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Bald Sniper Shooter (BSS)

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Bald Sniper Shooter (BSS)

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User Reviews for Bald Sniper Shooter (BSS)


This is so much better than fortnite!!! Keep it up guys !!!Reason 1. Fortnite is a mincraft ripoffReason 2. This game has more maps than fortnite!Reason 3. This game was way better graphics and shooting mechanics!!!

3():$;;);;)!?:;((::,, boom man, Jul 02, 2019

This game is best of the best I wouldn’t of found this game if I wasn’t for Tanner Krah

Cattlelink, Jul 08, 2021

This game has garbage graphics and I know I’m on mobile but a game that has the name fortnite you whold expect it to be good but NO! Shooting and moving is bad and fighting enemy’s is garbage they are not much of a fight just 2 shots and their dead and just trying to find the enemy’s is just too hard. On the first mission there’s this green arrow with 2 guys only took a few seconds to kill them and I could do nothing else it made me stand and freeze in position and I could not play and it did the same thing with the other mission overall don’t play

Dsdsdsddss, Jul 30, 2019

This game is so good it made me have diarrhea. And there is glitch in game if you delete the app it makes you eat your phone and die overall great game : )

Eatmi_ eat, Feb 25, 2020
Best game

This is the best game ever made 10/10 even better than fortnite and minecraft combined

Interrupt master, Aug 06, 2020
Great game

This game is like the fortnite irl mixed with Among Us impostor strum to create the perfect concoction. Sniper gun fortnite shooter has amazing graphics and great shooting mechanics. 10/10

jeffert ernhart, Jul 08, 2021
Not playing with others

No else plays with you and you can’t have friends

Jovelfamily, Mar 28, 2020

What a game play, sound effects and graphics please add more levels and missions....waiting for update

Mahi Malik, Jul 08, 2018
Amazing game

I want to have Fortnite but my mom and dad won’t Let me so this well keep me entertained.

Snowbuck, Dec 11, 2018

Better than fortnite and gameplay is good

tf3-tskthu395-7jakf3830, Jul 15, 2020


Ready to enjoy the FPS game like a real assassin commando Welcome to the world's best Bald Sniper Shooter (BSS) game and play like Assassin strike commando to defend your country from the enemy with your best FPS skills and TPS skills. Play this sniper shooting thrilling action game 2022 to capture enemies and attack with quality weapons with showing war survival skills. The theme of the game is very interesting and advanced in which you are a secret spy commando and your mission is to capture the enemies, thugs, bad guys, robbers, mafia, criminals, and all those who want to destroy the peace of your homeland.

Sharp your American sniper skills and win the death survival mission in the assassin strike 2022. Become the daring Fist person Shooter champion in a realistic war environment and use secret shooting experience with using best snipers like AK 47, Bazooka, and machine guns in this assassin strike 2018. Sharp you're quickly attack and quick shooting skills and take a specific shoot to destroy the enemy base and complete the European army survival mission. Enjoy a realistic fight by challenging in the dangerous & interesting sniper shoot to assassin destroy the enemies in the battle environment. Be the special secret shooting experience & assault with modern fps guns. So what are you waiting all those who love shooting and action series must download this advance Bald Sniper Shooter (BSS) game. Features - Different levels to play - Different types of weapons to shoot - Pistol: Beretta, Rifle: M16 Sniper: L96A, Machine gun: mg42, and Rocket Launcher: RPG with customized features. - Health bonus for gaining maximum game plays time. .-Reliable control. -Player can go to settings on runtime. - Automatic reloaded guns. - Camera sensitivity. - High-quality HD graphics. - Screen adjustment is very nice. It- Easy to understand but challenging to play - Smooth joystick for gameplay. Bald Sniper Shooter (BSS) is all about modern world war and as a commando sniper shooter hero you have to keep shooting as these are the times of global warm offensive. Hunt terrorists as this is global war duty. Assassin strike is full of fast shooting and firing bullets sound. You are equipped with most modern survival shooting guns and your need is accuracy in war fighting for destroying plans of enemies forces but different artillery weapons are difficult to shoot with precision, so use your best gunner and sniper skills to become the super military commando champion 2022.

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