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Babbel - Language Learning

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User Reviews for Babbel - Language Learning

Very Good For Learning Several Languages!

I’ve been using Babbel for about a year now, solely studying French, and I’ve been doing trés bien. The spacing of each review is effective, memorable, and helpful for communicating generally. I feel efficient speaking the language while also being able to confidently pronounce my words correctly. Many of the leçons are unique and I personally find them to be funny from time to time. Some few problems I have with the app include; being taught phrases that wouldn’t be used in the day to day conversation(even in depth)-the app having occasional listening problems despite my voice being clear(whether that might be my accent I don’t no)-finding myself doing the same set of words for a review back to back-& glitches that will cause me to close out the app and restart from the beginning of the lesson. It’s just a shame I wasn’t able to revisit France due to the World’s pandemic or I would’ve been able to really enjoy the experience. Besides, it’s a splendid effort👍🏾(Ps. if you could, add Irish as a language as well along with some other one country based languages. Lived there for some years in my childhood so would like to learn some more besides the basics)

Acronics, Jul 21, 2020
Great app but,

My only thing so far is I feel like you should be able to purchase a longer subscription but be able to make monthly payments towards it. For example: someone may want to commit to a year or even two, but it’s much more doable to spend a few dollars monthly, than to pay hundreds at once. I get that you can pay for a monthly subscription that re-ups each month, but that comes a higher rate as well, which in the end really adds up and may make it feel less worth it, especially since you may not know what you’re really getting for that money in the first place.I just feel like this really cuts out a lot of potential customers and is borderline discrimination, financially. I completely understand needing to make a profit, but I think it could be done in a more fair way- and if anything you’d likely be making more money as opposed to losing money over it. But, I just personally believe educational tools should be accessible to everyone. Anyhow, it is a great app from what I’ve seen so far, and seems like it really guides you in how to have real conversation, rather than just being able to pick up on some random vocabulary, which is the case with some of the other tools/apps out there.

Baelfire713, Jan 17, 2021
Good, but hoping for AI and UX improvements

Through 16 lessons at this point, and overall enjoying Babbel. I formerly used Duolingo, which seemed too vocabulary based. I'm happy I switched to Babbel for building conversational experience. I appreciate the tooltips differentiating European/Spain Spanish and Latin American words. Those are helpful distinctions I didn't get in three years of in-person classes. Also, I appreciate the variation of native speaking voices. It's helpful to hear varying genders, vocal tone/pitch, correct emphasis and pronunciations.My criticisms regarding the app and the experience follow: 1) There's zero forgiveness for slight misspellings/typos. A flag /warning before counting it against the user would be nice. We're learning here. 2) The matching games/exercises have a confusing UX. It's unclear where to drag and drop and the color selections are all gray, which is not helpful in guiding users through the exercise. 3) While I realise Babbel isn't aiming to gamify language learning, it could benefit from incentivizing users somehow. This could be as simple as congratulating or tracking your progress or improvements. It's very boring to see the simple fact I've completed x/100 lessons. Make it a little fun, and I will be more likely to renew my subscription. Without these improvements, I'm likely to head back to Duolingo.

brushing_up, Jul 09, 2019
For All

This is an app for not just kids, but adults. It started out my mom and I were setting it up, and it only lets me do one lesson and the rest you have to pay for. On the TV we saw the advertisement for it, and it says you don’t have to pay anything! I think they should let people know about that! My friend does it too, and she said it is good but why do they charge you if it says it is COMPLETELY free?!?! I said the same. It is a great app! It just needs some improvements. I think they are going to have a great business over the pandemic and crisis over Coronavirus. No school so kids and adults can have fun! Just be prepared when there might be payments on apps like these. There are greedy people and they do this for money! Not just for the heck of it! I also noticed that it was fun I g slow..... we have good WiFi and service! There was another person saying the same thing! It was on and everything! I got off and back thinking “Well maybe it will work! This has been loading for 30 minutes now!” And get back in..... 😡 FOR REAL PEOPLE WHAT IS WRONG I JUST WANT TO LEARN SPANISH!!! It took a while. Finally loaded. I had this rate at a 5 and..... NO it is going to two! If this doesn’t improve, (NO JOKE) I will delete it and not have anyone in my family get it! I mean this is redic! Well I need a word back from the people sometime! In the meantime, Adios! Keep learning!

Claireslover16, Apr 17, 2020
Great app But not for conversation in Spanish

rHi everyone at Babbel. I think that this is really a great app to help people learn Spanish. But the one issue that I have is that I am a black African American woman and I am a native English speaker. I have spoken English for most of my life, no other languages. But now I have just met a guy that I am seeing and he speaks Spanish, he knows English but he does not know a lot of English. So I have to learn his language so that he and I can be able to talk to each other and get to know each other. But it’s alittle difficult with this app because they teach you basic phrases but not enough to have a full everyday conversation and form sentences. Also some of the phrases that they teach are Stuff that you wouldn’t use in regular conversation. Like people being from Germany or France. I understand they are trying to make sure we get a well rounded education and that’s good. But I don’t want to be a pro at Spanish, I want to be fluent enough so that I can talk to my guy. I know i just started a few days ago and I know I am not gonna be fluent fast. But I am just saying teach me how to form sentences with the phrases I am learning. Other than this, I think Babbel is a great app for people who already know the language and just need to brush up on their skills, not really for a beginner.

Dacia Nedd, Mar 16, 2021
Good format but be VERY sure of lamguage

Be sure what language you would like to practice bc you are locked into that language. I paid for a 1 month subscription and wanted to study 2 languages. You cannot toggle languages and must pay for 1 subscription per language. It’s my own fault for not carefully reading the terms and conditions. Had I done so I would have gone with Rosetta Stone, which offers more flexibility in choosing languages. Its an excellent app otherwise and would have rated it 5 stars had I not been asked to pay for 2 subscriptions. I suggest using Duolingo to try out languages before subscribing to this app, unless you know for sure what language you wish to learn. I must learn French AND German for work and knew this from the get go, but was under the impression I could switch back and forth for my study regimen (MWFSu-Fr, TThSa-Gr). However, on my second day using the app I was prompted to resubscribe. I personally like Rosetta Stone as a viable alternative and would have gone with them, just bc you have more flexibility. Altho, the functionality and quality of the Babbel app is superior, in my opinion. If you need to study one language and are positive on what language you want to commit to, I recommend Babbel. If you aren’t sure or need to study more than one language, I definitely recommend another app, unless you are willing to pay for 2 subscriptions.

fsmilwaukee, Jul 09, 2023

Hi to the developer but I love this idea and I love this app. The idea of having no ads in an app is a very smart idea but I honestly think they should not have to pay to get the lessons. Some people may not have the money to be able to buy the lessons that’s very important money that could be going to something else I could just buy a free app but I really do love this app but I say I think you should make lessons that on as advanced as if you pay for them but they’re still good I think you should make free lessons for people who cannot afford buying the lessons this is just my opinion and you don’t have to listen to my opinion but I just think it be a better idea because everybody doesn’t have money to be able to buy these lessons that I could just back download Duolingo or something like that so that’s just my opinion I am very very sorry that I’m complaining to you but I just wish somethings would change about this app that’s why I’m giving it the rating that it has so anybody if you are reading this this app cost money I mean if you read the description on the app then you’re fine but yeah thank you so much for reading this I hope you get to respond to it because it’s very very important to me because I really am trying to learn Spanish because you know it’s really fun and I really wanna learn it but I do not wanna have to pay for education.

JJCOOKIECRUM, Jul 21, 2020
Great!! except one small thing..

I love this app. I’ve tried others before and still have a few, but Babbel is by far my overall favorite. I also have appreciated the regular and effective updates. The reason for not having 5 stars is because due to my daily schedule, my free time is later in the evening. I’d much appreciate a dark mode. The white screen is difficult to look at even with brightness on the lowest setting. I searched the settings in hopes of finding that option but sadly, it’s not there. I’m sure others would appreciate a black screen to make it easier on the eyes for a last minute lesson before bed! My second suggestion would perhaps be some type of leaderboard? Maybe something to add a little friendly competition with each language community? One can only hope. Everything else I enjoy and look forward to the future of Babbel! Update: Absolutely amazing app for vocabulary, listening, and some speaking. However, some lessons being fully dedicated to grammar, word order, etc.. with some reading material, exercises, quizzes would be nice. I am noticing that even with a decent vocabulary and decent pronunciation, the lack of grammar knowledge in my learning language makes it difficult to actually create my own phrases. Rather than just repeat phrases from the course, it’s nice to better understand how to structure and put things together on your own! I never remember the little grammar notes buried within the normal lessons.

Moto_4_Lyfe, Feb 05, 2023
Trying to Learn French

Not really beginner friendly. I’m learning French, with no prior knowledge and I believe It’s best for those already with some knowledge, I found it to be difficult and due to that difficulty, I started lacking the motivation to learn. Unlike Duolingo, where I used the app consistently for an entire month and I couldn’t make it a week with Babbel. Key differences between the two: Duolingo introduces new words and how to pronounce them throughout the lesson, gives you the chance to master those words, how to pronounce the words, what it similar to more accurately, you can individually click on a word for the speaker to repeat. Whereas with Babbel, it starts of with you learning sentences and speaking it with no background which can be frustrating, the speaker repeats the entire sentence, in the middle of the lesson there’s an “school vibe” telling you the different conjugates forms, love the memory page aesthetic and give you different options, there’s no order to learn. It’s just personal preference, I paid for both apps. For some reason, Babbel audio started giving me problems when my phone volume was turned down, Babbel audio was loud and I even reset my phone thrice. Hopefully they fix it because it’s annoying.

NickiGreates😊, Oct 23, 2021
Seems, great but I don't really know

I finished the first lesson and learned a few words! I am doing french just to pass the time, its not like i am going to france or anything and need to learn it. Since there is no true NEED for me to learn french and i was just doing it for fun, my mom would not let me pay for lessons. In ads or commercials i have seen, it says it is free. I did the first lesson, didn't have any problem with anything, and I really love the way it teaches you! The only thing is I wont be able to learn anything beside, hello, goodbye, and how are you? Since im not aloud to buy anything. At first i thought it was an add, but then i clicked away from it and tried to re enter the lesson, and it still didnt work! It really is a great app, but maybe you could give like the first tenn lessons free or something, and then you can give the option to buy the next ten lessons with money, and every time you get a question right you could get like stars or something and buy a lesson with stars. Im just saying this for people like me who dont want to spend their money on this app if they are not using it for anything, they should still have the option to learn! Also, you should add a few more languages. I was signing up and noticed thst there was only like six. The real reason I downloaded it was so i could learn greek. Definetly would be the best app ive ever tried to learn a language with if not for the price! God bless!

PercabethRules, Mar 02, 2021


Millions of people are learning languages with Babbel — the language app built by language experts. Why Babbel? Our short, interactive lessons rethink old-school language education to get you speaking a new language with confidence!

BABBEL WORKS: • Efficacy backed by researchers at Yale University: 100% of study participants improved their oral proficiency in 3 months* • After 10 hours with Babbel, Michigan State University researchers found: 96% of learners saw better test scores on grammar and vocabulary 73% of study participants became better speakers** ==================== Our language experts build every language course tailored to your native language. This way you learn Spanish and 13 more languages quickly and effectively. TRY BABBEL – DOWNLOAD THE APP AND TAKE A FREE LESSON ==================== LEARN 14 LANGUAGES: It's not just a Spanish learning app! Learn French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Dutch, Indonesian, and English. ==================== Why are Americans learning languages with the Babbel language app? SHORT, EFFECTIVE LESSONS Easy to fit language lessons into your day LESSONS FOR EVERY SITUATION For travel, work, and more LISTEN, SPEAK, WRITE Well-rounded language practice PERFECT YOUR PRONUNCIATION Sophisticated speech-recognition technology RETAIN WHAT YOU LEARN Review feature that’s optimized to help you retain knowledge LEARN GRAMMAR IN CONTEXT Useful tips & tricks as you learn OVER 5,000 LANGUAGE COURSES Learn Spanish and 13 other languages with in-depth content, including more than 60,000 language lessons OFFLINE MODE Download lessons and learn anywhere ==================== Read Babbel Magazine to get tips, tricks, and interesting facts about how to learn languages: * Babbel Magazine: https://www.babbel.com/en/magazine Follow us on social media for tips on language learning! * Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/babbelusa * Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Babbel.usa ==================== You will need a subscription in order to get access to the full learning materials for one language. Each subscription will be automatically renewed unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current payment period. Your iTunes account will be automatically charged at the same price for renewal within the 24-hour period prior to the end of the current payment period unless you change your subscription preferences in your iTunes Account Settings. When a subscription is canceled, access to the app’s courses and features will expire at the end of the current payment period. You'll get access to all courses for the following durations: 1 month 3 months 6 months 12 months Privacy policy: https://about.babbel.com/en/privacy/ Terms of use: https://about.babbel.com/en/terms/ CONTACT US: Ideas, comments, or feedback? Email us at [email protected] START YOUR LANGUAGE LEARNING JOURNEY TODAY: Learn Spanish (Latin American or Spain) Learn French Learn Italian Learn English (American or British) Learn German Learn Russian Learn Polish Learn Portuguese Learn Turkish Learn Norwegian Learn Danish Learn Swedish Learn Dutch Learn Indonesian *Based on a study conducted with Babbel users learning Spanish. Van Deusen-Scholl, N., Lubrano, M.J. (both Yale University) & Sporn, Z. (Babbel), 2019. "Measuring Babbel’s Efficacy in Developing Oral Proficiency." **Based on a study conducted with Babbel users learning Spanish. Loewen, S., Isbell (both Michigan State University) & Sporn. Z (Babbel), 2018. “Learning Spanish with Babbel: Oral Proficiency Outcome in App-Based Foreign Language Learning”.

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