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User Reviews for BrainBoom - Word Brain Games

Brain Boom

This game really helps you become a riddle nerd and helps you comprehend the true meaning of English! English is an art, just like every language is, it takes time to perfect the skill, and patience.

Anonymouslycaring, Jan 25, 2022
Dangerous Weird game.

The games are cool, 5 minutes in I get notified by the game that they are tracking collecting etc. that this can be removed in settings. It didn’t give me the option to say no then disappeared off the screen on to the next game like I was going to forget. I went on my settings to find the game it isn’t found in any of my apps anywhere on the settings. When you go to the page of this game to download it it says we don’t track your location we don’t track this we don’t track that but it just looks suspicious because you literally cannot find the game in your settings so you can takeoff to not be tracked at all and that’s what just makes everything look like they’re lying. Don’t let the fun of this game distract you and keep yourself safe. Clearly would rate 0 stars.

Best game....., Apr 15, 2022
Coolest game so far.

I love these kind of games and it is almost like password and it’s very unique how you guys made this game. Because it’s almost similar to the ones I played with my mom when she was alive and we didn’t have cell phones then and I love the way your people did this one and it makes you think before you react to any question or answer and it will always reminds me of password hosted by Alan Ludden who hosted password back in 1974. I was only six then but I know he was once Bettygirl whites hubby from the golden girls. Anyhow way to go on this game. I love it

cojan the collector of toys, Jan 25, 2022
Opening day of my life with me on my phone

Hi Jen the way you are going out to dinner with us at your house and we will meet up for a drink with you guys tomorrow night for a few hours to go over to my house to see what time we can go out and we will go over there to get some of my stuff and I can bring you home with me if I need anything for the day and then we will go over to my moms house to get some food

Festerbooth, Feb 14, 2022
Really enjoyed but….

I really enjoyed this game despite the ads and the bugs but so disappointed after I reached around level 2000 and the riddles were repetitive. I’m not talking every ten or twenty questions it was every one of them. The challenges section is no longer available either. They were sooo fun! But I’m really disappointed after many weeks of waiting for new levels :( Even after the update…nothing. *sigh*So I’m regretfully deleting the app. Just not fun anymore 😢

flowerlope, Jul 13, 2022
Ad as soon as I opened the app

This was literally my 2nd time opening the app and I got an ad before I could even play it. At first I thought the ad was part of the game until I touched it and it sent me to the App Store. I’m sorry but I didn’t even get to enjoy the game. I knew to delete it immediately after getting an ad first. I would understand if I at least played on round before an ad come on!!!! Also I got a weird pop up about not tracking me. Then automatically jumped to my settings with no further instructions. Very odd. Hopefully there’s no trace of this app left in my phone after all of this.

Gamergirl2468, Jul 16, 2022
Definitely download worthy

Really addictive and it actually help your brain become active and quick.

HaveNoLife, Mar 09, 2022

I’m enjoying the game so far only been playing for 5 mins it’s ads tho but over all good game keeps my brain moving

Ig: @Lil_mrs_munch, Mar 27, 2022
Puzzles are good, grammar not so much

It’s hard to guess some of the clues when the grammar is wrong. For example: “What goes to bed w its shoes on” implies a THING. Answer is “a horse” but a horse is not a thing so it should say WHO goes to bed, not “what.” Also, “Who eats a lot of iron but doesn’t get sick,” implies a non-inanimate object, not a thing. Answer: RUST. Rust is not a WHO but a WHAT. These may be worded this way to make the questions harder but it’s cheating. Other than this, the game is good.

jb dean, Mar 02, 2022
Great game

I dont like this for if you win robux or something we all know thats fake but you also express and see how that game makes you feel

KRC🧡💜🤍, Mar 15, 2022


Test your brain in a joyful way! Guess words, sharp your mind and kill boredom! Are you fans of brain teasers?

Exercise your brain with hundreds of word riddles. From fun to silly, easy to extremely difficult, these witty word Riddles will surely entertain you for hours and to increase your vocabulary and train your brain limit! How to play: - Read the riddles and guess the answer. - Spell the hidden words by placing the letters in the blocks in the correct order. - In the beginning, simple riddles are waiting for you, but with increasing level their complexity will increase. - Use hints will help you solve the word riddles. Guess the words and have fun! Challenging word puzzles will light up your day!

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