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Библия (текст и аудио)(audio)(Russian Bible)

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Библия (текст и аудио)(audio)(Russian Bible)

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清芳 张
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User Reviews for Библия (текст и аудио)(audio)(Russian Bible)

Overall it's a great app but...

I purchase this app to be listening rather then reading the Bible. I like the way it is read.What I didn't like at all is that the reader skips some verses he prefers not to read. For example list of names or the part when king David saw Versavia from his window and fell into sin. The reader also put his comment why he was skipping those verses.Sometimes he clears his throat or gets emotional.I think that the Bible should be read just the way it's written without readers opinions unless the app is bible with explanation or comments.This app needs to be improved to more professional level.

_cherryfire_, Jan 15, 2015
So far, one of the best

This is not a perfect app but, so far it's one of the best, I love that it reads to you. Please fix "псалтырь" it's irritating to see one thing and hear another… also if it's possible please fix where he adds his own words, instead of reading the bible… over all not a bad app and better than the rest of then because you have a choice of it reading to you… needs to be updated and really NEEDS some bug fixes… thanks for a great up! Please update!

12345$@Nancy@$54321, Jun 05, 2012
Excellent App

This is excellent. I like the way the reader sometimes substitutes really old Russian words for modern day words as he's reading. His reading is clear and he varies the way he introduces the various books and chapters.

katoosh7, Feb 08, 2011
Needs fixing in text and audio

I loved this app.. until I updated it. I like it the way it is now too, but theres one problem I caught.. in Притчи псалом 10-й.. the audio, and wording is off. It says psalm 10 but is reading something else. And after that chapter, reads all the other chapters wrong, where you're not able to follow them along with the right text. Please fix!! Other than that, this app is awesome!

Nice99994, Oct 22, 2018
Crashes after downloading English version

Love it until downloaded English version now crashes every time and not working.Please fix the app or refund my money!!!Thanks!

nickpk38, Jun 01, 2019
Very good voice!

The person who's reading the bible is actually reading it from a different source, that's why some of the words are missing or changed a little. But if you bought this app to listen to the bible and live the way it says; it's not a waist of money because the message will be delivered to you correctly no matter what. Complaining is easy but to live the right way is hard. Хороший голос у человека, приятный и мягкий. Слушайте все, но не забывайте читать Библию держа её в руках.

personusa, Jan 10, 2013
Needs attention from devs, iPhone warning.

Still the best Russian Bible app available, multi-tasking now added. Still 5 stars.&&&&&&&&&&&As others noted, lack of multitasking is annoying, but overall this is an excellent app. It has features that many apps that cost much more don't have. Five star for sure.Update to last review after using the app for more than a year. This is still by far the best app out there, and still deserves five stars.&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&I really like the way this is organized and the way the reader reads the text. This is really good app.Update: I've been using this for many months now, and am even more impressed with it. It has some useful features that most Bible apps don't have like being able to choose whether you want to continue reading a single chapter, continue indefinitely to the next chapters, or finish the reading at the end of the current chapter. Deserves 5 stars.

Rusteey, Oct 29, 2016
Хороший ап, но перестал работать. Good app, but stopped working

Как только я обновил iPhone перестал работать. As soon as I updated the iPhone stopped working.

SergeyTrucker, Feb 26, 2020
Best Bible App

I enjoy your bible very good work, but it's crashing after that new update please fix it,its very nice on all Languages you add very good .

vdemidov, Jun 02, 2017
Do no purchase English Version!!!

Cancel this version English it does not work ,,,,,,Crashes right way and Russian version that I purchased beforeDoes not work ( fix it!!!!)

Webcast38, Apr 08, 2018


Библия (текст и аудио)(Russian Bible). Both bible text and audio are in russian. читать и слушать Библию. Please check the application web site for video introduction of the application.

The reader application provides the following important customer benefits: * True full screen reading mode * Real time font/font size and color/texture previews allow you to select fonts and colors and see in real time what pages would look like – Support all iPhone's available fonts – Support different font size – Support 70+ font color /background color/texture * Continuous reading experience (One tap for page down/up; Left/right swipe to next/previous chapter/story) * Portrait and landscape reading mode (support all 4 orientations) * Remembers the last reading location (exact book, chapter and scroll position) * Quick scrolling navigation between chapters/stories to provide an overview of the entire book * Quick reference feature and web browser type functions maintain user's browser history * Displays rich formatted HTML book (NOT plain text) * Quick and easy access to the Reader Instruction/Help Opration Instructions: * Each chapter/story is displayed in a continuous page, use finger to scroll the page down/up to read: - One tap on the top 1/4 of the screen to page up - One tap on the bottom 1/4 of the screen to page down - Swipe Left/right to the next/previous chapter - Pinch in/out to change font size. * Double tap on the screen to pop up the control panel to access all available controls

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