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BASIC: programming language

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BASIC: programming language

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User Reviews for BASIC: programming language

Nice but…

Very nice app for an old man like me who use to program in Basic back in the day. However the support forums don’t exist anymore. I wish I could get a refund or partial refund. I was hoping to use the forums. I wish I knew this before I purchased it.

beancounterjoe, Nov 29, 2022
So glad

I was searching for a programming app for IOS and was very pleased to discover Smart Basic. I was surprised to find such a capable, easy to use, app after looking at so many others. I have already tried several code examples and have written a few lines of my own code with very little effort. Smart Basic is easily one of my favorite apps. Thank you Mister Kibernetik!

BobGately, May 26, 2021

An incredible powerful version of Basic programming language for iPhone and iPad. Can control hardware and has a very updated and modern implementation of the popular and Basic language. All you need to make programs for your device.

Bustamante Propiedades, Nov 21, 2020
Not good

Keep losing data. Entered programs.

ELeven_Seven, Mar 17, 2022
Awesome, powerful, best version of BASIC!

If you have an idea for an app and you want to generate a fully functional, working version, then using this version of BASIC is the fastest, simplest way there. I currently have three apps on the App Store ("Starbase Hunter", "City Bomb Search", "Backyard Easter Egg Hunt") and I initially wrote them using this version of BASIC to evaluate playability.If you want to work on your ideas and not on becoming a programming guru, buy this. It will do the job. I am totally satisfied and forever thankful to have access to this powerful program for such a minimal cost.

Jim-words w friends, Jan 16, 2021
No support

All my attempts to register and access support and forum have failed (and yes, I did check the spam folder for an email). If that can be fixed, then I’ll give this app five stars.

Larrygj, Jul 13, 2023


This is "smart BASIC" - an improved version of the popular Minimal BASIC programming language. With "smart BASIC" you can create your own programs right on your iOS device. BASIC programs written in "smart BASIC" can be published in the Apple App Store as standalone applications using the "smart BASIC" SDK for Xcode.

The "smart BASIC" programming language has many powerful features. INTERFACE: - buttons, text boxes, sliders, switches, browsers - pages for grouping your interface objects - support for additional TTF fonts - clipboard support - multitouch up to 11 simultaneous touches GRAPHIC: - advanced graphics functions - animated sprites, sprite sheet support MUSIC and SOUND: - play MP3, AIFF, WAV, MIDI, MOV and MP4 files - programmable MIDI synthesizer with 128 built-in instruments - support for additional sound fonts SF2 and DLS - speech synthesizer HARDWARE support: - GPS, compass - accelerometer - photo and video recording and more: - files - networking - integrated mathematics of complex numbers - customizable IDE - built-in documentation - ready-to-use examples of programs Visit the support forum to get assistance and to share your BASIC programs with other users.

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