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User Reviews for Basketrio: Street Basketball

No Sense

This game makes nearly no sense. The gameplay is kinda inconsistent too. One minute I’m able to make most of my medium contested jumpers then the next minute I can’t hit a single open shot. Centers and Forwards are too unbalanced, they’re unblockable at the rim and can hit consistent midrange jumpers like they a SF, plus they’re able to grab every single rebound and dish out every assists. Rebounds should be worth less or least as much as a assist. I was thinking of suggesting a combo like system where if you get an rebound then a assists, the MVP points would have a tiny multiplier for just that stat combo but PFs and Cs would dominate even more. FG% and 3PT% should be on the stats too. I was also going to suggest Points should be weighted by the percentage of shots but PFs and Cs make 100% of their shots at the mid range and paint so that would also be dominated by those positions. Steals are too overpowered too, anyone with a high steal rating can just steal the ball while I’m doing a crossover. I don’t know if the chance of getting stolen is less while doing moves but if it is, it should be like 70-90% chance decrease. If I were to rank positions by most likely to become MVP it would be 1. PFs 2. Cs (only because you see less Cs then PFs) 3. PG 4. SF 5. SG. I also want to add that some skills are too overpowered (nimble dunk). You guys should try balancing everything a little bit more. Also fix your dang lag spikes.

AbstractNameDate, Aug 23, 2021

This game is amazing it really is, but theres MAJOR problems 1. Sgs are the worst position in the game we are so inconsistent and constantly miss wide open 3s while sfs hit contested midranges in our faces and pgs hit contested 3s in our faces, i should not miss wide open 3s with a 278 3pt A rank victor max sp 3pt and victor passive, it’s ridiculous how many times i loose because i miss my open 3s but sfs can cheese and hit contested shots all day long while we miss 11% contest and wide open 3s. We have no type of range to shoot from so we have to stay inside the 2 pt line which makes us so easy to guard because people just stand and watch us dribble then dash and get a hands contest and its a guaranteed miss, our moves are so predictable everyone knows how to guard sg drift shot because all you have to do is dash and contest then its a guarantee miss. Spin move step back is predictable while sfs get an entire repertoire of moves. Every other postion can perform consistently except SG. 2 matchmaking is terrible you constantly get matched with low ranks on your team against high ranks on other team who cheese and play all day, 3

Annoyed-Consumer, Jul 19, 2021

As someone who has mained Center since S7 and became a top 50 legend it’s truly sad on how bad the devs are with common basketball knowledge. This game is pure RNG, no shot meter etc etc. we have Pf’s having a higher contact, dunk rate, reasonable rebounding stats with all of a centers skills PLUS skills of their own. It’s so disgustingly sad on how bad centers are treated in this game. Is our role truly only to “rebound” but we have Pf’s who’s role is SUPPOSED to be to defend and score from time to time BUT THEY HAVE THE EXACT SAME REBOUNDING SKILLS CENTERS HAVE BUT CENTERS HAVE NO PF SKILLS??? There is no point in playing sg and c in this game. It’s absolutely dominated by Pf’s and sf’s and with these devs we have no it will never change. Fix your game. This will be my second time deleting this god forsaken game. Just to reiterate my entire point. Buff centers and add a meter. It’s so simple. Pf’s shouldn’t be able to dunk on you with ease, turnaround and fade on u, have undying will that bails them out every time, and have the ability to have dribble moves ALL why having every single Center skill. Fix it or this game will die. People will continue to abuse the double PF cheese and it won’t change. Do better.

cheeseburger woth some diicjf, Feb 03, 2022
Add more dunks and tricks in general plz

I like the game a lot it’s very fun I don’t really have anything bad to say about the game except can you plz add more dunk tricks. I see all this guys with 5 different dunks and stuff and I only have 2. The ogs also have a big advantage and it looks cooler and more fun because they got all the dunks and tricks. I just started playing 2 months ago and i keep getting blocked because I don’t have a variety of dunks like the guys who have been playing for a long time. The ogs have faster and better dunks. And I have a lot of sapphires to buy the dunks and other tricks. The one dunk I don’t know what it’s called but it’s a close dunk and you put your arms in the rim it’s so op you can never block it unless you jump super super early (I just found out what the dunk is it’s called elbow hang). Keep up the great work on the game 👍🏽 Also add more events like scavenger hunt other events.

Imagod12345, Mar 17, 2022
Its quality Fr

Its not perfect, its got a few things that could be better. But the gameplay is mostly solid Progression is pretty easy and accessible AND you could practice solo if you didn't like how you were doing by using the conference mode which gives rewards that regular matches do. The only thing I can say is a little annoying is inconsistency in a variety of ways other than gameplay. These things are just matchmaking not quite adding up or getting frozen in your first game sometimes and then getting blamed for it by having your credit reduced as a player. But truth be told Stuff like that really happens in basketball and its hard to make a consistency for any basketball game in that regard. If you wanna ball out and enjoy relatively fair and balanced basketball game on the go this one is definitely worth a shot no pun intended dont listen to everyones criticism ya just cant win em all the devs do work on the game and Im sure they will hear your concerns this isn't Rockstar lol

it be like dat sometimes, Jan 26, 2022
Developers PLEASE see!

Honestly, this game has so much to it. This game is so smooth, realistic, and entertaining. The skills are really fun to play around with and it’s not a pay to win game too! I wouldn’t say there’s much wrong about this game, but if there’s future update there is some stuff I want to add. First of all, there should be a call for alley oops. Now I’m not talking about the call for the alley oops, but to signal a player for it. I think it was in the game but if it was remove please add it back. Second, there should be an option or control to dunk instead of a layup. It would make it a lot easier. Customizing is really good too. Lastly, stealing could use some improvement. It is very hard but I think it’s ok to keep. Otherwise, this game is beautiful and creative.

Pretty good strategy game!, Feb 16, 2022
Sadly failed

This game was good during seasons 1-2, but it’s become a failure in just about every aspect since then. They juiced the 3pt shot way too much. A sf with 150 3pt can makes 3s just about as consistently as a pg with 225 3pt shot. The rating system in the game is flawed and the Metta changes like every day. The community has asked the devs numerous times to fix the matchmaking, because it’s severely broken. They have only made it worse, unplayable for solo players actually. I run solo and Im a maxed out top 10 legend so My opinions are valid. I’m getting teammates that use starting characters like nana, Eric, Denzel, and Mike. These kids have Barely played a game. while my appointments are Usually the top 1-4 teams in the whole game. If the development team can explain how I even have a chance against the BEST TEAMS (not running solo like I am) please, explain it to me. There is so much more wrong with the game but I’ve made this long enough. I’ve played since season 1, I’ve seen the game get worse and worse. Your gamers are quitting quickly. Like only a handful will be around by the end of this season. I wouldn’t be surprised if the game was dead by late February or early March. Sad to say there is no good 3v3 streetball game out right now my. Basketball all-stars is worse and that’s really all that’s out right now. Hey Devs, do you honestly think this is a good game? A game that you love to play yourself? Biggest money grab game out. Take care.

regionalcore, Jan 02, 2022
Nerf the pf

Pf’s are said to be best at dunking and blocking but in reality they can dunk ( from almost anywhere), they can shoot mids easily, they can snatch block you even when your wide open, and they can shoot 3’s with a specific build. First of all why on earth would y’all give someone like a pf nimble layup?????? That’s like giving pg the 3 point skill, it’s a very poor game design and it makes guarding them even harder. Second of all do they really need post up fade away? It puts you in a position where you have to 50/50 guess wether or not the pf will spin past you and use their over powered dunking on you or if they will use their stupidly past fade away. 3rd of all WHY CAN PF BLOCK YOU EVEN WHEN YOU’RE WIDE OPEN, in the tutorial you claim that if you’re wide open your shot will most likely go in but nope y’all add a mechanic that buffs pf’s block completely and let’s them block you when you’re wide open this has to be the stupidest thing y’all have ever added something had to have been going on with y’all for you to add this. 4th of all this one seems to be some kind of accidental bug but in no world should a pf be able to shoot 3’s I don’t care how much money they put into the game to make their 3 they should never make a 3.

S.J. Keith, Aug 06, 2021
SF, PF & PG😡

Small forwards entire skill set is completely outrageous.. in a bad way. pf/c catch and spin drive is overly fast and also not defendable, even if i know it’s coming its not possible to keep up with it because they will already be at the rim dunking it. PG’s literally have absolutely no way to confidently score besides fade away and double clutch which are literally the 2 easiest skills to block(drive layup is useless since PGs usually don’t run with any drive abilities, sure it works.. sometimes.. when you’re running with drive moves, but a draw back to adding drives is that PG’s won’t have any passing skills or lose out on some other necessary skills). small forward takes 0 IQ, spam Puj, cross over spin into a slow double clutch or just force contested mid range shots because a medium contest is nothing to a sf. honestly, trio.. i love the game, been playing since first launch in North america and i would like to continue to play, upgrade, get new All Stars and costumes etc. but the game is nearly unplayable with so many broken skills and people using emulators and controllers. there’s just a lot wrong with the game in terms of balancing,(( i suggest working on the sf pull up jumper, don’t completely destroy it, just make it so it’s actually defendable and the same for pf/c catch and spin. give PG some sort of scoring capability

shokusin, Jun 26, 2022
Pull up jumper, tip out, and C rebounding rate

Basketrio is a great b-ball game, but the issues with low Cs out rebounding a high level Pf with max so rebound and max power rebound is kind of crazy I understand that Cs are a position ment to have higher rebound than pfs but it’s kind of a issue if a platinum C can out reb a superstar + Pf. Also the tip out in the game is retarded it has so much range, and that helps Cs even more when it comes to overpowering a Pf. Last but not least is the pull up jumper for sfs it is broken, you can contest it up to 70% and they will still score, also It has the weirdest block boxes I have ever seen, I can be right in front of it and try to block it and it’s wide open, while I could be a good amount of distance away from it and somehow block it. Please fix these issues and sorry for the long paragraph.

Sm0l_PP_Nrgy, Jul 21, 2021


Once a hooper, always a hooper! Basketball for life! Your rules, your freestyle!

Basketrio is a next-gen basketball mobile game that challenges both your skills and imagination. Equip your player with unique sneakers, outfits and your own customized basketball moves. Take your build to the streets, and compete with players from the US to the UK in real-time, skill-centric 3x3 games. Embrace the grind, experience the magic of basketball and become a streetball legend. Real-time Competitive Playoffs Easy to play, hard to master! Basketrio brings back the classic 3 on 3 half court basketball matches at a fast gaming pace. Hop in anytime for a three minute, 100% skill-centric match, which is perfect for showing off your unique play style! Lone wolf? Go duel in a 1 on 1 match and become legendary. From in season tournaments to All Star playoffs, rest assured you will never experience a dull moment in Basketrio! How basketball should be! Basketrio gives you the most freedom in customizing your character! Sign contracts with a diverse cast of basketball players, each with their own unique characteristics, talents, and abilities. Train them however best fits your playstyle. Receive massive rewards as you achieve various training goals! Create a basketball young blood that would make even Uncle Drew proud! Make me like Mike! Built on motion capture technology, Basketrio strives to bring back the signature moves of your favorite players! Recreate Kevin Durant’s Stop & Pop and Vince Carter’s Windmill. Copy Steph Curry’s three Pointer and Lebron James’ Chase-Down block. Remember to honor Kobe Bryant with his fade away and close it all off with Michael Jordan’s epic cradle dunk! Don’t forget to taunt your opponent with your favorite emotes after you score! Head-to-toe Customization Options Hundreds of costumes and accessories are there for you to choose from, giving your avatar a new look every game! Street wear, exotic, cosplay, steam-punk, futuristic sci-fi… All styles are covered. Take off that old jersey and go freestyle on your fashion! We consistently add new outfits, making sure the game keeps up with new trends in basketball and in fashion. Visit World Famous Basketball Courts in an Instant! Ever want to just chill in Los Angeles, beside its famed beach-side court, or maybe you prefer to bask in the Miami heat? Fret not, as Basketrio has a wide collection of all your favorite courts around the globe. With Tenement Taguig & Rucker Park etc. just to name a few, and forever adding more. Seasonal themed courts also open up for a limited period during Halloween & Christmas etc. The basketball match is only as good as the court you play in! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jj.basketrio.na Discord: https://discord.gg/CfwZfrj

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