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Phillip Glenn
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User Reviews for Call Pizza

Pizza loves me and i now cool at school🙂🍕

This is the best game i have ever gotten. I love the part when the pizza calls you. There are so many options for pizzas that can call you and the pizza actually listens to you. Pizza has always been my favorite food and now i can talk to pizza!! Thank you for making this. I finally have friends and i am super cool at school because i talk to pizzas. Pizza caller has made my life so much better. Also, if the kids in my basement need some friends, i can give them my phone and they can call pizza! :)

1231093, May 26, 2020
Guys this isn’t good

This game changed my life!!!!!!!!11!1!!1!1 call pizza has revived my 70 year relationship With my wife I cannot tell you how much call pizza has done to my life it has done so much to point where I had to download it on my wife’s boyfriends phone with out his permission this game inspired me to create the award winning film amoung us live action play not only this it also made my wifes boy friend to change my bed time to 8:30. I hope others find this game as influential as m

carcaneismynameo, Apr 14, 2021
Award winning game

This game has changed my life. It has helped me get through depression and has made me a better person. With hours worth of gameplay, amazing graphics, perfect, voice acting, and an amazing storyline, this is truly the best game you could ever buy.For a long time I was depressed, lonely, and sad. I just could never find a good game. But after finding this, my life changed. Just the idea of calling pizza alone is outstanding, and when put into play makes it oh so amazing.With hours upon hours of gameplay the game has to offer and just how great it is, it would be a stupid idea to pass up such a game, even though it is a bit pricey.So if you are looking for an amazing game you will remember for life, look no further, this is that life changing game you are looking for.A game truly beyond this world. - Some guy

cool gamer player, Jul 25, 2020
I love call pizza

I am a coalminer and this app gets me through everything in life all of my struggles and pain is totally erased by this app if there’s ever anything wrong I always go to this app for security and warmth. I will never forget this app as long as I breathe, I really would love to meet the person who made this I would have a long chat about how this app saved my life. And once again thank you everyone for making this app it really change my life for the good.

gannonjeffries, Aug 09, 2021
This app changes HISTORY!

I’m a surgeon, I felt bad for failing so many of my patients, until the day I downloaded this game. My patient was dying from lung cancer, I didn’t know what to do anymore until I looked at the App Store and found “call pizza” I saw the millions of five star reviews and decided to download this wonder. I gave my phone to my dying patient they played call pizza, and just 1 minute of this game, cured their cancer. After that day, my patients have survived every time, just looking at the title of this game can save this universe. Now all of my patients have downloaded this game as a treatment for their family, friends, pets, and themselves. This game has saved so many lives and EVERYONE needs to download this gameI thank the creator(s) of this app so much - other person

Ginka345, Jul 06, 2021
Life changing

Before call pizza I had severe and traumatic experiences with my phone it would beat me and harass me with random calls the moment I downloaded “call pizza” all of my problems in live vanished I felt like I had someone to rely on in the protagonists pizza the way he says “how can I help you” is so reassuring and motivating to me and my life so if you are ready for the life changing experience of “call pizza” please please please don’t stress it download it for you!

Johnathan smellbird, Aug 17, 2021
Downloading Calling Pizza was the best choice of my life

This app gets me through everything in my life. No matter how sad or lonely I feel, I can always rely on this app to be there for me. This app has changed me for the better in so many ways. Because of the smiles and laughs provided to me from “Call Pizza” I have been more confident and happy. I now look forward to everyday pf my wonderful life because it’s one more day to go on “Call Pizza”. This app was there for me and thousands of other downloaded when everyone else had abandoned me. I truly can’t thank the developer(s) of this enough. This is going down in history as a game changer in the world of mobile apps. “Call Pizza” has set the bar high for any other apps. Without this amazing app, I wouldn’t be here today. I’m begging anyone reading this to please download this masterpiece to enjoy this as much as I have been able to. Thank you and goodbye. ❤️

MollyBogey, Apr 23, 2021
Stupid and weird and funny and annoying

OK why are you funny is because it seems so stupid and it gets annoying like it’s annoying because it says the word “it’s like you should not even download this it’s like complete crap and I can tell you something what it says hello pizza pizza hello pizza pizza hello pizza pizza hello pizza pizza isn’t that so annoying reading that it would be even more annoying if you had to listen to it like so long so I do not think you should download this app it has no clean it just just a tap on pizza and it says like hello pizza pizza it’s like so annoying so I’m just saying it’s pretty stupid so do not download it and I unless I feel like being annoyed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rubbel8, Jun 04, 2021

SO WHEN I WAS IN THE LIVING ROOM.. i was sitting down on my couch. And i was extremely depressed and bored because my family had cancer and was dying because of the lack of vitamins in their body. So. I was really bored and depressed so i was on the appstore so absolutely tragically sad untill i fame across call pizza. As soon as i opened this app and called pizza my whole family was cured from cancer and vitatims so they all got cured and they all lived and im so happy they dont die so i dont have to pay for their funerals thanks you so much call pizza you are truley my lifes savers thank you.sincceraly- Joe

tominillo, Nov 07, 2021
What’s the point?

Ok let me say that I don’t want to be rude but there is no point to this game. Basically I downloaded this game because it looked pretty interesting and the reviews were great! So I got it and then I taped a pizza and it said incoming call pizzeria, and I listened to the call and over and over it kept saying would u like to buy a pizza? Would u like to buy a pizza? Would u like to buy a pizza? So I sent the call to my friend and then tapped the call I sent and it literally was a black picture. A PLAIN BLACK PICTURE WITH NO WORDS!! This game seriously has ZERO point and whoever created this game, NICE TRY! Because now everyone knows how u tricked us! I thought I could write a good review but what is this game? I’ve had enough and this game is terrible so bye.

toolsies, Nov 20, 2020


fake call pizza. with sound of answering service of pizzeria and pictures of pizza, prank your friend. girlfriend or boyfriend .

boss . etc. phone call with phone original ringtone. schedule a fake call. phone call to your device. features: - variety of pizza pictures. - simulate fake incoming call from pizza place. - sound of answering service of pizzeria . - options to reject or accept call. - great as a game. - easy to use. - for more fun you can play without Wi-Fi

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