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Blue - weather forecast

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Blue - weather forecast

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User Reviews for Blue - weather forecast


Pretty sweet ......... & to the reviewer that said to the effect that scrolling is too much work .... you're kidding .... lots of screen interfaces require scrolling ..... please give up your device to some one who can scroll and be happy with it ........ like the scrolling beaut of this app .... hourly to next days forecast in such an attractive interface.

akdjhka, Feb 13, 2015
Good concept

this app tried to hard to deliver simplicity but fails. First of all, their color schemes need time to used to. For a weather app I just want something quick to scan through. Remembering purple is what, green is what is just too much. Second, it lacks concerns of diversity. For example, not all Americans (well. Anyone lives in the United States) use Fahrenheit. And you can’t even change that in the settings. Since they use your current location to determine temperature units. This really undermines usability.

BlankSpaceHerer, Dec 26, 2017
My favorite weather app

No other app displays the weather this simply! fastest way to get a feel for the weather possibly my favorite app of all time!

blyydro, Aug 19, 2020
Blue is Gold

Simplistic, informative and beautiful, Blue caters well to the pragmatic desire of knowing the weather for the next few hours. The use of colors to express certain weather patterns is ingenious. With a glance, I have enough info to know my daily essentials: what to wear and what to bring.

m_mrcr, May 11, 2014

I don't know why this app isn't more popular. I've used it for a while and love it. It does what it says very well. It's perfect for a quick glance when you're running out the door or getting dressed. It may not have radar and other things but it has minimalism and clarity! Favorite weather app.

mainline98, Jul 08, 2013
Quality app

Blue does everything I need from a weather app. The visual interface is really pleasing. The colors make it really easy and quick to see what the weather trends are going to be. Also, it’s nice to have Dark Sky’s information without paying for that app!

Mfein10, May 06, 2018
Lack of Customisation

The app is great: easy to use and very simplistic. The problem is that it is perhaps too simplistic. I, personally, would like a little more freedom is terms of customisation like being able to choose the hue that corresponds to the temperature or even something as simple as being able to choose the unit of measurement, for example. The app is exclusively in Fahrenheit, which I think is something that should be changeable.

Puller of the Mortgul, Jul 19, 2018

I love this app, weather in simplicity. Blue does exactly what it says it it will. It's been very accurate for me, I plan what to wear around the color shades & I've found that the temp at a different humidity level will be a slightly different color so that's really cool, I get an idea how hot or cold it will be. Great job

Texaspisces, Aug 18, 2013

There used to be a two week forecast. Why did you take it away? Also, the location should be able to be changed, people want to see the weather at places where they will go, not always where they are. Used to be a good app, now not so much.

Uirii, Nov 19, 2020
No updates ..inaccurate weather...dead app?

I have been a strong proponent of this app for several years now and have found it to be one of the most simplistic yet accurate and useful tools of all my apps. You wanna know the temp right now you got it, you wanna know in 3 hours what to expect you got that too, you want to track the start and stop times of some oncoming weather thing and this app was spot on accurate down to within about 10 minutes no joke! I loved it but the last two weather events about to roll in my area, and I pull out my most trusted weather app to find out then”real” story, it tells me no bad weather just a couple hours of light flurries, so the weatherman and everyone are wrong again...within minutes it started to dump snow and the app had it clear or light flurries. I ignored it as a glitch but today similar thing, schools are closing as a proactive measure and when looking at the app, for a few hours they show a light chance of light flurries then clear! Inaccurate weather reports are about as good as a sandbox in the desert! Seems there is no support or updates so to me it’s a delete, with a warning to others, I wouldn’t trust this application if I were you! Am deleting now!

Whocares009, Feb 26, 2020


Blue visualizes your 7-day weather forecast in a fast and colorful interface. Swipe up to see hourly weather represented by color in a unique visual gradient, helping you quickly recognize weather patterns and plan your day accordingly. Hourly colors are calculated based several metrics including the temperature, humidity, and sunrise/sunset times for your current location.

Seeing blue? You'll want to grab a warm coat. Seeing purple? Stay inside with a cup of hot cocoa! Purple - extremely cold. Blue - cold winter day. Green - feeling cool. Yellow - room temperature. Orange - feeling warm. Red - hot summer day. Pink - extremely hot. Temperatures are shown in either Fahrenheit or Celsius (controlled by your iOS region settings). FAQ Q: How do I change my location? A: Use your feet. Blue is a minimal app designed to show weather for your current physical location. Q: How do I change to Fahrenheit or Celsius? A: Blue automatically shows the appropriate unit for your selected country/region. To change your region go to iOS Settings > General > Language & Region > Region. All regions use Celsius except United States, Bahamas, Belize, Cayman Islands, and Palau which use Fahrenheit. Q: How do I change my language preference? A: Blue will automatically use your preferred language where possible. To change your language, go to iOS Settings > General > Language & Region > iPhone Language. See a gallery of weather from around the world (and submit your screenshot): http://partlyblue.tumblr.com

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