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User Reviews for Blackboard

Blackboard’s Text Editor Still Clunky, Ineffective

Just when I thought Blackboard’s clunky, awkward, and ineffective text editor couldn’t get any worse, the mobile app appears. While the mobile version of BB is very slightly more navigable than using Safari on the BB site, it is still such a clunky and non-intuitive interface! But nothing is worse than the 30-year-old look and feel of the ever-frustrating text editor. This editor barely qualifies as a WYSIWYG (Google it).Due to the instability of the text editor, it has always been necessary to compose my assignments in Word before pasting them into BB. This new app is the worst yet, however, for correctly displaying my writing. Cases is point, footnote numbers are bracketed rather than superscripted, paragraph spacing is greatly exaggerated, indentation is lost in translation, italics and bolding are removed from the text, font faces are substituted, font sizes are adjusted, etc.—the result, my Discussion Board posts look like a fifth grader trying to do graduate work.I have petitioned my institution to find a solution other than Blackboard for coursework submission, now I am imploring Blackboard to enter into the 21st century of computer programming. Please. I could live with all of the other oddities and quirks, if only BB had a decent text editor.

%TLM%, Jan 12, 2018
App is finally working great again!

**UPDATE: The app was working great until the second day of school this semester. It stopped working completely and after two days I deleted the app and re-downloaded it. Now it is telling me my school is not even on the list so I am unable to even login. When it works, it works great. Often times, it does not work at all! :( wish the developer would just fix it and leave it alone! UPDATE: blackboard has fixed the issue and the app is working great again so I revised my review to four stars! I would have gave them five but it did take over three weeks to fix the issue and I was unable to login during that time! Oh my, there seems to be an issue on our side. After I put my login information in it redirects me to the statement above wearing it says there's an issue. I reported it to the developer who then told me to contact my general IT helpdesk at school. The school has now put a ticket in with the problem. It's still not working after three weeks and I have been unable to use the app at all. When I first started using this app, it was great. I could post my discussions, assignments and take quizzes on here. But I now have been unable to access the app at all for three weeks. Please fix this issue and I will update my rating.

A blind girl, Sep 13, 2017
Could be good, Will not stay logged in

As a college student, I have been using Blackboard for 3 years now. I could overlook all of the other little inconsequential things that bug me about this app and give it 4 or 5 stars, but there are two major issues. #1: Every time you click on the app, you have to log in. It doesn’t matter if you just logged in five minutes ago, you have to log in again. It’s ridiculously annoying and frustrating, and sometimes not being logged in means you miss notifications. I mean, I didn’t always have this issue. It’s like the issue was fixed and then it started again.#2: Clicking on notifications doesn’t lead you to the notification source. For example, if I get a grade notification, it won’t lead me to the assignment. Sometimes it’ll just open the app and then freeze my phone. Other times, it’ll take me to a random page in the app. But, as I said before, lately I haven’t been getting notifications because of the whole “log in every two seconds Or Else” issue. I can deal with other little issues, but missing notifications from my professors and assignment reminders? That’s not okay. I shouldn’t have to rely on my email to do what your app is supposed to.TL;DR: I’d just really like to be able to log in and stay logged in please.

dg2017xx, Dec 03, 2020

I am giving this app a one-star review because even though the app is useful in many ways, there’s still a lot that can be worked on or fixed.One of the most annoying things about this app (and everyone agrees with me on this) is the fact that you have to keep logging in every single time I open and try to access the app, which is about 7-8 times a day. This is so inconvenient because as a student I do not want to keep logging in and entering all my information when I’m trying to do homework, study, and look at my grades. I have tested it out and I’ve found out that if I close the app and open it back up about 10-15 minutes later I find myself logged out. I have also asked around and I am not the only one who has to deal with and every single person can agree with me about the fact that it is, indeed, annoying. This is an issue that needs to be fixed because its inconvenience is tremendous. Another feature that could be worked on is the design of the app itself. I believe that it does not go well with current apps that are in the market. Its design is still blocky and the transitions between sections are grotesque. I believe more friendly, rounded and somewhat colorful sections within the app will help its aesthetic design.

Fabrizzioce, Feb 13, 2020
Good but....

I use this app everyday for my university courses. This app is great but there are a couple annoyances about it that I’ve had that really frustrate me when I’m particularly stressed. The first one being that the app opens on the “Activity Stream” rather than my “Courses” tab and there is no setting to change this. I would like the ability to move the buttons in the left menu tab freely to the user’s liking, as well as, choose which tab the app opens on within settings. The second annoyance being that upcoming due assignments are not marked as completed after submitting them. They remain in the upcoming assignments section. This can become rather stressful when there are over 15 assignments from various classes due throughout the week and you are unable to view which assignments you have or have not completed yet. Overall this app seems to be user friendly but there are major adjustments that can be done such as incorporating a dark mode as well.

gabi451, Sep 14, 2020
Simplifies my life!!

The app is very user friendly and easy to navigate. I solely used blackboard on my laptop but had discovered my laptop broke the literal morning I started class, so I decided to download the app so I wouldn’t have to navigate blackboard on my phones browser and could more easily access my instructor’s pages. This definitely does the trick for that. The only issue I have is that the due dates tab is not fully accurate, at least for me. I have 3/4 of my classes online, so it really helps me to just click the “due dates” tap and be able to access each assignment that’s due soon. It may be due to the instructor, I have no idea, but I can see where my grades would become horrid after missing a few assignments every week. This was my first week of class and there were about 3 assignments that weren’t displayed, but I was aware of because of a syllabus or class discussion. Please make sure you’re paying attention and don’t rely solely on the app for that!! Otherwise, you may find yourself in a rut of 0 in the grade book. Aside from that, the app completely simplifies my experience with blackboard and I can’t believe I went 3 semesters without it.

GraceG., Jan 19, 2018
Canvas is better.

I used canvas during my high school dual credit courses. I now use blackboard for my classes at university. Having used both, I would just like to say that blackboard should take notes from canvas. I find blackboard to be more complicated and confusing to navigate. I know that some of my problems have to do with my professors and their organization skills but some difficulties can be attributed to the app itself. I would like to see a more uniform template for each class. I would appreciate it if every class had the same basic tabs instead of the teachers picking a choosing. I think the teachers should be able to add tabs but be forced to use basic tabs like an assignment list. One feature that I really miss from canvas is being able to test out different grades in your classes. On canvas, you can test out different grades for assignments to gauge what your average might be if you were to make that particular grade. I hope that this feature will be added to blackboard soon because it is extremely useful.

Jordyn Blalock, Jan 27, 2021
It’s fine

In a word, I would describe this Ap as “Fine”. I don’t love anything about it and I don’t really think it does a great job at anything, or even a good job at anything. But it doesn’t do a bad job either. It allows one to see assignment due dates and grades and make submissions in a way that isn’t pleasant, but isn’t hard to figure out either. Some notes Give me a place to view my calendar regarding due dates, for all classes in one place. This would be huge and I cannot stress this enough. Similar vein, give me a place where I can see all of my grades at the same time. Less significant but would still be pretty good. Otherwise, maybe set it up so I can submit something from Google Drive/Notability/GoodNotes/Pages straight to an assignment, something that is possible with Canvas and Schoology. Set up the assignments so that I can see the rubric/goal of the assignment in the same spot that I submit the assignment. As is I have to go back and forth between the two and it’s annoying and adds steps. Could just be the way my professor has it setup, but if so all of my professors have done this so … Finally kinda buggy sometimes. File formats wont open, or not well within the app, and this is true with a lot of links as well.

Lupis_Auream, Sep 27, 2021
Aggressively mediocre

An unreliable and poorly-designed platform makes for an equally mediocre iOS app. In the era of intuitive, streamlined and visually appealing technology to assist in every work task under the sun, it’s disappointing that students are stuck with Blackboard. I find it to be fairly well-organized, but the iOS app is irritatingly glitchy— often, PDFs or embedded videos will glitch if I switch tasks while working, necessitating that I close and reopen my original task or sometimes even the whole app, which often loses my place. The text editor is as reviewed by others; fortunately I can usually submit my assignments as Word documents. In general, this platform has the potential to be perfectly decent and deserves the streamlining and design update it would take to make it a good tool for students. It does not feel as though any of the designers have used this app to actually attend college and considered what features are and are not used by a student. In general I feel that the app version is about equal to logging on through a browser, and both are better than nothing, I guess.

sashafern, Mar 29, 2020
Blackboard is only popular because it reached the market in the first wave

While this app is the backbone of schools in my region, they have been responsible for every grade of mine below an 90% due to their service being slow, time-consuming to learn thoroughly, and ineffective at training teachers who are forced to rely on the blackboard service. This app specifically doesn’t have a half of the capabilities we have on the computer, won’t even show an entire page of an assignment, makes it nearly impossible to find modules, won’t allow you to test or quiz (which I need since I work on an iPad and the mobile site is just as horrendous), and doesn’t support many basic functions we have come to expect. At times, it will only show certain assignments on the app, so when you log in on the computer, you see that there are many more parts or sections due. The discussion boards are old fashioned. It would be great to give those more of a feed-like feeling, rather than an assignment. I would like to get a notification if someone responds to my discussion, so I could reply back if they are asking a question. Since we are all online, I miss the type of classroom connections that Blackboard does not offer but plenty of other services make an effort to provide. I will be pushing my SGA to pressure our college to make the move towards Google Classroom. It’s time.

shoodotz, Nov 09, 2020


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