. I started with an iPhone 2 or 3 but now use an iPhone 6s+. It is better than good but not near the quality of the newer iPhones. But the iPhone 6s+ meets my needs. But the Camera App that came with the phone leaves a lot to be desired. A few years ago I found the Camera+ App and with its editing tools provides me with what I need as a basic photographer. I now have upgraded to the newer Camera+ 2 and for me, it is the camera app to go to.

Andyhutch1947, Jun 30, 2020
Where are my pictures

I was asked for an upgrade, like many softwares. There was no mention of my existing pictures being erased, they were, and absolutely no mention of monthly charges to use the functions on the phone. You want to charge for those items. Be clear so users of the app have ALL of the needed information. Why would the upgrade erase existing pictures on the app?!? I don’t know but it did. I have requested help retrieving the pictures but as this all just happened in the last couple of monites, while visiting Wrigley Field from Houston, I have not received a response. My guess is all the pictures I have taken in Chicago are lost forever. If I can retrieve them I will revise my F- review of the new app!!!!!! F- everyone!!!!!! Not for the function of the app because I no longer have access to take pictures in RAW or manually set the camera. Sure, there is a “free month” but I am sure there is a mountain of nonsense to cancel after the free month considering how the initial upgrade went. This nonsense should be illegal as far as I am concerned. Be open with what the upgrade entails, and don’t delete existing pictures. Let me be clear, until my pictures are recovered and given to me the app get an F-, only because I can’t think of a worse grade!!!!

Angry Bulls On Parade Bird, Aug 20, 2022
It’s the best made better

Ok let’s just start this off by saying the original Camera+ was my go to app because of dependability pic quality and numero uno the lightbox feature nobody had then or not always nowadays.However this new improved version ups the ante with the trash can feature to replace the awesome undo tab of the previous app which saved the day when possibly deleting something permanently. It’s not easy to find in light box look for deleted not labeled as a trash can cuz I had thought I deleted something seriously awesome I was enraged lol thank heavens I discovered the deleted area, Whew! Those who say this is just like the original aren’t paying close enough attention. It’s just as good yet better. Case closed.

Covertfreq, Sep 25, 2018
Unlock the power of your phones camera

This is got to be one of the best camera apps out on the market hands-down. I really don’t have anything bad to say about this app. I would really like to see more features dedicated to RawFile format being that I use Photoshop quite a bit and this would be a major advantage.I can hardly wait till the next version of Camera+ comes out, This is to the developers of this app please please please add a bracketing feature to the next version of this app for HDR photography,It would be really great if you could automatically control photos up and down in either half stats or whole steps of the f stop.I am so looking forward to the next version of this app it’s just so awesome.

Da Storyteller, May 05, 2021
Almost Perfect

Camera +2 is my all time favorite camera and photo editing app. With that having been said, I’ve taken away one star due to an editing issue. Here’s the skinny: My equipment: I’m using Camera +2, Version 1.6, with an iPhone 8, iOS 12.1.2. Editing issue: After editing photos taken with Camera +2, or any other camera app, the final edits frequently fail to save. The progress (wheel) indicator “spins” non-stop, but the photo does not save. Note: This never happened with the original Camera + app. I’ve reported this to the good folks who designed this otherwise beautiful app, and I’m awaiting a response. Once this issue is resolved, and I’m sure it will be, I will happily award this app the fifth star. Even with the aforementioned editing tool issue, I will continue to recommend this great all-in-one app.

inv225, Dec 30, 2021
Where have you been???

I am into various things such as art-writing music-physics programs and photography. I have and still use some very good editing software. I could not believe what I was seeing. I never could completely portray what I saw in my mind until now. The level of precision is astounding. I pushed back my excitement until I went through various pictures I was stuck on. Ones that I could not get to look like what i saw in my head. Needless to say their all completed. Listen if you discard an app like this over an technical problem and not the quality of work. You probably should stay with whatever native app your device came with. Technical issues are an easy fix and when they see this they will fix it. But talent not so much. I would persevere through Any bugs or glitches to hold on to that. Good day and thanks.

Joecjr404-74, Feb 22, 2023
Same issues as previous app but now slower

Bought the new app hoping that if they released an entirely new app, at cost, maybe they finally fixed the one feature that makes the app interesting which is shooting & editing in RAW. Unfortunately this app suffers from the exact same issue the previous one did, that of blurry unusable photos (this is post-patch that claims it was fixed) if you choose RAW (on iphoneX). Did multiple tests and it’s definitely an app issue as both the HEIF image are blurry when you turn on RAW, soon as you disable you get sharp photos. From my testing it looks to be a processing issue, which brings up the new issue with this app, that of being frustratingly slow! Moving between elements of the app, switching shooting modes, all are so slow and clunky it makes the app a pain to use. Having paid for both versions now, My take is it is not worth the money to 1.not get reliable use of he advanced features and 2. Slow down your shooting experience over the native iphone camera app.

Lostlobster, Jul 26, 2018
When I don’t have my Nikon 850

This a far cry from my Nikon 850, but when I don’t have it, this is really very good. I’ve been using the pro version for a few yrs now and it really is loaded with nice features for what it is. I don’t know how the one person ‘lost’ all of his pictures when he upgraded but I would suggest reading the about features, the menu to see where they are. I’m betting they’re in the phone somewhere. If you have other pictures software like light box & such, if you don’t check your settings, they could possibly go there to use your own enhancing software and not realize it. You can’t delete a picture with a quick touch. It’ll ask if that’s what you want to do. A nice thing is if you crop a picture using thi app’s software or make any changes to the picture, at any time in the future you can ‘undo’ the changes to bring the picture back to the original. It’s been my go too for quite awhile and happy with it

Oldmojo, May 06, 2023
30 year Hollywood Grip

The Manual Options on this Camera are amazing. The versatility and ease of adjustments are the most well designed I’ve seen. This Camera has allowed me, after 14 years of trying, to capture the slight differences in shadowing, and contrast them in such a way, that the drawings of my wife’s boyfriend (An Animation Director for The Simpsons), are now finally apparent to all. This Moron, during his five year affair with my wife, had drawn all sorts of inappropriate cartoons on my personal items with what I believe was a very acidic , home made, Disappearing Ink. Thus etching the surface of the various items. I could see them when the light hit things just right but nobody believed me. NOW I FINALLY HAVE PROOF !! I’ve gained my credibility back, and may pursue a defamation, and mental anguish lawsuit against this idiot. I am eternally grateful for this and don’t believe it would have been possible without this Camera App. Thank you very, very much ! Sincerely, Kevin N., Hollywood Studio Grip !

Olnielwaukee, Aug 27, 2023
Dedicted- motivated- always on top

The devs of this app are Very dedicated to making the best use of the iPhone platform. They are motivated to squeezing every bit from the processor, to allow you to be the very best you can. We know as photographers, the images are only as good as the person behind the camera at hand. I can say the ease of use in this app is on point. The quality images it churns out from a tech perspective is the best I’ve seen and used. I can say without any reservations Camera+ should be the default camera app in your iPhone camera bag. *disclaimer, this is not a paid review nor do I have any connection whatsoever to the devs. I just really appreciate the time and effort to keep this app always on top and my go to photo app!

photoshopdude, Jul 16, 2022


Camera+ is the most advanced and powerful photo capturing and editing app available. With intuitive camera presets, a variety of built-in filters, flexible editing tools, and integration with your photo library, Camera+ lets you produce stunning photos as you unleash your inner artist. Camera+ offers a range of capture presets for specific purposes, including Auto mode for a simple interface, Manual and RAW modes for full control, Slow Shutter for long exposures, Macro for getting up close, and Action for tracking and capturing fast-moving subjects.

Magic ML uses machine learning sorcery to automatically edit and improve your photos as you shoot. Our newest capture preset, UltraRes, allows you to intelligently upscale images using AI. With a variety of shooting assist options and different shutter modes that include Smile mode, Stabilizer, Burst, and Timer, Camera+ makes it easy to capture the perfect shot. Camera+ features a range of tools to fine-tune the exposure, boost shadows, sharpen your photos, and more. RAW image editing provides maximum flexibility for editing, and allows you to save and edit images with exacting precision. In addition, Camera+ offers integration with your photo library, allowing you to edit photos in place rather than importing and exporting them. Thank you for considering Camera+ for your photo capturing and editing needs. You can review terms of use at https://camera.plus/about/terms/.

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