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User Reviews for Blind - Workplace Community

Too exclusive

I downloaded Blind years ago after finishing grad school, but was working freelance or for very small studios or individuals. Only now am I in a workplace where I could genuinely get some use out of Blind, but I work in the service industry which is not represented at all from what I could see in the opening prompts. I understood the purpose of asking people to use their work email, but to get into it and see that the fields represented are limited to white-collar positions was somewhere between insulting and infuriating. Particularly because of the organization that’s going on in many service industry jobs- you’d think that would be their primary demographic but instead we’re just excluded. Please hire consultants that don’t live in a white-collar bubble.

crimmas, Dec 20, 2021
Shoddy, unpolished mess

This app has the level of polish equivalent to that of a coding bootcamp capstone project. There are so many poorly implemented features- the fact that you can’t like a comment in a thread without first visiting that thread, that notifications literally do not function correctly (I still get notifications on threads I’ve explicitly turned the off for, but I’m sure that’s totally accidental right guys ;), the fact that blocking the poster of a thread then trying to visiting that thread by notification crashes the app, it seriously seems like they have 2 mediocre engineers developing the entire app. The quality has not changed in 6 months. They have done literally nothing to deserve my attention and user data. The app is so frustrating to use at a base level that I recommend everyone just stop, it’ll be better for our mental health in the long run.

fjalkdj, Sep 01, 2019
A playground for bullies, racists and misogynists

Blind should really try harder to moderate racist and sexist comments on their app. Perhaps highly paid engineers of certain races are just prone to assuming women and Black people don’t deserve to have a seat at their table, but it’s unacceptable on a professional platform. Ultimately, the Blind experience erodes into a minefield of overwhelming toxicity over and over again.Also, I’ve noticed that there’s a lot of “company shaming” on Blind. Depending on the company you work for, you’re either wearing a badge of honor, or a mark for others to point and laugh at. It’s not Blind’s fault that these users are immature. But similar to Airbnb forcing users to post photos of themselves in order to foster transparency and security, the effort has backfired. I sincerely hope they find a way to address these issues in the future. Til then, adios. My mental health deserves better.

Girlshaken, Aug 28, 2020
Bad for TC convos great for Culture comparisons

It’s a great site to get a quick view of ball park figures to help with offer negotiations. However, once you get those numbers get out fast! The site is infected with insecure, pretentious trolls who base their ENTIRE life’s value on what a corporation deems their worth, “comp” is. Everything on the site is TC with comments like “you’re only getting $165k??? That’s peanuts.” The site is full of “polls” like should I dump my girlfriend who only makes 60k. The comp obsessed culture this site has created around gauging the worth of a company on how much they pay you and nothing else is the responsibility of the creators of the site. Confirmation bias is abundant. A typical conversation OP: Why is TC at xyz company so lowResponse: My comp is great! No complaints here at xyz companyOP(who by the way doesn’t work at xyz company): LIAR!!! There’s no way you make that much what’s your breakdown you including appreciation when’s your best date oh man you’ll never see that money but then there’s the cliff...and on and on and on...you get the point!As for day in the life and what the top complaints are the site is useful. Stay away from comp discussions and the site can be a nice tool to utilize when navigating your next career move or to validate your concerns.Also I scoped our the other reviews, many of which have similar comments about this site. The 4.5 star rating is clearly built on fake reviews.

MDP112, Oct 28, 2020
Toxic Environment and Cyberbullying

I like the concept of the app in bringing together people from different workplaces to ask work-related questions but often times I saw many mean and unhelpful comments to questions that were simply seeking help. Unlike reddit and other chat communities, Blind doesn’t seem to have any enforced rules for trolling and harsh comments. I had this app for about 2 weeks and decided to delete it because I was sick of seeing people post harsh comments and supporting other harsh comments that simply amounts to cyberbullying.Although, this was not always the case, it happened regularly to the point that I saw it in almost every other post.I think having an app that connects people together for asking work related advice anonymously is nice. However, if you were to build a good and truly helpful community, I believe having enforceable rules to prevent cyberbullying and create a supportive environment is absolutely necessary for making the app experience better.

Mewmmstar, Nov 25, 2019
Terrible community features

The app has decent information for figuring out salary information at popular tech companies. It’s also good for learning about interview questions and best practices. However the community is incredibly toxic and it is obvious the app developers are doing nothing about that. Anyone can flag your posts, and then they will block you for a few days. But the problem is, if you say something true but people just don’t like it, the community can still block you. The app developers do nothing to intervene here. You can and will get relentlessly bullied on this app and the developers don’t care. I’ve emailed support a bunch of times and they don’t even respond. It’s a good app for learning about salaries and compensation, but it’s pretty toxic beyond that.

Par Trivedi, May 19, 2022
Good idea, but toxic culture with limited moderation

Similar to what a lot of others are reporting, think of this as an anonymous mob mentality culture app. It brings out the bad side of people who think cutting down other responses is a way of life. Trolls are in every post. For those that ask genuine salary or culture questions, there may be some good and sound advice, however not without filtering dozens of sarcastic or rude comments to get to helpful info. App features have improved, which is cool to see - 4 stars in that area with some room to improve (I still get random error messages, etc). Points are interesting feature. DM could be good to reach people who have genuine Q&A. However, I can’t give a high rating until the team figures out a better way to reduce/remove trolling and turn this back into a community that can openly discuss items in a more respectful way (even when disagreeing).

salseattle, Oct 27, 2018
Interesting concept, not well thought through

Very interesting idea and the thought behind it is good, but not actually very well thought through at all. Anonymity is great to spark real conversations, but it is also a breeding place for name calling and very toxic behavior. Once you’re in on your company’s board, you are there forever. Blind does nothing in the way of continued (yearly?) verifications, which means your company group is a good portion of former jilted employees there just to get a rise out of others, rather than participate in constructive conversations. This is probably its biggest flaw. It’s an easy fix, but there doesn’t seem to be any interest in actually facilitating truly constructive conversations as they state. A bunch of culture and engagement buzzwords, but really just a place to breed workplace toxicity.

Stellarguy, Jun 29, 2018
Good concept, poor execution

The concept of Blind is excellent. Who wouldn’t want an insiders look into companies? Unfortunately that’s not how things actually go. First, blind is very heavy on the R&D side (eg engineers). It’s not an accurate representation of the various departments of a company. Second, majority of folks on Blind are disgruntled in some way, shape, or form. Got a bad mid year review? Go to blind. Didn’t get a promo? Go to blind. Hate working from home? Go to blind. Don’t like the cafe food? Go to blind. People love to hate on blind which is already incredibly biased. The founders actually think their audience represents the true feelings of employees which is so grossly inaccurate and far fetched. Blind is the new Nextdoor, except instead of annoying/angry Karen’s nit picking everything, you have spoiled/arrogant tech workers who hide between anonymity. Oh blind.

Tina from The bay area, May 26, 2021
Delete my account and stop harassing!

I started getting automatic text messages on my phone from this app though I had never downloaded it. It said my coworker invited me.I started the process of downloading and setting it up like a fool when I realized it wanted to send emails to my work addy and verify me on LinkedIn. This made me uncomfortable so I emailed them several days ago asking for the account to be deleted. (The app is stuck on asking me for personal info and I can’t do anything with it.)Meanwhile I’m still getting these annoying text messages. I asked the ppl on my team if they sent it to me and they said no. (We are candid with each other.) I’m not sure how they even got my number. “Blind” couldn’t be a better description for this app’s developers.

UXdeisgn, Oct 18, 2020


Blind is a safe, trusted community where 4.1M+ professionals worldwide share salary, company reviews, interview experiences anonymously. ** Salaries? Salary negotiation tips? Interviews?

Job referrals? Need career advice? ** Connect & have honest conversations on workplace topics like salaries and company culture. Direct message with users on Blind for FREE. 4.1M+ professionals from 87,000+ companies are already on Blind! Expand business network and professional connections. ** All-hands? Layoffs? Bonuses? Stock refresher? HR questions? Tough situations at work? ** Communicate with your coworkers privately and anonymously in your private company channel and group chats. ** Curious what the real employees of your dream top-tier company are saying about the company? ** Explore honest employee sentiments and reviews in realtime. Read what the current employees are saying about their company culture. ** Evaluate your offer with Salary Comparison Tool Are you underpaid? View salary and compensation information shared by verified employees. Compare your salary with your peers and ask recruiters salary negotiation tips. Blind is a safe, trusted community where work- verified professionals share insights, provide honest feedback, discuss company culture and discover relevant career information. Elevate your career, express your thoughts, and move towards building a more transparent work culture. ------------------------------------------------ Sign up safely with your work email to get the most out of Blind! Work email verification keeps Blind a safe and trusted community where professionals can connect. Your email address is ONLY used for verification. Our patented infrastructure (Patent no. 10-2013-******) makes sure that all user account and activity information is completely disconnected from the encrypted email verification process. This means we are unable to retrieve forgotten passwords. You must create a new account with work email to re-access Blind. Sign up and join: 84K users from Microsoft 83.3K from Amazon 36.4K from Google 30.3K from Facebook 21K from Uber 12K from Salesforce 7K from PayPal 6K from Capital One 5K from Deloitte 4K from EY ... and MORE! No work email? No problem! Sign up with your personal email, and you’ll get view-only access to limited contents. To participate in more insightful conversations, you will need to verify with a work email. ------------------------------------------------ To continue our focus on protecting the security of our users, we have restricted rooted or jailbroken devices from accessing Blind. Please remember to download the Blind app from the official App Store. Any questions, please reach out to us at [email protected].

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