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Brainess - Train your Brain

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User Reviews for Brainess - Train your Brain

Fun and challenging

I doubt the brain age rating is accurate but the tests/exercises are fun and challenging. It does feel like cognitive exercise

1357435794356, Dec 06, 2015
Odd pricing but fun

The pricing for this game was odd in that I was first charged for a package of three games but had to purchase this game separately to complete the package. The game works great on the Apple Watch..by far the most fun one yet with the best graphics and usability. My only suggestion would be to use the force touch as a go back button instead of having a back arrow in the top left hand corner. I've ended many games prematurely that way.

Fpizzle, Dec 03, 2015
Good app

Anything that improves the brain is a good thing. This is not terribly challenging, but still makes you pay attention and think. I try to do each one as fast as I can just to challenge myself.

Gram sky, Dec 03, 2015
Easy to Learn and Play

This is a great app for passing time and improving your cognitive processing speed. Selecting the test, you can measure your improvement by striving for the lowest "brain age'. The lower the score the better your brain.

KC-473, Dec 02, 2015

Not certain how accurate the brain age is but lots of fun taking the daily "tests".

Maggie joey, Dec 23, 2015
Please Fix the Memory Scoring

I love this app and I use it daily! But please, I’m begging the devs…fix the way you score the Memory game! Right now, it’s a psychic ability game because it rates my accuracy as if I already know where the cards are before I start! The first time I see a card shouldn’t count against me. I’ve played perfect games where I recalled the location of each item with zero mistakes but gotten an accuracy score of 60-some percent.

Mollysaurus, Jul 28, 2021
Eye strain

The concept sounds great, & I was really looking forward to it. Unfortunately, the moving squares in the background are really problematic and I didn’t find a way to turn them off. Would love to adjust my review if that could be fixed, or if I’m advised where the setting is. Otherwise, I’ll need to delete the app without even playing it once. Thanks.

red_currant, May 16, 2018

What does it mean by brain age? I'm not sure if gets good to get a small or large number.

Sporepiemerome13, Dec 01, 2015
Improvement needed

Improve your instructions

Ttjjaabvsbx, Aug 31, 2016
After a week it is still trying to load.

I can not delete this app. It just continues to indicate that it is loading. Have tried restarting my iPad as well attempting to delete from my purchased files. Don't download this app until it is fixed!

webbreaker, Dec 03, 2015


Exercise helps keep the body healthy and fit. And the brain? Will no one think of the brain?

Brainess is a brain training game that, in a simple and fun way, helps you stimulate your brain. Brainess includes 7 brain training games to improve and exercise your memory, vision and compute skills. In just a few minutes you can have a daily brain exercise and monitor your brain age (lower is better). List of included exercises: • Dice - Memorize and then Tap dice from Low to High • Signs - Choose the correct mathematical Sign to solve the equation • Equations - Choose the correct Number to solve the equation • Memory - Match pairs of identical cards • Numbers - Tap the highest Number • Colors - Match the color of the upper box's letters with the right word below. • Fruits - Pay attention at dropping fruits and answer the questions

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