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Bible Verses Crossword Puzzles

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Bible Verses Crossword Puzzles

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User Reviews for Bible Verses Crossword Puzzles

Thought provoking

Really makes you think back to details of the scripture

cherileemusic, Mar 03, 2022


Bible Verses Crossword Puzzles is an app Bible Word Search Puzzles Game: Trivia Questions and Answers for Kids and Adults 1000+ Bible Quiz Questions & Answers covering both the Old and New Testament, this game will help you to show your rich Bible knowledge. Daily Bible Verses for healing, strength, hope, love and Jesus Christ Quotes appears when opening the game If you come across a difficult biblical question, you can use help: Press A to suggest a letter Click the bomb to remove extra characters in the answer Or move on to another question Please share, rate 5 stars and comment on the game: "Bible Word Search" - Trivia & Quiz Our mission is: "Preach" and "Glorify God" by creating many products, apps and games to help people enjoy learning about God's Word in the Bible. If you find any errors, or have suggestions, please email us: [email protected] We'd love to hear from you!

Our website: https://www.biblestudios.net/ Love! --------------------------------- Welcome to the game Bible Game - Bible Word. This is a game for you to learn about Bible verses, God's Word, and learn Catholic doctrine easily. Bible Word can be for all ages, from catechesis for kids learning confessional catechesis, confirmation catechism, catechism for life, marriage catechesis, or bible games for young adults. catechists want to add knowledge or add doctrinal questions to their sermons,... The first thing that appears when you log into the game is a verse of God's Word, each time you enter the game it will be a different verse, aimed at helping you learn the Word of God, and also giving you an animated Bible verse. force every day. Then there is the main menu of the game, you can change the name according to your name, or your own Holy Name, or any Saint you love such as: Mary, Saint Joseph, Saint Peter ,... You can change the language to any language you want, and you can also see the rankings of people with the highest scores, or people with the highest number of wins in the “Leader” section. In this main menu section you can also change the look of the Game under the image button you can choose the Lenten skins like the scene of the crucifixion of Jesus, the Christmas season with the image of Mary and the saints. Joseph carrying the Baby Jesus in a manger, or the scene where Joseph took Mary and Jesus to flee to Egypt to avoid King Herod. The right corner of the menu screen is your coin number. There is a small trick for you to earn more coins, sometimes there will be a few random coins displayed on the frame, when you click on it, a random number of coins will be added. You can also buy more coins at the store at a very favorable price. And if you like our game, you can also rate 5 stars, click the share button to invite your friends to play. When you click the "Play Now" button, you will be taken to a game screen with a Bible verse missing 1 empty box. Your task is to fill in the correct missing word in the blank to become a complete Bible verse, for each correct answer, you will receive 30 coins, or 90 coins when you see the ad. Or if you can't answer the answer to a scripture, you can use help such as switching to another scripture, using help removing wrong letters, or helping to fill in 1 letter, each Each time you use the help, you will lose a corresponding amount of coins. You can also ask your friends for help by sharing with the share button on the left side of the screen so your friends can answer them. If you have a problem or error about the Bible question, please click "Report a problem" and send it to us to fix, all your comments are the motivation for us to improve the game. We hope this game will be known to many people, so that more people can study the Bible and Catholic Catechism in a better way.

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