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Tim Eicher
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User Reviews for BarkeepApp

Great App

I started using this app about one ago and it has made the inventory process so easy, we now take it religiously every week and have a usage report that even in the early stages of this app, is extremely useful. Well designed, I am sure they will build in what they have, but it is already well worth the investment!

Abratone, May 13, 2010
Very Dissapointed

I purchased the original version for the Iphone and online account and felt very excited about the features and possibilities; however, after having consistent problems with syncing, losing inventories, missing items. etc. I stopped using the app and reverted back to my excel perpetual inventory. The problem seems to be in using automatic sync on both an ipad and iphone. I actually had to re-enter my inventory twice after the first one was lost which resulted in quite a bit of frustration. Quite possibly the problem stems from a slow internet connection which you should consider before purchasing.I've also had issues with the app retaining bar codes of items I manually entered, incorrect scanning of beer bottle barcodes, also I've found the app to be cumbersome when doing multiple inventories in the same time frame you have to be cautious on the location.I did make contact with the designer and they seemed more than helpful in trying to resolve the problems; however, without proper resolution I have lost faith in the ability of this app do to what it promised to do. I have cancelled my online account.I really would like my money back as this item has not been useful for me.

Akdave1, Jul 03, 2012
Promises more than it can deliver

I'm still trying to set up my items list before my first inventory. I scanned several popular items such as grey goose me corona. Half were not found and the other half did not have bottle weight information. Scanning barcodes was what brought me to purchase this service, but since it looks like I have to manually do all of it myself there is no convenience factor to speak of. Amazing that a database of "over 75,000" items doesn't have bar codes for great goose and stoli, nor did it have bottle weights for Hennessy VS or Crown Royal Regal Apple. Where's the convenience if I have to manually search the database then also add a barcode to it, or manually add bottle weights. I guess that's why it's so cheap. Big words, little to back it up.

Andrew Blue Lep, Mar 27, 2019
Needs Much More!

I have a restaurant with a smaller bar and only one location. I also have an iPhone 5 so the barcode reader is a non starter. I am waiting for the reader for the iPhone 5. We'll see how commuted the BarBoys are. The app has only crashed once. For the way they tout themselves, I might have thought that their liquor library was more extensive yet I find myself building their library for them. The app must have a field for vendors. In the setup, there should be an area to add vendors, the Rep, the phone number with your account number. This would be very helpful for recording inventory. Scan reading with the camera is painful! Since they don't offer a scanner sleeve there should be an option for us to get an aftermarket version that would work with barkeep. Finally, this app is worthless until I can transfer the inventory to a different iDevice like a touch. There must be a provision to move inventories between devices. When that happens, then you've got an app!

Editor58, Feb 28, 2013
Looking good.

App looks promising. Bought app and online combo. Now time to try it in action. So far so good. Setup is super easy if you buy the online combo as it automatically syncs to ios devices. Online also allows for import of lists, so if you already have inventory data recorded somewhere, some or all of it may be easily importable.5star reccomendations:-iPad / universal version-we'll see how app handle complex integration. will bump rating as soon as i can confirm.-either free app + subsription or cheaper subscription. $250 seems a bit steep ontop of an already (by ios standards) expensive app. i realize this is a pretty niche market and the devloper needs to make a living so, i wont hold price against him too much. perhaps discounted second+ year renewals?? also hopefully as user base increases / technology changes hopefully prices might reflect that.but... if app+online does as reported AND if developer is responsive to change ideas then price is irrelevant as app will save barowner many times that in time and product.

Harold's Bar, Nov 07, 2011
Great app...

I work at a chain restaurant and we love this app. We also pay for the online services as well to import product mixes and get a bottle to bottle usage. It took awhile to get things set up due to the fact I had in input most of our products and prices. My only beef is I wish once you pay for the monthly services it would allow you to use all the reports and options you have online on the iDevice. But I really love using it to do random audits to keep my bartenders in check. It's a great app but not perfect. Hope they listen to their customers and make some great changes in future updates.

LC-13, Mar 27, 2013
The right idea

This app is on the right path!! This would be a five star ***** app but they did not put in the leg work and research it enough to get perfect 5 *'s if all that the buyer had to enter was location the cost per unit and what they sold a shot of the booze! They have me spending to much time already entering in the data needed! This would be a diamond mine if it was R&D'ed a little more extensively! Since I'm the first review im going to give them a perfect score assuming the are still workin on it and a update is in the making? Score as of now is 3 *'s tops! I will leave another review if things change! Good work but half assed a bit!!!

Maxbet707, Apr 27, 2010
Great Application! Would like a few more features.

I've been using barkeep for the last 3 months. I have found it has greatly sped up inventory time and is very accurate. I have noticed some bugs though since the release of 3.0. The app is crashing occasionally during inventory and running extremely slow at times. I find this happens more often when I'm running on an iPod touch(latest gen) compared to when I use it from my iPhone. Also I would like to see a few more of the features from barkeep online integrated into the app itself, primarily the ability to edit supplier info and run order reports. That would be incredible to be able to accomplish that right from the app. Essentially being able to take an inventory, run the order report, and email my orders right from the device. Perhaps this could more reasonably be integrated into the iPad version.I love the universal feature that I can finally run barkeep on the iPad now, but would love to see more use of the extra screen real-estate and power offered by the iPad. I can't wait to see what future versions will have in store.

MrBekeleski, May 03, 2012
Quick and Easy

Six years later and I am still a fan of this app! There have been consistent improvements in functionality and usability. It has helped myself and my staff in better understanding our business.-----------------I think this app is great! It's saved me a lot of time doing my inventories which I used to do manually. I use is every day for my top shelf products and once a month for a complete inventory. I had a couple of questions in the beginning so I emailed support and got a quick response which is very important to me. I look forward to seeing what they have planned for updates.

TJCC, Apr 29, 2017
Great app but still needs a little extra options.

Needs the option to transfer items and reports from one device to another. Example: I use a iPhone and I travel all the time. My bartender does her inventory on her iPad while I'm away. It would be easier if I can get her iPad summarized report sent directly to my barkeep app on my iPhone. Also I carry over 180 spirits, 45 beers and hundreds of mixers in my bar and I just purchased a new iPhone and iPad for my bar. I can't transfer the items thats I'm my old iPad to my new ipad. And that's about a good half day to type all the information into a new device.

Ttf12896, Jun 06, 2012


Barkeep is an iOS based Liquor Inventory Tracking System. Designed and built by real bar owners, this product is ideally suited for quickly and easily monitoring your pour cost without a large investment in either time or money. Because Barkeep was designed and built by liquor industry professionals (We are bar Owners & Managers just like you!), Barkeep provides all the features you need to keep your liquor costs under control.

Barkeep is extremely fast and easy to use, so you can get up and running with Barkeep in no time. BarkeepApp Features include: - Automatic Product lookup from Barkeep's extensive liquor database - Extremely fast inventory entry by product name - Accurate & easy barcode scanning using your iOS device's built-in camera or a Linea Pro barcode scanner - Manage inventories for multiple locations within your venue - Track products by category (beer, liquor, call liquor, vodka, etc) - Automatically generated Excel Spreadsheets - Track product by weight for high-cost items (accurate to .01 oz) - Banquet tracking BarkeepOnline (available with online subscription at www.barkeepapp.com) provides highly sophisticated pour-cost analysis with features including: - track expected pour cost versus actual pour cost - pour cost alerts - best practices guidelines - sales trends and analysis - manage vendors and liquor ordering Competing products require expensive scanning devices which are clunky, slow, and a pain in the ... Our bar managers LOVE us for developing Barkeep. It has cut their inventory time in half. Inventory no longer has to be slow, clunky and painful. Check out www.barkeepapp.com for a more detailed feature list and competitive analysis.

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