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User Reviews for Best Cryptic Crosswords

Only a handful of free puzzles...

I was disappointed that I could only do two free puzzles per group; the only way to “unlock” more is to pay! Puzzles themselves were okay, but clearly British/UK as many of the answers aren’t what we call those things in America.

Ann Wiseman, Sep 11, 2019

Great diversion

crypytical, Jul 23, 2020
“Explain clue” reveal?

Is there an “explain clue” reveal option on this app? I don’t see it on the free puzzles and don’t want to purchase the puzzle packs if there isn’t

JuniorBest, Feb 11, 2020
Terrific cryptic crossword app.

Challenging puzzles. Great functionality. Highly recommend.

Manuel Noriega, Nov 15, 2019
Great mind exerciser!

When I'm just sitting around trying to kill a few minutes, these cryptics are perfect!Just hard enough to make you think, but not too hard to get you frustrated!I've been doing them for a few years and once you're done, you can start over!Keep them coming!

Micros864, Nov 30, 2020
Challenging UK-centric puzzles

I sought out this app after completing another cryptic crossword app by Teazel. That one I enjoyed but thought could have been more challenging. This one is indeed more challenging, but chiefly because many of the answers are particularly British: the name of a Liverpool football team, a British newspaper, a bird or plant known by different names in other English-speaking countries, etc. Those who have lived in the UK will more likely be familiar with these things, as might well-read Anglophiles, but it can be a bit frustrating to agonize over a cryptic clue only to eventually discover you struggled to put the pieces together because the answer was some local Brit trivia you’ve never heard of. Also, unlike the other Teazel crossword app, this one lacks an “Explain Clue” feature — a disappointing oversight. Those caveats aside, the puzzles are a fun challenge.

MoeKowbel, Feb 19, 2021
Really good clues

The clues are pretty tricky. A nice challenge. Plenty of puzzles and good sized puzzles. The Reverse clues are very good. I thought I spotted several errors but I was misreading the clue. Great fun. Great satisfaction. Please add some more packs. They're helping me get through this COVID isolation. Many thanks.

morrisjohn, Feb 06, 2021

I bought the six packs some time ago, and have been happily working my way through them. Lately, though, the app crashes for no particular reason. Using an iPad with OS 13.3.1. Time for an update?

notfeelingveryZen, Feb 17, 2020
Great Cryptic Crossword App

You know you have a good one when you worry about getting to the last puzzle. What happens if there's no update? What happens when there are no more puzzles to solve? Fortunately, this app gives you six packs with fifty puzzles in each pack. Like all puzzles, some will be more challenging than others. If you're an American (like me), there are some British place names that you'll struggle with but you'll be richer for the knowledge and experience you gain. I can't go back to doing American-style crosswords. Except for puzzles by Will Shorts, Am-style isn't a challenge unless you want to check how many synonyms you know.

srb.sub, Oct 29, 2019
Best cryptic crosswords

Love the puzzles but I cannot unlock more. Screen frozen while “retrieving prices from Apple” !!!Please advise.

VC gal, Jan 28, 2018


300 professional cryptic crosswords puzzles set by Michael Curl from www.bestforpuzzles.com. 12 free puzzles with all features enabled and no ads. These are accessible cryptic puzzles set by a top setter. Features: - great for iPads and iPhones - pinch and zooming grid - landscape mode with clue list - cheats and answer checking - Resume button - British style puzzles - no ads - great value

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