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Bee Network:Phone-based Asset

  • Utilities
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Bee Network:Phone-based Asset

  • Utilities
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Bee Games Limited
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User Reviews for Bee Network:Phone-based Asset

Awesome app!! (Referral: marwangagaa)

Please note, this app is referral access only! Feel free to use my referral (marwangagaa) to gain access. The best thing about the app is the ease of use! All you have to do is click a button once every 24 hours to auto mine your coin and this means you can earn coins even in your sleep! As of right now, there is nothing you can purchase or do with the coins, but it is in the works to be done. The point of joining right now is to get in while the earnings are higher. As more people join, they reduce the amount you earn. This creates a shortage of coins and makes having more coins higher value. This could well be the breakout crypto currency on mobile platforms. Best part? Costs zero money and does not affect phone performance or battery. Zero risk and unknown reward. What do you have to lose? Referral: marwangagaa

Biomarwan, Dec 10, 2022
What do you have to lose

The referral system threw me off a little, my referral is dyl4n21 if you would like to use it. My thoughts on this as a beginner/intermediate crypto miner, You log in and press a button once a day that’s like a minute of your life, best case it takes off and you make money off of your small time investment, worst case you lose a minute out of your day if it goes bunk.

CryptoMiner_, May 29, 2021
Great Future Asset!

Looking for a new and fun coin to get before the masses? Get Bee! This app is referral based only feel free to use my name (cwolf1822) to get in! Mine coins all day, all you need to do is clock the mining button and then it will donthe work for you for 24hrs, rinse and repeat. Get in fast because you won’t be able to mine as many coins each day as popularity increases. Happy mining!

da da da da da, May 11, 2021
This has potential! (Referral: wdrissi)

Easy way to mine a cryptocurrency! Literally press a button every 24 hours. It doesn’t slow down my phone or drain my battery. It’s invite-only, so go ahead and use my (or any other’s) referral to get in. It’s not worth anything right now, but there’s potential. Get in at the ground level, it’ll be well worth it, and besides, it doesn’t cost anything

drizzi432, Feb 10, 2021
Genius (R3MM)

This is such a unique concept and an amazing opportunity for the average person. I’m sure many have heard of crypto or digital currencies, and i’m sure some have traded these currencies as well.This is where it changes.With Bee you have the opportunity to be part of growing new digital currency that will only increase in value over time. Best part? No high end computer equipment required.. it’s all on your phone and all you have to do is click once a day. Nothing more than that. Be part of something now rather than kicking yourself in the back down the road. Multiple revenue streams are the key to financial freedom.Thanks for reading and I wish all good luck!It’s invite only, my referral is: r3mm

Eseph, Feb 04, 2021
Ads are making app non-functional

With new update there’s an ad when I first open. Sure, no problem, I just hit the prompt to continue on the the main thing. Whatever. But then I hit the bee button to start the next 24 of mining and another ad for the Discover app pops up. And it is un-closeable. Ugh… and when I quit the app and then reopen to see if the 24hr clock started, it hasn’t and it starts the whole ad process over again. Fun.

infamous crowler, Jun 29, 2022
Not bad, too early to tell

There’s really no harm in trying this app out since the currency (Bees) are being given out for free as of right now. Mining is effortless and the more people you refer, the more you earn per day (if they are mining as well.) I would be wary though if they start to ask for money or personal information before Bee has actual value, because then it would obviously be a pyramid scheme (which is illegal.) Why pay for Bees if you can get them for free? If you’ve got brains, give the app a try but do some research to keep yourself safe in the long run. If the app is true, it definitely has a lot of potential to be successful, maybe even more than Bitcoin, but if the app is fake and you end up spending money on it before Bee publicly has value and is verified, you would definitely be losing money. Waiting to see what comes of this app.

kayla littlejohn, Dec 20, 2020
I’m skeptical

I was referred to this app by my friend and downloaded it about a week ago. I’ve been mining everyday but i’m a bit skeptical about how it works. i can’t find information on this app anywhere, i’ve checked the website and the app and i even came here to read some reviews from people who have been doing it longer. It kinda seems like we’re all confused lol. a lot of the reviews i read said the exact same thing or very close to it with some words changed, i’m assuming the app creators put those reviews out for those who are confused?? idk it seems sketchy to me. but they haven’t asked for my bank account info or anything so i guess it’s a wait and see matter.

shlongmydong, Mar 26, 2021
Ref: ElonMusk

Not a scam, Here’s Why: first off I’m gonna build my own version of this under Bad Assassin Games, it’s a good idea, and as a developer I can tell you it’s not a scam, but a long-shot (with better chance than most) at creating a viral cryptocurrency as it will already have a large user base. How they will go about creating the Alt-Coin I don’t know yet, but if they can, it will be big. Use my Ref: ElonMusk

Single4900, Oct 06, 2021
Get out in front (tcminer44)

Must have a referral to join by using my referral tag (tcminer44). This is a very user friendly app and there is absolutely no downside. You can earn coins all day everyday with the click of a button every 24 hours. Nothing like getting out in front of something. Who knows, could be the next token to Pop!

Tcminer44, Sep 03, 2021


Our vision for Bee Network is to create a thriving community by collaborating on the spontaneous contributions of each individual, much like the intricate workings of a beehive. We?re committed to providing an easy transition from Web2 to Web3 and have already welcomed over 24 million users worldwide, who all share a common name-Beelievers!