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brightwheel: Child Care App

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brightwheel: Child Care App

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User Reviews for brightwheel: Child Care App

#1 App for Providers and Schools

I’m a daycare and preschool owner and also have a child in grade school (which uses a different app). I LOVE Brightwheel and wish my daughters school will switch over. Brightwheel is a time-saver on the admin side, an added bonus on the parent-side, and great tool for the teacher side. Teachers use it to update parents and track children’s progress. Parents rave about it and are always “in the know” of their child’s day, making pick up seamless. When we give tours, we always mention that we use Brightwheel and potential clients are in awe when they learn about what this app can do. I also have a little one at my preschool and use this app on the Parent-end. Look no further... coming from someone that uses it on back and front end, and also have experience with other school apps, this is it!!

#1BrightwheelFanSchool, Feb 06, 2019

We have been one of Brightwheel’s longest customers. We started off when the app was small and had just a few features, and we stayed because of the product they have built and we fully believe In Brightwheel & their mission! They have proven over and over that they are listening to us as caregivers and parents as they add all of our requested features. When we were told we would need to move to a paid version earlier this year, there was no hesitation because this has revolutionized our work and our ability to communicate with families. This app helped us immediately contact a parent for a child that was having a seizure, helped us to identify food allergies through the daily food log (that didn’t get lost because it was paper!), and is a selling point for our school because everyone likes having access to know what their child is doing each day! It saves us money on paper, time it takes to write out each activity for each child, and our parents LOVE it! We love brightwheel and I will never have enough positive things to say. Thank you Dave, Jen and team! 💙

Calliegoodwin348, Feb 05, 2019
Checking In/Out

I’ve been advised by our daycare provider that Brightwheel no longer allows staff to check children in and out, only parents. The problem is, my dad drops my daughter off and isn’t tech savvy, so he’s not able to. I like to know when my daughter has been dropped off and picked up with the convenience of the app. He takes her because of my working hours, so calling him isn’t always convenient (or safe if he’s on the road). ***Also, this is an extra check during the summer months when children are left in hot cars accidentally. Why not make this feature available for providers and thwart any accidental occurrences? If a dad is used to seeing those notifications at work and doesn’t get one, he can text mom and a crisis can possibly be avoided early… just because of a simple check in notification. It also helps the daycare providers keep tabs on everyone. Please reconsider including this feature again!

CBrownSig, Jun 15, 2022
Best app for Childcare!

We aren’t currently using the app, only because my daughter isn’t in daycare at the moment. When she is in daycare again, we’re only choosing somewhere that uses this app!I can’t say enough good things about this. It made me feel so secure trusting a daycare with her. Getting cute little photos of her that I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise was so wonderful. I loved that I could talk with her age group caregiver and send them notifications when I wasn’t feeling like I got enough updates on her.Just knowing that she’s eating and being notified how much made me feel so good. We just started potty training her at the time too so knowing when she went and when she got a diaper changed instead helped start up conversations.

Cute.Witch, Mar 01, 2020
App works well

I use this app for my two kids who attend daycare. It’s great to see real-time what they are up to during the day and to communicate with daycare. I love that photos and videos can be posted in here!! This really helps me to feel more connected to daycare, especially when pick up and drop off can be busy and doesn’t leave time for much discussion with the daycare staff. It’s also super convenient for making daycare payments. Improvement Ideas - 1) Can you add a lost & found section that all parents can have access to? We have lost clothes at daycare and also had clothes sent home with us that aren’t ours. It would be awesome to have a spot to post photos of lost items or ISO posts that can be seen by other parents. 2) When I’m messaging about vacation days, early pick ups, etc. it would be nice to have an area to do that for both kids instead of having to post twice under each child’s tab.

Em0319, Nov 18, 2020
Badges do not work

I've had multiple conversations with the developers and they have "taken feedback" and yet no one had addressed the badge issue. "That's the way it works" unfortunately does not work for users of this application. In case developers need clarification: "The iPhone uses badges to indicate that a new message, email, push notification, or voicemail is waiting. Each app with new unread information has a white number with a red background in the upper right hand corner of the appicon. This is a badge." This IS NOT how Brightwheel (looking more like ReinventingWheel) works.. The technicians say that the push notifications on lock screen are the only notification you get and that's the way it is. Once this app comes into some recent century and starts using badges correctly this app would be amazing. But for now it just sits unused and not letting me know about my child so it's a waste of funding and developers time.

Foxy3ls, May 20, 2020
Easy and informative!

Our daycare started using this app after the pandemic began - it’s an excellent way to keep parents informed while contact is limited. I love that all info is shared with my spouse, and cuts down on paper for the environment! We have switched classes and see that each teacher has flexibility to use as much or as little as they want. We love the updates throughout the day while working - one item I would mention as feedback is the notifications. I see the notification pop up but if I don’t look at it right away there is nothing on the app icon to alert that I have a notification. I’d love to see something similar to red dots with a number, like when you get a text message or email. I’d also love to be able to “like” an activity log or message item to quickly acknowledge that it was seen (both for parent and teacher). I feel sometimes a thumbs up can cover a response in the activity log that I wouldn’t need to go to the messages to reply.

meg xyz, Feb 16, 2021
This app has made my life as a teacher so much easier!

Where should I start? The instant messaging between my parents and I is the best thing ever! I don't have to call each Parent over simple questions throughout the day. I can address the parents questions or concerns about Anything and everything. I can even message back and fourth after school hours if needed to be helpful to my parents. When a child in my class seems sad or missing their parents I help them by posting a picture or video to their parents letting them feel connected in the child's time of need. I've just recently started using the lesson planning feature and it is so awesome! Especially because my plan can be shared with my Parents as a way for them to spark up conversation in the evening with their children instead of asking what they did at school and the child responding with "I don't know" everyday. I also love the note section so I can ask the parents to donate supplies or anything else needed for the classroom. Posting notes, pictures, videos and sending messages couldn't be any easier. I also participate in a health screening before entering the classroom to help my center stay open and safe for all the families.

Miss Cheryl H, Mar 03, 2021
Bad for teachers! Bad for kids!

Would you rather your child’s teacher have their focus on a tablet, entering information, or would you rather they were with your children, 100% focused, playing and giving them learning experiences? The problem with this app, and similar apps, is that it pulls too much of a teacher’s focus. As a former teacher and current administrator, I have seen how much of a distraction and interruption Brighthwheel is.I get that parents, especially new parents, like to stay informed, but part of sending your child to daycare is learning how to let go. Brightwheel implies no trust between parents and teachers, and it’s insulting. It doesn’t surprise me that a parent, not a teacher, developed this app.Bottom line- a teacher texting their friend vs a teacher entering in what the kids are for lunch; to the children it’s all the same! Their teacher is looking at a screen, not them, and what kind of lesson does that teach?

mstamell, Sep 30, 2019
Best TikTok Ad

I began using Brightwheel for my in-home daycare after seeing it on a TikTok ad by another provider. I don’t mean to sound dramatic, but it has been life changing! Okay, okay, at least business changing. It is so easy to set up and use. The mobile app means I can keep track of what’s going on every minute of my very hectic day and keep families in the know. The families in my care love it too and that it gives them the ability to see pictures and updates all day long. I also love being able to utilize the messaging on the app because it keeps business with business instead of using regular texts which doesn’t seem (to me) as professional. Brightwheel has thought of everything you could want as an administrator (things I didn’t even think about, that I’m now implementing!). And their customer service? TOP NOTCH! There was an issue with my account and they caught it before I did and fixed it with a few simple questions. Brandon in payments - literally the best. I cannot rave about this app enough. Save yourself the hassle and download it today!

Schisue, May 19, 2022


Brightwheel is the #1 software solution for preschools, child care providers, camps, and after school programs. Brightwheel is the only app that integrates everything you need: sign in/out, messaging, learning assessments, daily sheet reports, photos, videos, calendars, scheduling, attendance, online bill pay for parents, and much more. Brightwheel lets you manage your center, streamline workflows, and engage with parents, so you can save time and money, make life easier for your staff, and improvement satisfaction for your parents.

Join tens of thousands of preschools, child care centers, and daycare programs across the globe that have fallen in love with brightwheel! PRESCHOOLS / CHILD CARE / DAYCARE / CAMPS: Manage your students and classrooms, track attendance, schedule, and room ratios, share photos and videos, assess learning milestones, communicate with parents, send paperless invoices and payments, review daily sheets, and manage staff. Brightwheel is your all-in-one preschool and child care management app! PARENTS: Engage in your child’s day with a real-time feed of photos, videos, schedules, reminders, and updates. Use brightwheel’s digital check-in to securely sign in and out, pay tuition online, and even invite grandparents, nannies, and friends to join in the fun! Features include: • Central Database: Store everything related to kids and families in one secure place. • Student Check-In: Multiple digital check-in options available including digital signatures, 4 digit check-in codes, and a kiosk mode - all aligned with child care licensing requirements. • Staff Check-In & Ratios: Make administrative tasks easier by managing staff check-in to see your ratios across all your rooms in real time. • Attendance: Easily log attendance and absences for your school-age students, infants, and toddlers. Use our attendance tracking system to keep track of your toddlers. • Photo and video sharing: Snap photos, record videos and tag students with one click. Automatically saved to your account and shared with parents (with no extra work!). • Daily Sheet Reports & Schedules: Log naps, meals, bathroom, and other activities. Parents get a feed and daily summary. Daily sheet reports are a breeze with brightwheel. • Assessment & Observations: Make note of progress, achievements, and activities with pre-loaded state standards and a DRDP tool. Share with parents or privately amongst teachers. • Student Feed: Parents get a personalized feed throughout the day. Save time – no more paper tracking sheets or sending individual photos. • Parent Communication: Manage parent communication from one central hub (notices, calls, texts, etc.). • Calendar: Share schedules, events, holidays, and important dates with both families and staff. • Paperless Billing: Seamless electronic billing and payments for tuition and fees. Use brightwheel for all your child care accounting needs. • Reporting: Detailed reports of every brightwheel feature for billing and licensing requirements. • Seamless Sync: Brightwheel stays up to date across all phones and tablets – so teachers can use their own device or a school device. • Web Portal: Easy management and great functionality available on the web, too. • Affordable. Both free and premium plans available to fit your needs. And... much more coming! Brightwheel is the #1 early education platform for preschools, child care providers, and daycares, and we’re always committed to innovation with frequent improvements and new features.

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