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California Lottery
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User Reviews for CA Lottery Official App

Outstanding App Review

Back in the day,( 20$ years ago I use to have to input the number off of each non winning ticket into the second chance lottery app in order to be eligible for the second chance drawing . It would take me a very long time to input my non winning scratchers because I had a hard time reading the number . Now the update improved input of my non winning second chance tickets are simply scanned into the lottery app by my cell phone in seconds . I’m so thrilled for this new and fun way to imput my tickets now that it’s so fast and easy to do . Thank you California Lottery for a excellent job inproving the all around experience of the journey of using the user friendly lottery app from start to finish.My sincere pleasure in thanking your team for thier help in making the whole process extremely easy now.

fashoe64, Jan 13, 2020
Scratcher game information needs to be redone !

The updated scratchers information page is extremely time consuming, confusing, and lacks consumer attention . The first thing I noticed is that the player no longer can go to the picture of the game and scroll to number of winners and amount of prizes available at a glance. The new method requires that the player put the name of the game to the ticket. Some games have similar names. The other irritating thing I noticed is how all the detailing information is at the top like a spreadsheet. Too much going up and then scrolling down. I play regularly and check tickets and information on the games constantly. I like to do it as a hobby and would like to see the convenance that it had before. I give the new scratcher page a 0.

Gold magnat, Dec 16, 2019
Thank you so much

I’m very happy now because I don’t trust the people working in the stores when they scan your ticket and if the ticket winners 100 dollars they try to trick you and telling you congrats you won a 20 dollar especially if you don’t know how to play or you don’t know how to check your ticket which is happened to me before I have won five hundred dollars in the bingo ticket and I already check the ticket and showed me the price which is five hundred dollars but I want to the store to see what will the clerk who worked there and definitely I was right the guy told me that I won 50 dollars only and I started to laughing I asked him to give me my ticket back and when he handled the ticket to me I said shame on you and I left the store but now I’m safe now thank you for this app

Jskshebnapdysbeksuwhbw, Aug 16, 2018
I almost gave a 4 star rating but...

I almost gave a 4 star rating for the CA Lottery app because of a feature that I wish was included but then realized that it doesn’t justify the loss of a star because overall the app runs great and does everything it says it does. So yes the app is great but if there’s a time when the developers decide to improve it then I’d like to recommend on behalf of all the 2nd chance players that it would be awesome if the results to the 2nd chance games were accessible through the app. Thanks and good luck too all the players!

LSD209, Apr 20, 2021
My favorite app!!!

Why? Because no other app is gonna make me a multi millionaire. Yeah sure I know the odds but one day soon I’m gonna scan my lottery ticket and all the bells and whistles will go off. And just like that I’ll know I’ve hit the jackpot. And while I’m waiting there’s always the second chance drawing and this app makes it easy to enter too! If that’s not enough you can check all kinds of lottery tickets 24/7. Yes you heard it right even @ 3am when you can’t fall back asleep you can check a ticket and find out you’re a big winner without leaving the comfort of your bed. Unless, of course, you decide to jump for joy!!!

marchfool, Feb 13, 2021
How much is enough

And all the thousands and thousands of tickets that I have bought on scratchers this is the least amount of money you have ever been giving on your tickets I don’t know how you get away with printing one in 51 and six or one and three you know the odds it’s pretty well known that once you buy a ticket it’ll be seven more tickets before you get another winter especially on the two dollar tickets which is a total fraud the other thing that so frustrating which I quit wanting to play your game is thatIn the fast cash part of many of your tickets there’s never anything there it’s a total insult to the people that obviously you don’t care from one who’s played your game for so long I feel so ripped off

mcmahon59, Jan 10, 2019
Terrible User Interface

After many painstaking attempts to change my password as it decided it would not take mine any longer...disjointed user interface. Verified my information on my account as prompted for 2nd Chance. All of the information was of course the same so I hit ‘Save’ only to get a new message telling me that I could only have 1 account. I only have 1 account. No help from the website as to how they think I have more than 1 account when they already have my info.Then I was given an email that my information needs to be confirmed manually and ....get this...I should send in a copy of my ID and a copy of a rental/utility/mortgage payment....to unknown people so I can PLAY, yes play, 2nd Chance...SAY WHAT?!? Then they’ll destroy those copies to protect my identity. Ummm...You’re all up to speed on what Not To Do to have your identity stolen, right? Why do I need to verify my identity, which you’ve already done, Before I’ve won anything? Why would I send unknown people my identity information and if it’s in those hands the first time, why wouldn’t it stay safe there if kept...because it’s not safe going there And it’s not safe being kept there. Someone should investigate this.

Ms. Whitener, Mar 15, 2019
Error in system

I was using app beautifully until forgot password(which I later found ) only 2nd chance won’t accept my identity even with old/new password/sent to my email to fix profile.I moved next door to PREvious address one number difference now. Sent info error message just keeps coming in. I win a lot on scratchers.I’m one of the lucky ones that do. But your app won’t allow 2nd chance draws. I have/had/still have ALOT. So I’d love to see ratio how many people win on 2nd chance.? Actual people with names that agree to put their names up for others to see. Can’t see them doing that. Too fearful of forgery’s I would assume. Crazy really because since I moved the rest of my info is still the SAME. Email-SAME Name- SAME Birthday-SAME even road county state SAME….please FIX THIS BUG. There are many many many others I see having same issue. App was perfect until last updates took place. Bky

oldpeeps play 2, Jun 01, 2021
Not Enough Winners

I’m disappointed because I play quite a bit & what is frustrating is if I play the Lottery mega millions or powerball, the lottery has made it where there are larger jackpots but I don’t think we should provide winners with so much money that they can’t possibly spend it in their lifetime, I think there should be more winners with less money (given how many individuals are under the poverty line). More than likely there will still be pretty large jackpots at a reduced amount.But my suggestion more than likely will go unheard but I really think it would be a better result. Otherwise, I don’t think I’ll play much longer as no matter if I play scratchers or the california lottery, I just don’t win enough to justify using that money for fun versus necessity.

TiredOfNotWinning, Dec 30, 2020
Okay but Needs a Few Tweaks

I want to love this app but there are some SERIOUS drawbacks. First, I keep losing. That’s no fun. Come California Lottery, just let me win occasionally, enough to keep my hopes and dreams afloat. Second, some might call this a perk but it just depresses me. The app is lightening fast when it scans my ticket and tells me I am not a winner. Come on already. At least take a few seconds to think about what you are about to tell me. Heartbreak. Every time. Instantly. Here are some ideas for improvement:1) Stop being so darn speedy. Like have an hourglass that flips around a few times or some bars that flash across the screen and imply that you are actually thinking about my ticket. I mean, I need a few final moments to dream about the house I am going to build. Stop dashing my hopes so rapidly. 2) It’s not fun. I want noises or music or something. Like a drumroll or some suspenseful music. Then, when I lose, (like ALWAYS do) I want to hear sad sounds like “wa-wa-waaaa” followed by maybe a hopeful prompt to buy again with hopeful sounds. Come on California Lottery. I know I have a greater chance of getting struck by actual lightning than I do of winning the lottery so make the experience worth my $2. I’ve spent actual decades planning how I’m going to blow all that money. Add some flourish already to augment my dreams. Thank you from a semi-faithful ticket buyer and always optimistic lottery life planner-outer.

Twister J, Jul 06, 2019


Welcome to the California Lottery Official App, where you can follow the Lottery in the palm of your hand - anytime, anywhere. Download the app today to personalize your experience by choosing your favorite ways to play! Cool features include: • See If You’re A Winner - Check-A-Ticket allows you to see if you won Powerball, Mega Millions, SuperLotto Plus, Fantasy 5, Hot Spot and all Daily games! • Never Miss A Game - Stay in the loop when jackpots are high and new Scratchers are out! • Customized Push Notifications – Be the first to know with jackpot and draw games notifications straight to your mobile device. • Winning Numbers - Get customized notifications of current jackpot and draw game results. • 2nd Chance Drawings – Find special promotions, enter non-winning Scratchers, SuperLotto Plus, and Fantasy 5 tickets into bonus draws, and track your submissions. • Find Where To Play – Use the interactive map of retailers to plan your purchase, including Lucky Retailers and Hot Spot play locations near you. • Find Prize Claim Information including hours, locations and prize claiming options. • All Things Lottery - Opt-in for the latest news, product updates, and 2nd Chance promotions.

The California Lottery provides supplemental funding for California public schools. Please play responsibly. You must 18 or older to purchase, play or claim. Disclaimer: Although every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the winning number information in the California Lottery Official App, mistakes can occur. Please be sure to refresh your screen and look for the draw date when viewing winning numbers. In the event of any discrepancies, California state law and California Lottery regulations prevail. Complete game information and prize claiming instructions are available at www.calottery.com and all California Lottery Retailers.

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