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Brain Box Quiz: Trivia Fun

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Steven McDade
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User Reviews for Brain Box Quiz: Trivia Fun

Great game, but fix this thing

This game has huge potential, but I think that if there would be one thing to add, it would be to gain coins when you do well (like 10 coins for every 2 questions correct), because you will find that you run out very quickly and are either stuck watching videos before games, or forced to pay $2 for premium mode. Game has a TON of potential though, great idea, really.

HCollins05, Oct 13, 2018
Fun, fast, cute and funny

Trivia Guy is the best trivia game in the App Store!!! Trivia Guy has a great user interface with fun and interesting graphics. Trivia Guy has a fun and funny look and feel, it’s full of surprises and humor!!! I’m a Premium member of Trivia Guy it’s only $1.99 and worth every penny!

ijeepgirl6, May 07, 2019
Trivia Guy is a jolly good fellow!

I like everything about this game, the neat interface (including Trivia Guy’s cute face), the humor, the categories and most of the questions too!And frankly, the price for premium is reasonable...and as I hope to see more games like this from you....I am glad I was able to contribute to it while getting premium for myself! What can I say...it’s a win-win situation 😉

IOwnerPro, Oct 24, 2019

This game looks so nice, and is satisfying to play. The quizzes seem well thought out and clever, and it is so entertaining and fun, and a great way to kill time or just do something you enjoy. It’s a very funny and cute way to learn new things, I hope it keeps up the spectacular pace!

jjanice47, Jun 13, 2018

This is more fun than Trivia Crack!! I love the option of not having to buy anything and it’s not the same ole questions over and over again. And you can play at your own speed or against the timer or against a friend. Worth it!

Kimberrie1, Oct 25, 2020
It’s a good game but

It’s a good game but I cannot stand the pop up that keeps showing after every quiz asking me to get premium. And then I have to wait until it lets me continue. Why are you trying to force me to get premium? I think money will add up with all the ads I keep watching and clicking on.

mrod130, Nov 25, 2019
Actual Trivia Questions makes me think

Hey, can’t complain. This app has everything you would want out of a trivia game including actual trivia questions. (How many people know that there is such a thing?) So, yes i am very happy with this app. “Why the 4 stars then jerk?” I’m really not trying to be a jerk. It is that there are a few things that I could do without. The Font (though fun) can get a little hard on the eyes after awhile. I might suggest that only the question and answers be in a more traditional font like San Sheriffs (see what I did there) and even though I’m trying my stand-up comic skills in this review. In the app I feel that it could benefit from a little less comedy. The slapstick comedy is fun and deserves its place within the app but it doesn’t has to be everywhere. Well that’s it. See that wasn’t to jerky of me. Just a little constructive criticism. On the bright side the dev will probably get my very last dollar as soon as i get my unemployment check. All so that I can unlock those extra, great , actual trivia questions.

Shawnmars, Jan 20, 2021

I really love this game but recently the game started freezing whenever I play. Some times it even freezes on the menu options. There’s no updates or anything so I don’t know why it’s doing this. I have the premium version so there shouldn’t be any problems. Please help me fix this!!!

TDR008, Jul 09, 2018
I <3 Trivia Guy

I’m somewhat new to this app but I am enjoying the experience. The witty, humorous comments of Trivia Guy combined with great questions provide a unique quiz game format. I upgraded to premium for two reasons: I like to support independent developers and the price was very reasonable.

Very*Annoyed*RN, Jul 30, 2020
Great Potential

This is a witty and fun trivia game that just needs some more advertising and players for less adds and more opponents. I know I need to upgrade to premium to support it and maybe I will soon. Give it a try! That’s going to be the best way to keep games like this around. Reminds me of the concept of You Don’t Know Jack in that it’s very tongue in cheek and keeps me laughing as well as thinking. I’m very impressed with this independent developer.

yesmam10, Nov 26, 2018


Brain Box Quiz: Trivia Fun is a fun comedy quiz game, starring the eponymous joke and pun cracking host. You'll answer questions in seven trivia categories, testing your knowledge on entertainment, music, sport, general knowledge, history, geography and literature. Quiz questions on Trivia Fun are full of jokes and laughs, and there's 100s to play!

There's loads of questions about your most-loved movies, TV shows, music acts and sport stars. You'll be laughing along to the (hopefully) funny jokes, and learning lots of new facts to bore... er... entertain your friends with. You can play Trivia Fun against a Timer, or quiz in Zen mode for the times when you just want to chill out. Do you want a hint about what I'm going to mention next? Yes, it's hints! Stumped by a trivia question? I suggest you take a hint and remove two of the possible quiz answers to make it a 50/50 chance - and those are great odds! Want a fun character to use as your avatar? Who wouldn't?!? There's some fantastic characters to reflect the beautiful person, or werewolf, you are! Here's the bullet points! - Play 100s of fun trivia questions and answers, with lots of comedy and funny jokes - Play a quiz against the Timer, or in Zen mode for those relaxing times - Quiz your way to fun achievements - UK/USA spelling, so you know I know how to spell! Trivia Fun is free to play with adverts. An optional Premium IAP allows you to remove ads, gives you unlimited hints, and shows you like my work (which, as an indie developer, is so important to me)!

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