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User Reviews for Brain Teasers - Thinking Games


I honestly would love to support this game, but to be honest I feel like there are a lot I flaws. I love the concept; there are way to many adds and every time an add pops up the question goes away and I have to start over again. After about 2 minutes of playing this that happened to me about3 times. I really think you should give it a try but don't expect too much. I really am sorry to give it only three stars but I feel it is accurate. I hope you enjoy this game more than I did. It wasn't terrible.👍

12x-5=me/math, Sep 11, 2017

It’s annoying how you keep prompting me to rate after every freaking question. You want to make the app better. Stop that! Also the second “riddle” I got was no riddle at all. It was a one sentence statement with no question. A guy dies in a room in a pile of wood chips with sawdust in the corner.. I see where you’re going with it, but there is not a question nor does it evoke any though except what the hell are you getting at without a question. Previously rated, played some more then wanted to rate lower.. brain teasers are for people with intelligence. And my intelligence angers me when you give me a situation but don’t give me something to solve. All you give is a list of facts with no semblance of what you want solved. I do understand what you want and what you are trying to get at but, these all need to be worded differently or have a question added so that the reader knows what they are to be thinking about. Also these are almost all stolen from a game called “MINDTRAP” which is quite possibly why they are so poorly worded because you are trying to avoid copyright infringement.

Biz89, Nov 05, 2017
I don't know

The app requires you to write a review right after the first riddle. You click on the show answer and it literally says " please write us a review to unlock all answers" so I clicked out of it and then back in to it, it still forces you to write a review for the app. So I don't know how great (or how bad) the app is so if you don't feel waisting your time writing a review then I suggest another app. The only reason I'm giving this app a star is because it requires you to give a star. I hope their satisfied with my review and Maybe now they'll let me look at the answers.

i_8cheese, Jun 16, 2017
Pretty sweat

My 5th grade teacher always gave teasers and they were so fun and now that I see that this is here it is fun! This is a fun game to play when you are bored ,car ride or when you are waiting for a lobby to load in fortnite! Last year I made lobby’s in roblox and I was 11 and it was hard and the creators for this are young(not young as me lol) and that made this which is impressive. If this comment can be put in the game that would make my dad!!!!

Joey B yt-RMB_CLAN_JOE, Apr 26, 2018
Kept repeating the same riddles😕

I liked it ok but I agree with what other people said, way too many ads. Also, the riddles that popped up were very random which meant that the same ones kept popping up and it was too repetitive for me. When you get riddles right it saves that riddle, but then when you go to your page it has a section for riddles, logic, and numbers. So I think it would be cool if they were separated like that when viewing them for the first time. Also the riddle with the blind dwarf in the circus😂😂 what even that one was bizarre there's no way anyone got that right

Juliamb9, Jul 18, 2017

i dont appreciate how u dont just give me the answers. maybe im stupid. orrrrr maybe i figured it out, or i supposedly thought i figured one of your little brain teasers, and how exactly could i know that i truly did or did not figure out your brain teaser. and for the record.... i am only writing this little review so i CAN KNOW IF I SOLVED THE BRAIN TEASER. but.... everything i said is beyond true. so yes, i do like the app, but i dont like some aspects of the way you made it function. so i would like to see that fixed on the next update of your game. thank you. hopefully i can figure out if i did the brain teaser right now. 🖲🖲

Noa1973, May 26, 2017
Very pushy

You can't write a review based on a partial riddle. I didn't even get to finish reading the first riddle when I got asked to review the app. Also, ads kept popping up without even getting done with a riddle. After I waited for the ad to finally give me an opportunity to dismiss it, the riddle had changed. I understand ads can be necessary sometimes, but this is just ridiculous. I had at least 8 pop up in the 2 minutes I tried playing after downloading this app. Very pushy for a review and too many ads. have no idea how good this app can be. Deleting.

OlivasMedia, Jul 15, 2017

The app starts up with stories and no way to answer the questions, the only thing to do between all the add pop-up's is press show the answer, skip, share. If you skip t goes to another question and I haven't figured out how to find my previous question unless you press the bookmark which saves the question but you still can't answer the question. If you press "show me" you get the answer and it asks you if you answered correctly. So I'm at a loss ..the stories are great but you need a tutorial in place.

Sammy4533, Sep 02, 2017
Confusing and unrealistic

I've never created an app before, so congratulations for taking a chance in doing something you enjoy. However, this is how I truly feel about your game:A lot of these "riddles" you are coming up with, are actually random scenarios no one else but you would possibly know the answer to. I tried to give it a fair shot, but after literally the first three questions, I knew I wasn't gonna like this game. I could continue to elaborate, but I'm just kind of over it. Good luck with this thing-- hope I can fix out the kinks 😐

sheashea04, Dec 10, 2017
Needs Work

So far have only answered a few riddles and prompted to rate every time so here goes. I like the riddles and the challenge they present after that it is downhill. No way to go back to a question if you skip it whether by accident or not, although bc the questions are random it may come back up which is both positive and negative. The riddles vary in difficulty and style but no indication as to what those are for each question or in some cases statement so determining what your answer should be with no context is extremely difficult sometimes but then again that is the game isn't it? Needs work but has potential, would like to know where all the "5" star ratings came from, developer self rating?

User47151894, Nov 30, 2017


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