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Boo! (Halloween puzzle game)

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Boo! (Halloween puzzle game)

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User Reviews for Boo! (Halloween puzzle game)

Bart Bonte Games

Sir, These are, hands down, the best games I have EVER played on my phone. I’m a combat veteran that suffers from severe anxiety and agoraphobia. So as you can imagine I spend quite a bit of time indoors. Trying to keep busy in a two bedroom apartment is tough. I said all that to say that discovering your games has brought me so much ease in the evenings. I actually look forward to bedtime now! I play the games until I get sleepy and during that time my mind is at ease. 🙌🏽😭I’ve played almost every game so far! I love the originality… the time and effort you put into these are fantastic and this one is my fave!!!! Thank you Mr. Bonte!!! 🥰

americanbeauty85, Sep 12, 2021
Super fun puzzler

Such a cute and fun game. This developer is the best!This game is easy to pick up when you’ve some some time you need to kill. Some puzzles are a little frustrating but it’s so nice when you finally get it figured out.

Ameshet, Jun 26, 2021
Short but sweet

I loved this game! So creative and fun to play during Halloween time. The graphics are delightfully spooky and colorful. I just wish it was longer. I blew through the 21 levels in about an hour’s worth of time play!

Bizliz99, Sep 09, 2021

Wish there were more levels, are there any other games like this?

Camp McCall Lovers, Aug 05, 2020
Very fun

This is a very creative idea for a game and it gets quite tricky later on. Though you can eventually get the hang of it and solve each level almost the same way, I had a great time. Music is also great and the ads arent too intrusive, so you can actually play.

ChaAwesome, Oct 31, 2020
PERFECT Halloween Puzzle Game...

The graphics are fantastic, the levels increasingly challenging, the music creepily charming— but even if you pay for the app, the levels are currently limited. BartBonte: For some fans, EVERYDAY is Halloween, and will play this app year round despite the ads or limited levels; if you added MORE levels, it would absolutely justify paying for it.

Limey 1313, Sep 28, 2020
Really fun!!

Only wish it was a little longer but I’ll try the other games because I found this so enjoyable! 🎃

sarinarina, Oct 19, 2020
Utterly delightful puzzler

Everything about this experience is delightful! The art, the music, the theme, the concept, the puzzles. It was challenging enough to make me think about concepts offline to complete levels. (Confession: once you figure out your strategy, the puzzles fall away quickly, but there are a variety of ways to solve them) I think to ramp up difficulty new elements would have to be added...like a mouth stencil, but this has still been entertaining enough to play through a couple of times already. Clearly it should be 31 levels because of Halloween. 😉 Spend the $1.99 to support the devs, and maybe this can be expanded.Finally, thank you for the brief reprieve from the crushing blows of life.

Seancasm, Feb 06, 2021
Fun and Addictive

My boyfriend and I found this app online and were so excited to see that there’s an app with more levels!!! It’s extremely challenging after awhile but so satisfying when you recreate that pumpkin. Highly recommend! I can’t believe it’s not already more popular.

Thephoenixlights, Sep 21, 2019
love Love LOVE

Love all your games, I’ve downloaded all red, blue, yellow, green and black and this was my fav one out of all of the games. Such a good game, wished it was longer. You never disappoint keep doin what you’re doin 💕

User9492, Jul 29, 2020


'Boo!' is a spooky puzzle game for you! To solve the puzzles you have to dip the pumpkin in different paints and wear attributes to mask certain parts of the pumpkin. The puzzles starts easy but it gets more difficult! 21 Halloween themed levels, based on my premium app 'Factory Balls'.

Happy Halloween and have fun, @BartBonte

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