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Jaime Stokes
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User Reviews for Book Crawler

Book Crawler

I was delighted when I found Book Crawler. I knew when I came home with books that I had already read that I needed a way to keep track of the books I had read. Because this app uses color to note books that have been read, I also use it to name other books by the author that I plan to read in the future. I love the fact that the app includes a picture of each book and a summary of the story. It also allows you to add information on the book being part of a series. Best of all, Book Crawler is very easy to use.

Barb Robb, Nov 16, 2018
Most Powerful Book Database App!

I love that Book Crawler is not only an easy to use book database app for everyday use, but it really shines for those who require advanced searching and sorting, I think, based on a Google search, that even libraries use it! It’s very name “Crawler” reminds me of the database search term “metacrawler”, which is accurate, in that this app provides public library-level search and sort capabilities to expertly navigate your database for those who have large multi-genre collections and past reads. Speaking of libraries, I also love that it can search local libraries for hard to find books and let you know if they are available. That has saved me lots of drive time! It can also show Goodreads reviews for books, though I don’t really use that. Overall, Excellent book database app for novice and expert alike! Highly Recommended!

Boardfrq, Aug 21, 2018
Terrific app & wonderful support

I have used Book Crawler for over a decade and I think it is an outstanding app. It is very customizable, it has great import/export capabilities, and I really appreciate being able to sort and filter my book list on so many criteria. In addition, I recently had an issue with the “restore purchases” function, and the developer quickly responded to my help request and figured out the source of the problem (which was not the app). I highly recommend the app!

Boggled6, Mar 13, 2021
Help to purchase and my number of books that can be stored?

Finally able to restore the 245 books in my database with all my notes that I lost all of a sudden several years ago. Now I am trying to purchase the annual subscription and cannot figure out the steps to do that. What is the total number of books that can be saved? I had previously purchased the app when it was fairly new, but one day I guess I exceeded the number of books allowed and my database was wiped out. (Just restored the old database from an old iPad backup.) Does anyone know the maximum number of books with personal ratings and notes that can be stored on the annual subscription? Does anyone know how to sign up for that?Thank you!

Claire n Zolo, Feb 17, 2022
A bit clunky...

I’ve been looking for a good app to catalogue my book collection. I don’t typically buy large press books or popular/charting books—I collect old, small press, and rare books. This isn’t really what this app had in mind when it was designed. There are a couple of things I hate. When you select a book, two things happen: the book picture becomes 3-D and looks really dumb. It’s a completely unnecessary effect. Second, the book listing, along with the horrible 3-D book hovers over the top of the screen covering the text underneath. Another weird design decision. Hope this grows on me cause it appears to be the best option on the App Store...all the others I tried were terrible messes and absolutely not useful.

GreenQuartz, May 16, 2019
New App Format

I have been using this app for many years and it’s great. However, I have to give your most recent update 1 star. At least I think it’s your most recent update. I can no longer get to utilities or settings from the menu to see for myself. There is a book graphic covering those options up. I also am very disappointed by the layout, it is no longer simple to navigate or look up my cataloged books. The book screen layout now only takes up maybe 2/3’s of my phone screen; I can only see 4 books at one time, when before I could see 8-10 books at one time. I kept thinking I needed to change a setting but I can’t even get to those anymore. I’ve read some recent reviews and I don’t think I’m the only person that dislikes the new look. PLEASE consider changing the layout back to the way it was. There was absolutely nothing wrong with it before. Thank you.

mlspray, Mar 09, 2021
Old, slow, inaccurate and misleading

I don’t mind purchasing apps but nowhere could I find this is free for only 7 book entries before you have to pay for an upgrade. That was an annoying surprise because 7 books took me WAY too long (20-30 mins using scan feature) and now it’s a total loss because I won’t be upgrading. Given it’s been a year since an update it would be a waste of money because who knows if there will ever be another update. I like the idea of of the app. I want a place to catalog and organize my books for teaching and it’s great for that. In fact, I loved the search-ability and simplicity. Unfortunately, it’s dial-up internet slow and the barcode scanner only worked occasionally on newer books (stuff published in the last two years.) Older books didn’t seem to have that problem. I didn’t even have time to check out the other features before the upgrade was demanded. At least I didn’t waste any money. I’ll look elsewhere for a maintained/supported app for my purposes.

More Trees Please, Sep 06, 2020
Great for large data bases

I have a fairly large data base and Book Crawler seems to handle it just fine that is until now. When I want to add a book I now get message telling me to purchase or restore purchase (I already have an on going subscription). When I click on either of the options nothing happens and I can’t enter another book. I am very disappointed. When I go to the website to ask for help I find nothing relevant as it doesn’t even look like a website for this app. I sometimes have trouble backing it up to Dropbox as it does seem to take an extremely long time, as it really never says completed but it has backed up. Hope to continue using this app as the systems for Apple upgrade. Like the features that show I own the book or have read the book. It has saved me several times from purchasing duplicates.

NelleRenn, Feb 16, 2022
Great, but needs just a tiny few tweaks

This app is fabulous, but needs just a few simple enhancements. 1. Sort by title, when viewing an author’s books. I have no idea what the default sort order is, but it’s not useful. (Ditto for the search results when searching an author’s book.) When viewing the Book list, sorted by author, it DOES alphabetize the books as I recently discovered! But when I view an author’s booklist, my purpose is to add something new. When viewing the Book list/author sort, it would be oh so perfect if you could click the author’s name to take you to the author’s pane in order to search for and add more books. I wouldn’t think this would require much programming. 2. When viewing a title, be able to click the author’s name to take you the author’s listings. See above reason - to search more by that author, or to see what else you have read. I’ve used this app for some time now and despite the gripes above, it is definitely one of the best apps on my phone and worth every penny.

Terryfic3d, Dec 23, 2019
Oh well...frustrating.

I was hopeful with this and purchased it. However, the UI needs some serious updating. It feels old and very clunky. I should have looked to see when the last update occurred. It was a year ago. It freezes quite often and will not sort books as specified. The search feature when adding books really needs updating as well. I am not able to find any books using the LOCCN. We need to be able to search by date, publisher, etc. On a positive note, this app found older books better than other apps I tried out. That is primarily why I purchased it and then realized all the problems. Even the search feature to find books in the library is so faulty and confusing. Last thing as of now - it would be nice to be able to search for covers to books on the internet inside the app and add those to the book. I hope that the owner sees that the app needs improvement. I would even be willing to pay a yearly subscription if it functioned well.

The777, Jul 26, 2020


Forgot which books you have read? - Tired of buying books you already own? - Is the book available at your local library? - Want to tell others about what you are reading and share thoughts? There’s a BOOK CRAWLER app for that! • "We're not exaggerating when we say Book Crawler is for the book obsessed." – FOX News • "So useful..." –The Huffington Post • “Perfect for fledgling book clubs and wannabe swappers.” – Better Homes and Gardens • “3.5 Stars; An excellent way to create and keep a database of your books…” – MacWorld • “A great tool for locating books, finding reviews and talking about books with friends.” – ADWEEK • “Perfect for avid readers…” – Boston.com • “The coolest thing Book Crawler offers is location-based so you can discuss books with people near you as well as find nearby copies of books by your favorite authors.” – HowStuffWorks FEATURED IN: • The Wallstreet Journal | Technology Report – August 27, 2012 • The Washington Post | Magazine – June 9, 2014 • Open Education Database OEDb.org With Book Crawler, you finally have a way to quickly and accurately upload your entire book collection into one easy-to-manage library cataloging database! Adding new books to your database is simple and fast with the ISBN barcode scanner or manual number search.

Title, author, publisher, copyright, cover art, summaries, Goodreads ® reviews, and local library location/availability are automatically generated when you enter a book. World’s first location-aware app helps you share and discuss books with others near you. Powered by OCLC WorldCat ®, locate books and know their availability at a selected library. Sort and search your library collection with selected or custom parameters to quickly categorize or navigate your entries for quick recall. Established in 2009, Book Crawler has been supported and updated based off of continuous user feedback. Book Crawler is a great tool for library professionals, book collectors, avid readers, teachers, and students! Note: Book Crawler is not an e-Reader and does not allow you to read books. ____________ FEATURES: *Proven performance: currently supporting users with 10,000+ book entries *Harness the power of Google Books ® to support searches, book summaries, and downloadable cover artwork *View what others around you are reading and partake in discussions using the new Community feature *View/Post Goodreads ® reviews for your books, and download your library *Purchase books through iBooks ® *Locate books available for checkout at nearby libraries; Featured Partnership with OCLC WorldCat ® *Use Dropbox ® service or email to import CSV and SQLite files *Supports ASIN format for logging Amazon Kindle ® e-books *Upload books using integrated ISBN barcode scanner. Batch scanning support for multiple entries *Link to your favorite e-Book reader to read digital copies *'Smart Collection' function allows you to customize sorting and searches based on rules you set (e.g. books read in the last year, by genre, etc.) *Share your favorite books via Twitter, Facebook, & Goodreads; or by emailing them to your friends *New entries automatically load title, author, artwork, genre, series, ISBN, publisher, format, and copyright for most books *Sort and view your database by title, author, copyright, date, decimal, genre, collection, rating, if read/when, ownership status, media format, series information, loan status, price, or customizable fields *Enter multiple books by author or multiple authors for a book *Detailed in-app and developer website user guide ___________ New features and improvements are continuously added to make Book Crawler the most useful book cataloging database available! We make every effort to provide expedient and personalized customer service, should you have a question or issue.

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