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Breaking Bread 2022 eMissal

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Breaking Bread 2022 eMissal

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Oregon Catholic Press, Inc.
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User Reviews for Breaking Bread 2022 eMissal

I agree with changed4good

It’s incredibly frustrating not to have the readings for the entire year. Piecemeal additions don’t work for me - as has been previously stated, it was so convenient to have the readings available when doing music prep. Also, it’s annoying that some songs that are in the hardcopy version aren’t in the eMissal. I hope OCP can rectify these issues.

ada lou, Jul 07, 2022
Great eMissal.

Being a music leader I find myself “running behind” during the Order of The Mass, and juggling a paper missal (quietly) has always been my challenge. The eMissal has a look and feel (and flow) of the classic worship product. I also like the adjustable font size and backgrounds to make it easier read. I can set my device on the music stand to use it.There are no instructions, but you can add the music including the Responsorial and Gospel acclamation, and view inline as you prepare for Mass. Just search for “First Sunday” or “Thirtieth Sunday” — whatever is appropriate for that Sunday when searching for songs, and use “+” or “Add” and the piece is inserted for the Liturgy. This is dependent on your music ministry using Respond and Acclaim, however.

Cantatoris Christus, Nov 28, 2021
I used to like this app

I used to like this app—last year’s version arrived with everything there. It’s very convenient to have all of this in one place on my phone. This year’s version has been frustrating. The ability to look ahead (or work ahead—I’m not always in my office with all my planning books) was great. Was great. This year’s version has arrived incomplete—it is in a state of constant update. The content is the same as the printed version, so I’m not sure why the e-missal can’t reflect that. Instead—anything beyond 4-8 weeks out isn’t available. And then the app updates—and you get another 4-6 weeks instead of the entire missal. We have encouraged our parishioners to download this, since it has been difficult to purchase additional printed copies—and they have the same frustration. The current update is only through July 10. With 5 months left on the current missal, is there any hope that the next update will give us the rest of the year?

Changed4Good, Jun 16, 2022
Seems unfair to me

It doesn’t seem fair that we parishioners have to pay for an electronic version of a missalette that our parish has ALREADY paid for! The parish pays an enormous sum for Breaking Bread, Spirit & Song, Respond and Acclaim and all the materials that go with them. We parishioners show up at Mass and we don’t have to pay again for our missalette. This seems like a money grab to me. OCP gets paid twice for the same missalette! When we get this app, we should be required to sign up for an account and part of the enrollment process should be to enter our parish’s name. All OCP should do is double check that our parish has a valid OCP license. Then we parishioners get one copy of the missalette just like we get a paper copy. It wouldn’t be free bc the parish has already paid for it with their license. This business of charging parishioners again for a copy of the missalette that the parish has already paid for should be illegal and needs to stop.

flatpickluvr, Nov 29, 2021
Waste of money.

Not worth the money! Very mediocre and cumbersome to use. No instructions. GIA has a better hymnal/app.

Geart-LLC, Nov 29, 2021
Good start - still needs work

There should be a way to bookmark pages for liturgies and songs, and save and view music selections with each liturgy. “Adding” songs works for a time, but after a while the saved songs just disappear from the view, however they are apparently “still there somewhere” when you go to add them again. No refresh command or any way to see the problem. Waste of time to remove and re-add just to see the music.

GidgeSong, Jan 09, 2022
Thank you

I’m enjoying the app. Thank you very much. I agree we should not have to pay but it’s only once a year and less then $5. Some people (not me), spend more on a cup of coffee!Thank you, Have a blessed day, Amen Stephanie Oceanside CA

Love emoji, Dec 07, 2021
No music for Sunday Responsorial Psalm

I got this to be able to sing the Responsorial Psalm along with the cantor. I know the psalm settings coincide with the Respond & Acclaim book. OCP should not assume that the person using this app to participate in mass doesn’t need the benefit of the music score. Only the melody line is needed, but it was not provided. I will not recommend this app.

mrosenbloom, Nov 23, 2021
Where is the Liturgy?!!

Just opened the app to see the liturgy for today and no liturgy!! All the other sections are there but not the Sunday liturgy! What’s going on!!!!!!

Retired in L.A., Nov 28, 2021
Nice looking but lacks how to use instructions

After working with this app for about a month, I like the layout and ability to add music to the daily mass selection. Big problem is no instructions on how to use this app. You can add the Responsorial Psalm from Respond & Acclaim, but there are no instructions on how to do it. As a music minister, I use the ForScore app for my music and wanted to have an easier way to have the day’s reading on my iPad. This app gives me the readings which I appreciate. There is a lot to offer with this app. OCP needs to do a better job of showing parishioners what this app has to offer them.

Terry from The CANTICLES, Jan 21, 2022


The USCCB-approved Breaking Bread 2022 eMissal app offers an exciting new way to participate in the liturgy. With instant access to music, readings and the Order of Mass, parishioners can stay connected through song and prayer from the convenience of their smart phone or tablet. Users can add songs, psalms and acclamations to individual celebrations, allowing them to prepare for Mass ahead of time.

Breaking Bread 2022 eMissal is also perfect for those unable to attend Mass in person who want to participate via livestream. Simple and easy to use, it's a wonderful resource for active participation in the liturgy and for personal devotion. What’s included: • Over 850 songs, psalms and Gospel Acclamations • Readings and Mass propers for Sundays, holy days and daily Masses • Order of Mass • A full PDF of the missal • Full readings for daily Mass • Zoom feature, making music easier to read • A linked table of contents for easy navigation *This app is only intended for use during the 2022 liturgical year, starting on November 28, 2021. A new, updated app will be released each liturgical year.

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