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Blink Shell, Inc
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User Reviews for Blink Shell, Build & Code

Where is classic?

Was told that existing users would be able to use this app for regular ssh. But there are only subscription options and the like to restore purchases does nothing. If you’re not going to support existing customers in the new app, maybe consider to put the proper icon back on the old app?Update: Thank you for your response, if I had known about the changes, I would certainly have “taken the time”. I will look for the option to restore the icon and hope that the app contributes to function in future.

4839201847382, Jun 14, 2023
Blink has changed my workflow

I started using Blink when I replaced my Macbook with an iPad Pro. Two+ years in and I'm convinced this is one of the better decisions I've made, primarily thanks to this great app. I can do everything I need to do with Blink and a remote server. The devs are responsive, the app is continually updated with new features, and the community is great.If you live in the terminal, or want to, you owe it to yourself to try this app. It's the only app I use for hours every single day.

aberrant-nyc, Mar 03, 2022
Subscriptions are an unsustainable leech to consumers. App is good.

I’ll preface this review by saying I hate subscriptions. I will never rent software. The bulk of this review concerns the new subscription model, so feel free to skip it if your feelings differ. I saw a developer response to a review indicate that the new subscription model exists to pay for new features that incur a server cost. That’s fine and understandable. However, requiring all users to pay these fees even if they have no intention of using these new features is pretty gross. Ideally you would only pay the rental fee if you were actually using the service. It’s nice that they allow existing users to continue using the base application nag free. I’ll give a star for that. The application itself is good. If I weren’t grandfathered in, however, I would look elsewhere. It’s not sustainable as an average consumer to rent every piece of software we use in perpetuity.

Albert Morrison, Feb 14, 2022
Seamless upgrade

I saw a new iteration of the app with a new purchase model and was worried I’d have to shop for something new. But the $0 purchase honoring the past version, plus the seamless data migration, immediately put me at ease. I’ll look at what the local features are someday, but for now I can just keep on keeping on.

Alex Savage, Feb 13, 2022
Not what is promised

I fail to see the value provided compared to the cost. The VSCode feature is extremely buggy (even down to issues with scrolling). In fact, code-server in a browser works better, even if it shares a few of the issues. I would have been willing to pay if it worked, but it leaves only the ssh/mosh features, which are largely for free elsewhere.**Update: The ssh/mosh experience is more responsive than other apps I have tried. That’s something at least

buprsi20, Jul 14, 2023

Thank you for doing the transition to the new app correctly! Excellent app and excellent work

CodeMichael, Feb 11, 2022
Perfect and Simple

A perfect app for those looking for a simple tool to SSH or Mosh into servers. And even more useful with the built in additional commands that can help with troubleshooting and gathering information (ping, Whois, etc). I haven’t yet had a chance to play to much with the VSCode functionality, but that looks equally impressive.

Enki941, May 03, 2022
As robust as it is revolutionary for iPad Pro workflows

Single-handedly brings the power of the iPad Pro to Software/Cloud engineering workflows unlocking both the future of portable operations/development and thinclient-style remote access. Not to be stated lightly: better than iTerm2. 5-stars from an SRE going on 2 years using the iPad Pro both as my primary workstation and access terminal.

maaz, May 31, 2022
Best SSH app by far, maybe best iOS app overall

I’ve been using this on a daily basis for the last 5 years. It is by far the best SSH client on iOS, and one of the very best iOS apps overall. They continuously push features that go beyond what I thought was even possible on iOS. Rock solid! (and more than worth the price)

Michael Goerz, Feb 12, 2022
Great app keeps getting better

I’ve been using Blink for a few years now on two different iPads. The price is well worth it for many reasons. Top reasons are things like turning on geo tracking to keep your ssh sessions active where you can’t use mosh, great ssh key management, and super-fast rendering of the terminals. There are others, but this is a good start.The v15 update is really great. Adding in VSCode integration is wicked cool, and works really well.To top it all off, the support from the developer is top-notch. I had an issue, submitted a github issue, and had a response within minutes (it was user error…). And just scouring the GitHub issue tracker, and seeing the activity from the development crew, is very reassuring.Bottom line: I’ve tried a few different terminal apps with decent success. Once I purchased Blink, I uninstalled the other ones. It does everything I want, does it well, and probably does more than I use. Great app, great support.

PortlandPJ, Feb 13, 2022


Try the new Blink Build: on-demand cloud development environments, powered by containers, so you can Code, Compile and Deploy from anywhere. Blink+ now also includes Blink Code, our Microsoft Visual Studio Code* integration, you can code on local or remote projects. Always with a premium Blink experience: Never disconnected thanks to Mosh, SSH featuring tunnels, keys and agent, in a blazing fast terminal.

What the Blink community is saying: “The way to use VS Code on the iPad” - programminglife.io “In some ways, I prefer my iPad / Blink / Digital Ocean setup to coding on my Mac“ - TheVerge "I have tried a number of terminals on iOS and this is really The One." - Twit.tv “Connections still come up when I get back to a client project after a weekend off.“ - The Sweet Setup What our users love the most from Blink Shell: - Mosh connections that even survive a device reboot. - Most complete SSH implementation on iOS. - Code command for VS Code integration. - Blazingly fast terminal and SFTP transfers. - Includes Pragmata Pro with ligatures. Blink Code integrates with VS Code: - Code on local projects, or seamlessly on remote machines. - Fully-loaded code editor. - A coding experience fitted to your device, that connects to VS Code for web, GitHub Codespaces, GitPod or your own VS Code server. Blink Shell has a fully loaded SSH toolset: - SSH with PKI support: DSA, RSA, ECDSA & ED25519 keys. - Support for Secure Enclave Keys and Certificates. - Port forwarding with local, remote & dynamic tunnel support. - SOCKS5 proxy for a private VPN. - Agent Forwarding. - Complete SSH Config file support. - ControlMaster and pooled connections. - Files.app integration for SFTP remote hosts. - SFTP with copy-on-change. Blink has been the leading developer tool in the AppStore for +5 years, so there is a lot more: - External Display support. - Legendary Hardware Keyboard support, even remap shortcuts and keyboard codes. - Local & iCloud Blink Shell folders for Files.app access across devices. - Host sync over iCloud. - Link-files from other applications and work with them in Blink. - Cool themes and fonts, and install your own! - Smart Keys on SW Keyboard to navigate with touch. - FaceCam command to create tutorials and streams. - Bell notifications. - Supports multiple windows and multiple tabs. - Network & UNIX CLI tools, check our docs for more information. Blink is open source software. Participate in our community, and don’t forget to leave us your feedback and your feature(s) requests. Enjoy! http://blink.sh http://twitter.com/blinkshell http://GitHub.com/blinksh Terms of Use: https://blink.sh/blink-gpl Privacy Policy: https://blink.sh/pp * Blink Code is not affiliated nor endorsed by Microsoft.

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