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User Reviews for Barnes & Noble – shop books


You download the Nook app to conveniently read your books on any device. You realize you want to purchase a new book, but oh! Wait! The Nook app will not support that. You are told you must use your Nook or the Barnes and Noble website to purchase a Nook book, the app is not efficient enough to handle this on its own. You decide it would be much more convenient to use the Barnes and Noble app instead of manually going to their website via your mobile device. You download this app, log into your account, locate the book you’ve been wanting to purchase for the past 20 confusing minutes...only to be told that this app does not support Nook purchases. Please just create a singular app where you can actually purchase Nook books and read them as well. After all this mess I’d rather spend my time writing this review bashing B&Ns hideous job than actually buying anything I intended to from them. Do yourself a favor and stay away from all their apps.

727guloy, Feb 07, 2019
Annoyingly buggy

Honestly this app is very buggy. Even though I have checked ‘remember me’ it never does and I have to put my password in every time I get back on the app even if I was away on another app for a second. It doesn’t always load properly and can make it hard to go to places you want to go. For instance, sometimes I want to check out my wishlist and it won’t both to load the page and go there. Another thing that is kind of irritating, but not necessarily a big and could just be how the app works, but when you click to view something and then click back out to continue scrolling, it will send you right back up to the top of the page. Also if you want to add something to your wish list you have to click on it to view. Anyway, I see the last version was updated a year ago to fix bugs, but I don’t know if they keep up with this app. Probability just better to use the web browser instead.

Candace Dreamer, Mar 07, 2022
Fix the App

This Barnes & Noble app is full of glitches and bugs. It doesn’t keep you signed in if you close the app, and half of the time will sign you out even if you haven’t closed the app. The app doesn’t save your local store location. It always changes its location to Hamilton. The app is slow as a snail. If you select a book you want to view on the app, and then go back to view the list, it jumps back to the top of the list. When you put an item in your cart from the wishlist, it leaves to the cart, and you have the select your wishlist from the side bar if you want to go back to your wish list to add more books to your cart. When you delete an item from your wishlist, it reloads the whole page, taking you back to the very beginning of your wishlist. Between all of this nonsense and the extreme slowness of the app, it makes for an unenjoyable experience and a complete pain to use. There is no incentive to want to use the Barnes & Noble app. Is it that hard to make it a little bit more similar to eBay and Amazon’s app experience? This app has a 1.5 star rating and it doesn’t look like the app has been updated in 3 years. Barnes & Noble, I’m a rewards member and enjoy supporting the company, but seriously, get the act together and start by fixing this app. I would be very happy to change my rating and review of the Barnes and Noble app, but first, it has got to change.

Fox_Fire_2000, May 13, 2020
Everything takes forever to load and I have to sign in

I really can’t stand this app.First things first: It’s an app, so I feel like 1) when I hit “Remember Me” my information should already be filled in and 2) I shouldn’t be logged out every time I close the app. If it’s an app then that usually means I only want to buy stuff on my account, not someone else’s, so I should always be logged in.Next: It takes FOREVER to load anything. I will click any button on this app and it will give me a huge loading symbol on the screen that just sits there for forever. I know it is not an Internet issue because I have very high speed Internet and am always on WiFi when i use this app.Lastly: It doesn’t tell me if my orders are being delivered. When I see my order status, it only tells me “Processing” or “Completed”. For example, on November 25th, I order two sets of calligraphy pens and a bullet journal. Until November 28th, it said “Processing”. On November 28th, I went to check on the order and it said “Completed”, without telling me about when the three items would be here. On November 29th, the bulletin journal arrived, but not the calligraphy pens. I double-checked the order, and all it told me was “Completed”. Again, no estimated time that the other two thirds of my order would be here. Just “Completed”.Fix these problems, please, before they drive me insane.

Just one review for today., Dec 01, 2018
Serious attention needed from app developers

This app is incredibly frustrating. You can check the “remember me” button every time you sign in, yet it will NEVER remember you. If you’re someone like me that used a password vault, this means you have to launch that app each time you feel like using the B&N app in order to copy paste the pw. Additionally, the buy online pick up in store option doesn’t work either. I kept trying to place an order for pickup but it kept giving me a “no last name given in shipping address” warning. But you can’t input any information into the shipping address section because you’re not shipping anything, and it clearly says “no shipping information needed for this order.” Honestly this is a complete joke. On top of this, the desktop version of the site isn’t much better. It doesn’t recognize the SAME pw I use for the app and so I’m unable to place orders or add to my wish list on the desktop version. I love B&N and will continue to support the company because I really want brick and mortar bookstores to thrive as long as possible in this digital age, but man oh man do your app and website need help.

MissRasaja, Feb 03, 2020
Need More Focus on Improving Mobile App

I love B&N & shop with them a lot, but they seem to be lost in an old shopping paradigm & they need to get the modern world. Most people shop on their smart devices. I use this app frequently &, unlike what other reviewers have said, there IS the ability to filter search results, etc. However, B&N really needs to fix the following: 1) Stop signing me out of the app at all on my smart phone. That may make sense on the web (though you should really make it MY option even there), but it makes absolutely NO sense on the phone app. And it’s annoying because it doesn’t tell you. You only know when you go to add something to your cart or wishlist. And it happens about every 10 mins even when you’re actively browsing, so you’re constantly having to sign back in. 2) Fix the WiFi issue. All of a sudden app thinks it has no signal when there IS one & it strong. Or sometimes it starts up that way, even in the store, so you have to force it to use cellular. Ridiculous! 3) Allow Nook purchases. Given that Nook is meant to be on mobile devices, it makes no sense that you can’t purchase them on the very device you’ve going to use it on.

Paige Markham, Oct 30, 2021

Barnes and Noble devs fix the app already. It’s been two year or so since the last update to the app and it’s generally a good idea to fix an app every week or two like all the current apps out there. This isn’t some awesome app back in the early days and the hype dissipated after a few years on the market. This is a productivity app that is very useful, but by not updated after so long is disappointing in my eyes and think that you have either been doing a complete revamp of the app that is/was in the making and due to the idiotic management team or whoever decided to pull the plug on the development of the app, and now has to get all the hate from all the comments because the app isn’t useable at all and load times are stupidly slow even in a fast internet connection, imbedded browser app is just bad and not good for long term development. For all of us, please hear us and fix the issues that have been commented over and over for so long. Good customer feedback is key if you want to have a viable business support in the future. Otherwise well just use a mobile browser to use the site since that is 100% better than the app as of writing this review. Thanks

quizdragon42, Oct 04, 2019
The ABC’s ought not to be difficult

Where exactly did the alphabet go? This is the question I find myself asking on all of the BN’s apps and online sites. Why is it not possible to search alphabetically by the last name of the author in each genre? All of the real stores do this, why can’t I do the same when shopping via my IPad? When did it become wrong to look for books alphabetically? I worked five years for this company and in every physical bookstore we have always shelved our books alphabetically by author within each genre. Why exactly would whoever you have designing these sites be doing the shelving so stupidly? Why make it impossible to shop the simplest way possible on a book selling site. Designers you have been given a brain. Please start making use of it, please!!! Do you ever wonder why so much stupidity exists in our world today? It might be as simple as ABC and 123. It’s a classic, try bringing it back, ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ, it’s such a simple and easy thing.

seriously stupid nickname, Jan 21, 2022
Use if you’d like to be annoyed

I don’t think I’ve ever written a review, on a single app, since they came into existence. But this app is so frustrating that it warrants one. I love books. I read a lot. After spending an extended period on the website, I thought perhaps I’d download the app and be less “annoyed” by functionality (the website is frustrating because when you return to the previous screen, it kicks back to the top and makes you start over). Well... First disappointment is that the app is no different, in that regard. Highly frustrating because you often find yourself seeing something of interest, only to end up debating “is reading the overview worth losing my spot?” Second - If I manually searched for a book, it would show up in the auto-fill and if I selected it, it would just spin and “think”. Never loading. I’d be forced to close the app and start over. Last, I had to exit the app between EVERY step of the check out process. Couldn’t even tell if my order was placed until I exited AGAIN. Opened AGAIN. Signed in.... AGAIN and checked “orders”. Not to mention - I am a member, the app showed my ID. Acknowledged I was in active status. And gave an overall 15% discount, when it should have been 20%, and I’ve found that to be a consistent issue b/t the website or the app. I’ve never encountered a bigger, steaming pile of crap app ... in the history of apps. I think we pay enough for you to do better than this, B&N. Seriously.

T_Leigh_F, Nov 16, 2020
Constantly failing

This is the only app on my phone that glitches. It only works about 50% of the time. It Literally glitches, or no matter what option I tap in the menu or search it recycles me to the same page over and over. Access denied to server. I’ve done every trick for that one. The search options and filters are pointless and don’t work. I get everything thrown into my results even if I specify. I’m always getting signed out- I’m not sure why there is even a “remember me/keep me signed in” box when it does neither. It constantly logs me out every time I want to look at my cart or add a book. The sight will show me / suggest a book and when I click on it there’s nothing there but the original menu page. If something isn’t available then why point me in its direction? If it’s sold out then just say so instead of making me think it’s there and looping me back to a different menu. This is even if I can get the app to open which right this moment I can’t. So I’m deleting it. It’s not worth the extreme hassle.

Themochanut, Jan 27, 2022


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