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User Reviews for BILIBILI COMICS

Annoying gift pop up

Ok love the app except one part. I hate how you moved the darn present bar! Every time I go to scroll down it pops up with details and takes up the whole screen. Please move it somewhere else. Or have it go to the character page and if we want to see what we got we can click it ourselves. It’s really makes reading the manga hard. Or have it set up in the settings if where we can turn it off. Ok I lied I have another complaint. Why are some manga so expensive to click pass? Some are 1-5 and then some are like 20 which is crazy to me. Other than the 2 complaints I really like this app 😆. You guys have a good selection and even though I can read most of these for free, you guys have faster updates. And yes I do like the dress up character. I just don’t like gift bar

?!$765370,.,()$, Jun 07, 2022
The wait time

I really don’t like the waiting time as I have school and now I can’t read until the next day and then two more days after that! And plus to even skip the amount of time I would have to use money. I feel everyone should read freely instead of having to spend money or tweet or post just to skip the wait and honestly I don’t hate the app it’s great and all I love the novels and such but the waiting is giving me a headache as I only get home at 4pm and have about 3 hours to read and then I have to sleep and the tier thing is just a little absurd with tier one only a minute than when I get to like tier four I have to wait like what SIX HOURS and then I have to wait at most 2 more days until I can read again! Please don’t take this as something like a protest or ugly statement but it’s just my opinion.

=Nero=, Feb 28, 2022
Super Clean and Legal!

This app has one of the best interfaces I’ve seen. Not only that but it shares tons of manga, manhwa, and especially manhua that are well produced and translated properly. Often you see mistranslations when reading through scanlations but because of the amazing translation team this is hardly and issue. Another amazing thing about this app is that the app has legal access to all comics in its database. Thank you very much for making this app! May this app have a prosperous success!

Alagnis, Aug 05, 2021
Looks good so far, lot of potential

I found out about this app from hearing that they had licensed Heaven Official’s Blessing and had to check it out. For something that only just launched, it looks really good. The library is small right now, but it’s all free which is great, and a lot of good manhua are on here. The UI is clean, reading is smooth (love how you get sent to the next chapter automatically!), app runs perfectly.The one thing that the app is really missing right now is a way to see whether the comics you favorited have been updated since you last read them, or any kind of notifications about new chapters. Also, there is no indication on a given series when it might be updated again – it would be good to have regular schedules! That would keep me coming back for more. Right now, it is hard to get excited about trying a new comic when there are only a few episodes available and no way to know if/when more will be coming.Still, huge thanks to Bilibili for working on bringing their comics to an English audience too (and I really appreciate them reaching out to existing fans to hire them for translation). If they can continue to expand their library, and establish update schedules, this could become a top comics app for me in the future.

baticeer, May 13, 2021
Quite enjoy the app only on thing I dislike

The app is great, and the stories are alway interesting and fun to read. There is however one thing I don’t really like about the waiting feature. When it was first implemented the waiting wasn’t bad because you could still read the day the new chapters came out, but as of writing this review (June 15, 2022) the timer no longer starts when you end the last wait period (1min, 5min, 1 hour, 5-6 hour, 24 hours) it starts when the next chapter comes out. I don’t mind the wait feature as I understand why it is there, but having to wait for the next chapter and hoping you don’t have to wait 24 hours again to read it is so annoying and for some of the stories that update once a week it makes it hard to want to keep up to date with out paying out of pocket

burkey2711, Jun 16, 2022
A little confused

I love this app and i’ve never experienced any problems, it’s just that I’m confused as to why do I have to wait hours and hours to read my next chapter if it’s already there waiting. It gets really frustrating but I doubt you guys did it for no reason. There has to be some reasoning I just want to know why, and what if we don’t have any money to spend on coins. I know the coins are cheap (some of them) but still if I don’t have money to spend I’ll have to wait hours before reading again and I very much dislike that. But you guys have your reasons. Anyway there is nothing wrong with the app itself I love it, it’s one of my favorites to read manga on, I just don’t like that I have to wait hours to read another chapter.

coych+potsto=couchpotato, Jun 17, 2022
Amazing app

On a whim, I randomly downloaded this app and pretty much fell in love. The art is gorgeous and high quality, and there are no ads or paywalls. Many of the stories also update super quickly (some even every day), so reading new chapters has quickly become an integral part of my nightly ritual. Since it’s a smaller manhua app, the collection isn’t huge, but it is expanding quickly with new series popping up all the time. I really hope it catches on in popularity because it really deserves more hype. Also, if the developers end up reading this, please please please continue Rebirth of a Pampered Wife. I binged the entire series in one night and the cliffhanger ending was so abrupt and has been plaguing my mind for the past few days 😭😭

cozmoxic, Sep 18, 2021
I love this app but theres just one thing

Alright so ive had this app for a while now and I love it. The different genres and great, and there is even licensed Heavens Official Blessing! The only problem I have with this app is the timed books. I do use coins sometimes, but I’ll get to a good part and then when i finish the chapter i have to wait 24 hours. I understand its how the authors make money, but maybe it would be better if you didnt have to wait so long. On the brightside, I really love the fun and unique dressing up your character- at first I was confused but the more I used the app the better I understood. It made me read through stories faster, getting to see what prize I would get at the end of the chapters. Its also very fun mixing up different hair styles, and clothing on your character. The clothing for the girls personally I find very cute, but I just think that there should be more boy clothing and accesory options. Anywho, I love this app a lot and have been reading at school, and work. Its a great handy app and I highly recomend it, and it’s very easy to use. Thank you BiliBili for your great stories!!

deghdhehjd, Jun 06, 2022
This app is amazing

OKAY SO I just got this app a few days ago and I already LOVE it. I have several other apps and online accounts for other comics and WEBTOONs and web novels and more but this one is so amazing! Usually on other websites or apps they have limited episodes and you have to pay for more or wait to get coins to unlock it or something but this one just lets you read all the episodes that have come out and the story lines aren’t cliche they are very original and some of them have similarities but the story itself is very different but not only that you can earn prizes for reading the whole chapter of a comic and that brings me to the final thing that I really like about this app- it’s the character profile, you have a character in the app and when you earn prizes it’s usually different clothes for the character to wear and you can dress them up and personalize them to your liking. I really like this app and I’m sure there are more features that I have missed that I didn’t see before ,but don’t just take my word for it! get the app and see how great it is!🤩I know you’ll love it as much as I do! So what are you waiting for? go download it!

goof off fir the fan, Apr 27, 2022
Nice app just a few improvements for the Avatar

I really like the idea of the avatar, the clothes corresponding to the comics. However once you select the girl or the guy you cannot switch and there isn’t an option of buying the clothes or at least some way to keep them more than 30 days. I was thinking that since it’s so hard to get rare cards why can’t we keep them. Is it possible to increase the chances of getting a card? Like the cards boxes are mostly empty or spawn c cards or cards that I can’t use for the guy card. I got an A card but it’s for the girl and it’s being wasted if there is only the guy card and no switching from either girl or guy. Also the episodes vary in length so I finish before chest is ready This app is great. Translation makes sense, a few rare syntax errors. It would help to add explanation for Chinese idioms or terms like an example : “white eyed wolf” in soft rice man one of the latest chapters. Or perhaps there are some puns that could be included from the original.

midasblenny3, Dec 13, 2021


-Overview- Find captivating stories on Bilibili Comics, an inclusive comics/manga/manhua/manhwa community by the fans, for the fans. Bilibili Comics is a great online webtoons reader among all reading apps. APP could be downloaded for free with some paid content, which could be read for free by waiting for a certain period of time.

Romance, Yaoi, Fantasy, bl, and other series are in their original clarity, including Heaven Official's Blessing Baili Jin Among Mortals Demon Apartment -Our Advantages- Dive into over 300 original anime comics localized by professional translators and have a terrific reading experience with beautifully crafted HD art. Download high-quality comic from the app and read offline. Bilibili Comics encourages fan involvement. In this pocket world, credit is given to all contributors, including authors and artists. Jump into Bilibili Comics today to catch up on the raw comics with guaranteed update speeds and never miss any episode. As PC, H5, and App are all available, this webtoon reading app could go mobile so users could read webcomics any time, anywhere. Our website: www.bilibillicomics.com -Why the app was created- There was hardly any comic reader, reading apps or webtoons for book walker to read online. People used to read comixology books. However, many of them still are chan novel and crunchyroll manga readers. People read scriptures of icomics around the world. Some one said their favorite stories are dc universe and marvel, which made teens so crush on kakalot, tachiyomi. DC universe series were commonly appeared books in children's hands. Over years, webcomics, webnovels, crunchy roll have become more common. People called those reading apps or online comic books web toon. A manga storm swept the world. Like many people dreamed before, manga apps and websites appeared. Many platforms , including Mangadex, Mangago, Mangatoon , Acfun, pocket comics, web comics, ridibooks, wecomics provided free comics. Blibli bli Comics were born. With Bili bili Comics, book readers may jump into this pocket world as the entertainers. Some prefer content about romance, bl, smut and love stories, others prefer wuxiaworld. Similar with webcomic, tappas, tappy toon, webcomics, tapas, tappytoon, renta, chan, pixton, webtoon, Bili bli Comics offered different genres of comics. Adult and teenager books, comedy or action, lofter or wuxiaworld, bookwalker can find numerous free online books. Bookwalker can discuss the latest episode, finding contents on lofter or weibo freely. They can also get free animated stickers and download free anime from the anime book. Many translator teams work on the translation for icomics and animation. Unlike Manganelo, Manganat, Acfun, blibli Comic have the legal access. No matter you like weibo, lofter, wuxiaworld, smut, tapa, or you are anime fanz, you can enjoy bili bli. Welcome to Bilibili Comics, the fantasy world!

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