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California Firearms Test

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California Firearms Test

  • Education
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User Reviews for California Firearms Test

I passed my test!!

This app really helped me a lot!! Most of the questions on my test were on this app! I ran through MANY of the quizzes on the app about 50 times until I kept getting no lower than 9/10. And even if I got them all right, i would review them all before moving on if there was a question I felt I got lucky on. I downloaded this last night and passed my test this morning with only one question wrong!!

AbeZun, May 05, 2020
Incorrect info and poor photos!!- update required!

Same with other reviewers - the long gun age requirement is 21 not 18 in CA. Photos of some of the weapons and details on them such as a question about a particular sight on a gun are of poor quality. They really need to be bigger and not tiny thumbnails! And please have someone with a better grasp of English write these questions and answers: “Rudely and firmly” as an answer for how to insert a magazine into a gun. Seriously?? That said I would absolutely recommend this app to review for the FSC test. Questions are divided into sections of 10 after which you will see how you scored. You are able to go back and review the questions answered incorrectly. In some of them you will see an explanation about the correct answer. New questions are added to each quiz while the rest of them will be repeats. Be careful as many questions use double negatives. Keep moving thru all the quizzes until you score 100 on every one of them and don’t keep seeing new questions. Even when I got every question right I would go back after and review the answers in preparation for the real test. Once you’ve done that - the actual FSC test should be easy. (It’s actually a little addicting - yto strive for that 100 grade after the 10th question).

aw mihalik, Mar 13, 2020

Took my test today and got one wrong out of 30. This little app comes in handy if you really want to make sure you are ready to take the test. I used the app for about a week off and on when I had down time. The test questions were pretty basic. This was extremely helpful.

DereckV, Nov 13, 2020
The app is overkill

I learned from this app a lot, but a lot of it I found a bit of an overkill. The app is a little glitchy too, there’s times i review my answers and it says i marked some wrong when i know i never put those answers. Safe yourself some money, use the practice questions they give you in the handbook online for free. I did get 100% on my test btw.

jkatrina90, Sep 15, 2021
Very Helpful!!

This app helped me alot and i only did the tests like 2 times, If you live in CA these EXACT questions are on the test as I just did and passed the test today and these questions and answers were the same!!

Joegeheha, Mar 08, 2022
Passed on the first try. Worth $1.99

The exam is not particularly difficult. The pdf that the state produced does have nearly all the answers. With that said, if you’ve read the pdf and can’t pass the tests in this app, You aren’t prepared for the real test. If take the tests in this app 10-15 times and pass them successfully with 90% or better. You’re ready for the real test

Johhny's Got a Gun, Feb 02, 2021
Passed 100%

Got 30 out of 30 when I tested. Only thing off on the prep test is buyers need to be 21 to purchase rifles, not 18. Test was written only, no pictures on mine. Which is good cuz I wasn’t doing well with the differences on the single action/double action revolver questions 😄

Mega_Doug, Dec 07, 2019
A big help

This app is great for a complete rookie (me). I really appreciate the extra information bundled in with the regular test questions. My one critique is that as of 2019, 18 year olds can no longer buy long guns and the app has not been updated to reflect this.That said, thank you so much for the app and the care you put into it!

Meowmox, Aug 16, 2019
30/30 Pass in July 2022

Questions were almost all 100% the same way as in the app, with just a few exceptions with ever so slightly different wording (almost to the point of it not being worth mentioning it). Probably the best couple of bucks I’ve spent for an app in quite a while.

Mwalsh5757, Jul 08, 2022
A Little Confused

I think this app could be a whole lot better. There are many Improvements necessary. 1.) I’m clueless as to how it works 2.) You have no idea where you are in the testing, where you left off or how many more of the questions there are to answer. 3.) The same questions are repeated many times. Which is not necessarily a bad thing......but come on the same questions 5, 6, or 7 times is wasteful. 4.) I just finished the real test at the gun dealers and found some questions that I did not remember seeing in this app. All this is free on the internet so I feel a little rip off since I paid for this app and found is very lacking in substance. I gave the developers five stars for at least putting something out there. But come on people make it an excellent product not something we walk away from feeling that we were lied to.

Playfulkitten, Apr 09, 2020


FSC needed? You may be a seasoned firearm user and you just need your Firearm Safety Certificate. Or you may be a beginner and need not only to pass DOJ written test, but also to feel confident at any Safe Handling Demonstration and to be safe while handling firearms on a day-to-day basis.

Anyway, at AlphaSquared Technologies we strongly believe that everyone must know how to use firearms safely. So, we have created this application to help you with all these matters. The application contains 300 questions, which help you to master your knowledge by practicing offline (you don't need an Internet connection) and, thus, utilizing your time better. Our research demonstrated that the most effective preparation is achieved when practice tests contain 10 questions (our research proved that 17.6% of applicants remember better in this case). So, the practice tests are formed to contain 10 questions each. Features: - 300 questions based on Firearms Safety Certificate Study Guide and California Law/Gun Laws in California. IMPORTANT: Questions are going to be even harder than at your written test, so that you will surefire pass your FSC test. - Real test version 1-3 questions included. - Randomly generated quizzes - Quiz capacity is optimized for fastest tuition - Reviewing included comments for the most complicated/tricky questions - Practical advice and weapon handling techniques from the best firearms instructors - Safe Handling Demonstration questions - Various legal aspects of firearms possession and use - Long guns and handguns/pistols test questions Good luck with your FSC! We will keep fingers crossed for you!

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