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Blocky Granny Mod Chapter

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User Reviews for Blocky Granny Mod Chapter

Pls add this to the game

I want some new things in this game, and those are: the car exit, the pet spider room, and that you die when you fall threw the whole in the attic, and last but not least, the well and wince handle. Other then those things, I like the game, but pls pls pls add these things in the next update, and yes, I do want a “crafty granny chapter two” thank you and have a good day

2983459458, Jan 05, 2021
They tried

I get this three stars because they tried but first of all some rooms don’t even look like Granny’s house and I only found three items I search the whole house and there’s so many ads every time I go into a closet or under a bed it just won’t work like I have to watch an ad to do it I want to drop the item I couldn’t pick it back up again

BlueFox090526, Aug 14, 2021
This game fun but different

This game is fun and cool but it’s weird

Chubuaca, May 29, 2020
I can glitch away from granny

So I can glitch on the stair railing and granny would move back and forward 𝕓𝕦𝕥 𝕠𝕥𝕙𝕖𝕣 𝕥𝕙𝕒𝕟 𝕥𝕙𝕒𝕥 𝕚 ʟᴏᴠᴇ ɪᴛ! ༼ つ ◕◡◕ ༽つ (⊃。•́‿•̀。)⊃

crystal loves CAKEEE, Dec 10, 2020
Good but not

Ok so I’m scared of spiders so that’s why I don’t play normal granny so I tried this and I could play but whenever I open a chest an add pops up please try to fix this

eęè we, Jun 21, 2022
Wow this scared me

I almost had a heart attack that’s how scary it was

Everybody hate you, Sep 04, 2020
Best game

My mom won’t let me play real granny so this is the best I can get so can you make granny chapter 2 plz

hbfdscvff, Aug 03, 2020

IM SO ADDICTED TO THIS VERY FUN GAME IT IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN THE REAL GRANNY but they need to fix hard mode cause granny doesn’t go faster than us

KLEEEMOO, Jun 04, 2021
Blocky granny is the worst

Imagine granny but with no polish and no horror elements. There are no positive traits for blocky granny either but there are a LOT of downsides which I will list now, 1 the granny ALWAYS knows where you are like right when you spawn in she is instantly going after you which makes it impossible to hide in a corner away from her. 2 hiding under the bed or in a cabinet even right in front of her make you completely safe and she just instantly forgets that you exist which makes the first reason I stated even more puzzling. 3 practice is the only mode you can win on because of the fact that on the ones where granny is because of an oversight where there will be only 3 item spawns which makes the game impossible to beat with challenge. 4 the layout is not even that accurate to the original, the parts that are not accurate are, the backyard, the hallways leading down to the basement with the tunnel and they didn’t even add the crow room. 5 there are WAY too many ads every time you check to see if there are items in chest, hide, pause the game, start the game, use the menu and die you will instantly get an ad which makes things very frustrating because in one game you will at least if you don’t hide or check chests and only just get killed by granny you will get 5 ads which is absurd. 6 in practice mode when you get to the spider room and get the item and leave you will always die and get an ad (which this room gives you 2 ads alone because of the last point but that’s not this one) that means that it is impossible to do it deathless which is stupid. 7 the menu /U.I is really bad and it is very cluttered which makes it unnecessarily hard to look for things. 8 the controls are super slippery. 9 this game is also just completely redundant since granny is free on the exact same system, so why does this even need to exist? At least make it a remake of the third game since it is still not available on the apple store. 10 the Minecraft theming doesn’t make any sense for a horror game since that just makes it more confusing then scary. 11 this clearly wouldn’t work in the Minecraft engine nor in the granny engine it looks like it is supposed to be in the Minecraft engine but it’s clearly not. 12 when you die on the last day there’s not even a special death scene you just get an ad then get brought to a game over menu. I can probably list even more reasons to why blocky granny is a terrible video game but since this review is already so long I don’t think I will this game is completely pointless and trash if you want granny on your phone just get granny and if you’re a kid who’s mom won’t allow you to just do not get any and watch it on YouTube

Lukey plays games, Jun 14, 2022

This is amazing 🤩

rockman696, Mar 22, 2021


Explore the huge house and don't get caught. hide from scary granny and escape from her. reveal all her secrets !

Enter the block building and complete all the tasks. it's a hide and seek game

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