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User Reviews for BMI Calculator By Fittur

Best BMI Calculator

I have tried other BMI calculators and this one is far better. It doesn’t look clunky and old and gave me an accurate BMI. I love the additional body fat calculation, especially the avatar images. I was able to find myself and it was huge motivation to see what I could look like if I lost a few pounds!

Chicken destroya, Sep 16, 2020

Why would a simple calculator need to sign in with my Apple ID? Already deleted the app. Shame.

Gecryan, Apr 19, 2022
No way!

Upon finding this amongst the sea of BMI Calculator apps available I was really looking forward to using it. However that was all dashed when I launched it for the first, only, and last time. The great logo animation loaded and then I was greeted with a “Sign in with Apple” requirement. No eMail option, let alone a “Creat an account” option. What on earth could a simple calculator need my Apple ID? I refuse to use ANY app with Google, Facebook, Apple, etc. credential requirements. No third party company has any business with my credentials for other entries. Total deal killer for me. App already deleted. What a pity.

jedijames101, Jul 07, 2021
Requires sign up

They say they don’t gatherer data but the very first thing you must do is sign up which is data gathering. I deleted app immediately. If they lied so obviously, what else might they be hiding?

just.this.guy, Jul 16, 2022
Requires your Apple ID

Why would this require your Apple ID? Very suspicious. I quickly deleted this app.

Rick_6857463524, Feb 09, 2022


A BMI Calculator is one of the quickest ways to have an idea about your health. BMI stands for Body Mass Index. BMI Calculators have been used for centuries as a way to calculate where you fit in compared to the general population.

Through that comparison to the population you can then get a general idea about if your are classified as underweight, healthy, overweight, or obese. A Body Fat Percentage Calculation provides a much more accurate insight to one's health than the measurement that comes from a BMI Calculator. Fittur provides both a BMI Calculator as well as a Body Fat Percentage Calculator in this one of a kind app. Also included is Fittur's novel Body Fat Image Comparison, designed and calculated by Fittur's physiologist team. The image comparison allows you to get within 1-2% accuracy when determining your body fat percentage. Sleek. Fast. Accurate. Fittur goes beyond the norm, to provide the most accurate and effective health and fitness tools available in the App Store. Download BMI Calculator By Fittur today to calculate your BMI and Body Fat %.

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