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User Reviews for BMI Calculator - BMR Manager

Better than expected

Great BMI tracking application, works perfectly and is easy to setup. Definitely an excellent value added to taking care of your health

Bertram Bosco1993, Aug 17, 2019
Useful in so many ways

I've been looking for something that works! I highly recommend this app to everyone who is looking to lose weight!!!

Clemens Lehner88, Aug 17, 2019
well worth it

This is a great app that helps you think through your weight loss routine. It also allows you to see your success as it happens. Love it!

Jennyfer Huels_DEW, Aug 17, 2019
pretty good

This app seems pretty good. I've been using for about two months now any got nothing to complain. It even keeps track of my diet!

kathryn.homenick1995, Aug 17, 2019
Useful app

Useful basic BMI tool. Metric and Standard-friendly interface is good, as well as showing where you are in the scale and what you need to do

Kendall Weber1997, Aug 15, 2019
It's very easy to use

This is the best weight tracking t app I have ever tried. It is very user friendly and is helping me to achieve my weight loss goal. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to lose weight.

Lottie Brakus_1994, Aug 16, 2019
Good App

It presents the results in an easy to understand format. Much more than I expected and have shared it with several others so we can try together

Samanta Boyer_94, Aug 17, 2019
Really helpful

I think having this tool is a good reminder of how we should always remember how important it is to keep in shape and watch our diets

Shaniya Kozey, Aug 17, 2019
Doesn’t load after Remove Ad

After downloading from App Store it worked with ads but after I’ve purchased it doesn’t load. The moment I try to turn on it gets off automatically. So irritating. I removed the software and reinstalled 2-3 times and restore purchase but same thing happening. Waiting for the update to come and then if it is solved. Couldn’t even explore due to the problem.

Taufiq A Mazumder, May 15, 2020
excellent app

This is an easy to use and great looking app. I have used a few other weight & calories tracking apps, but this one is the most enjoyable

Zoie_ Schamberger_88, Aug 17, 2019


BMI Calculator - Weight Loss & BMR Calculator is the app which allows user to calculate their Body Mass Index and BMR Index in one app. It provides the accurate measurement based on the weight and height provided by user along with age. BMI - The body mass index (BMI) calculates your body fat based on your weight and height.

BMR - Basal Metabolic Rate is the number of calories your body need when it is at complete rest, with no exercise. MAIN FEATURES: • Imperial and metric measurement units are supported. • Record your BMI & BMR history to track back anytime. • Store History data with BMI or BMR Index along with age, weight and height in chronological order. • Ideal app for weight loss program if you want to gain or lose weight. • BMI measurement support for 7 years and older. • BMR calculation is based on Mifflin and St Jeor as well as Harris-Benedict equation. • BMR Calculator calculates the calories you need to consume in a day. • No internet connection required for calculation. • Free to use. USAGE: • BMI Calculator • Body Mass Index Calculator • Standard BMI Calculator • BMR Calculator • Fitness Tracker & Weight Loss Program NOTES: - Less battery drain using this app. - This app integrates with HealthKit to sync your Weight and BMI data with Apple Health Data.

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