Icon Batting Tracker : Baseball Stats for Players

Batting Tracker : Baseball Stats for Players

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Batting Tracker : Baseball Stats for Players

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User Reviews for Batting Tracker : Baseball Stats for Players

Doesn’t keep whole season

I wanted an app to track all at bats in the season. I input one game and had to email it to myself before I could put in stats for second game.

big bear #1, Feb 18, 2018
Stats calculate incorrectly.

I couldn't get it to calculate most things correctly. The at bats were wrong. Average was wrong. I think it had trouble with sacrifices and rbis. Waste of money and cheap looking.

Big Daddy 20, Jun 07, 2015
Not accurate

App doesn’t accurately calculate stats. Placed in 2 walks and a hit by pitch and it showed the hitter had -1 total at-bats for a 1.500 on-base%. Tried another hitter. Placed in 2 hits and and a K. Showed that he had 3 appearances, but was 2 for 2 with an avg of 1.000.

c4c69, Jan 30, 2022
Error in calculations

I purchased the Batting Stats app for iOS and have found that there is an error in the way "runs produced" are calculated. It should only be including rbi and runs scored to get total runs produced, somehow it's calculating at bats into the number. Would love to see this error fixed. Like the app other than that.

Edeaglescout, Apr 18, 2015

No on base by error Doesn't know how to add fielders choice .. Terrible

Mbb28, Apr 24, 2016


The Batting Tracker : Baseball Stats for Players app is the best baseball batting stats tracker for yourself or your players. This app will auto-calculate your stats for automatically saving the stats locally and comes built-in with the ability to do emailing and printing directly from the app. This app features: • Universal App (iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad) • Retina Display graphics • Fast app switching • Automatically saves inputs • Latest version of iOS is supported • iPhone 6, 6+, 5 screens and the original 3.5 inch screen are supported • Features local database • Local printing and emailing is supported No network connectivity required.