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B612 Camera&Photo/Video Editor

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B612 Camera&Photo/Video Editor

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User Reviews for B612 Camera&Photo/Video Editor

It’s alright just one thing

B612 is a pretty good app just one thing I want it to be like TikTok where you can redo some things and like I don’t know kind of like pausing it and then adding the stickers in the t text like a video like TikTok Or different like I kind of wished it had more songs and more videos and and like more of Lauren Spencer Smith radio songs added into it I don’t know just Ariana and some other songs and just some more stuff and it’s free and if you want to hear a good review about this I can give you one now I guess it is really good you can save pictures all of your pictures from your photo album is on the B612 it takes really good photos it has somewhat good music so that’s my good review and my bad review good and bad so I hope you get inspired by this and so if you decide to get this app there is a lot of difficulties and A lot of not difficulties as you can read my review right now it’s good and bad so I hope you guys get really inspired to buy this app but be prepared for the difficulties.........and you can’t even search up songs and you can’t even search up anything really so I hope you get very inspired by this and thank you very much for letting me write this Review😁

AJROLE, Jun 01, 2022
What happened to the Music? 🎶

Ok so this app is amazing, and I love it a lot. One of the things that was also great was lip syncing the music 🎼. The thing is the music is gone⁉️ I understand that B612s music must have gotten copyrighted or something, correct me if I’m wrong but if B612 adds the feature in where you can play YOUR OWN music 🎵‼️ it would fix the problem. Plus why have the music video part when you can’t make a music video❓ The only thing you could make is just ordinary videos of stuff. Cause you can’t talk in it. So it’s really not a music video. I really hope B612 is listening to these comments cause the music video part is a problem, cause IT SAYS IN THE DESCRIPTION that you CAN make MUSIC VIDEO when you really CAN’T make MUSIC VIDEOS 🎵🚫⁉️ So the makers of B612 if your reading this please fix this problem😩🥺 Plus people have been asking for this for a long while now. I just think that it would fix the problem and make a lot of viewers happy 😊 So please fix the problem‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️❗️

Amazing 😍💕, Jul 01, 2019
Absolutely amazing!

This app is absolutely amazing. I'm in awe of how accurately it can read your facial features to fit the filters to them correctly, and it gives you so many options of things you can do to your face. The reshaping looks 100% natural and real, no one would be able to tell you'd made alterations to the picture. The makeup filters fit to your eyes and lips perfectly. I've used other apps that add makeup to your face, and often they don't fit correctly, so for instance the lipstick or eyeliner will be all over the place and not on your lips and eyes like it should be. This app gets it perfectly in the right spot every time. The only thing I would change is that I wish there were more makeup options, but if I don't like the ones offered, I save the pic, then use YouCam Makeup to do the makeup, since that app has a million options. I use this app all the time. You can make yourself look like a model. Well worth the few dollars for an upgrade.

AmyB8484, Feb 11, 2020
Very fun but please fix it, annoying pop-up

I got this app because I thought it was really fun and I wanted to show my little cousin, it’s crazy that I have an iPhone when I’m like eight years old, but I really wanted an iPhone because a phone is more portable than my large iPad, because you can’t take tablets to the beach or something like that but I want you to please fix the annoying pop-up that comes up when I try to record a video, a pop-up of images just shows up randomly and that’s annoying, and that’s going to annoy my little cousin to, can you please fix that? I don’t want to frustrate my mom on getting her hands on my budget you need to fix it because I want my little cousin to enjoy the time with me, she’s only two so I’m not going to allow her team so many of these features on this app, please fix it because I want her to like the app thank you for the app it is really fun and your company makes the best app

BrieTiana, Dec 05, 2021
My personal favorite for selfies!

When it comes to the whole selfie culture, and other synonymous trends, I avoid like the plague, however I’ve managed to force my self-esteem at gunpoint to a level that’s slightly above “constant self loathing”, so the occasional want/need to take a few selfies actually presents itself. And since I’m not some testosterone flooded, overconfident, narcissistic, egomaniac…I needed an app that has plenty of filters to choose from, and the “beauty” editing feature which allows me to hide the effects of over a decade of heavy drug abuse. Until you meet me in person of course! Which leads me to one of the best features of this app…IT’S FREE!!!! So, I “highly” recommend that you give this app a “shot”…lol. Only my fellow I.V. Drug users will understand those 2 puns I left for ya there. And I was polite enough to put them in quotes…

FredricMoon, Nov 06, 2021
All free!! So many choices!! :)

No matter wether you want to make yourself look more beautiful (you are already beautiful though), cut and paste photos, make cool videos, or try out silly filters, this is your app. First let’s talk about the beauty filters. They are spot on! You can’t tell it’s done with an app. Amazing. Tints, make up, saturation, sharpness, face shape changers, clear skin filters, all perfect! You can choose to witch extremes they are on too. Makeup is always in the right place. With the new update it can analyze your face and choose a filter right for you! It’s all free! I personally think that the best part is that when you open the app the last beauty filter you had on there automatically goes onto you. Secondly, let’s talk about videos. You can stop them and continue in the same video, make reverse videos, put music (in app music, not your own music) over them, and even put together a bunch of videos/photos in the studio section. As well as this, there are a bunch of cool filters (called stickers in the app), cutting and pasting photos, making gifs and more. One cool feature to add would be something that fixes your hair so it’s not frizzy. I’ve never seen this in any photo app so that might make it more popular. Thanks for reading my review! Hope you enjoy the app! (⊃。•́‿•̀。)⊃👍😎😀

Frostypenguin2018, Mar 25, 2020
The best filter app ever😱😱😱

B612 is amazing it has like a bazillion filters. One of the best reasons about is not only can u use filters you can even make your own! There are filters that you and your family, pets and friends can use. Like if you have a pet cat there is one for u and your cat. Or you and your friend there’s one where they have a text message heart. Not only can you do photos but also videos! If you want you can put music over it! On the video u can pause it and make it look like magic instead of hours of editing! When I got B612 I thought it was like every other filter app but when I used it, I never needed to get a new friends later app! These are only a few of the reasons B612 is the app for u. I just made that up! Hope that this is enough for u to get it too. Wow I’m on a roll!Before I go I just am asking for one thing different music the only song I know is how u like that. So plz plz plz give the app some new beats. Okay seriously give it new music okay Byee

funny and dancer, Mar 16, 2021
There Can Always Be Improvement!

I love this app and I think it’s amazing. Although I think there is always room for improvement. For example I wish you could post things because there are so many different types of faces and all but then you can’t share it to anyone or post, since you can share with your friends and all. Although I wish you could do two things at a time because before this update you could do one background and one face because there were different backgrounds before this update. I did say I love this app and why?? Well because of all the faces and not only that but after a while there are new faces so there’s always new and different faces! Not only that but there are different things you can do, like boomerang video where a video with music or normal a.k.a. a picture. Not only that but you can also do different things you can change the sky if you want to and there so many different filters and I just it!😊 so I definitely recommend to download this app I just think there’s always room for improvement

PoolBlueGirl, Jul 30, 2018

B6 12 is just amazing it’s so good it’s the perfect app that anyone could getYou should get it it’s a recommend it has all kinds of edits all kinds of frames all kinds of affects it’s just amazing and it has songs that you can dance to and you can even extract music from your photos and videos you can even make your own song there you can even like the songs and you can like the pictures and the edits that people makeAnd the pictures that you take and videos that you make no one can see it so it’s safety and amazing like it’s so cool and the effects are so cute I promise you it’s a recommend so you should get it and don’t mind if it’s 12+4+ whatever and plus it’s good so there is nothing inappropriate in it it’s all appropriate for kids and adults it’s really fun to haveI recommend go try it now

saraalarab, Feb 17, 2021

This app is everything you want. I don’t even use the phone’s camera. Even if you don’t want to add filters or stickers or anything this app has, the photos come out beautiful. Phones camera is bad for selfies. You look odd, probably the location of the iPhone camera. It would be great if there was a “search” option to find stickers or frames without having to look through all of them. This app is incredible and I love it very much. I easily get bored of apps. So for me to stick with an app for this long is impressive. The only problem I feel ind troublesome is, there are WAY to many “cartoon” stickers. And it’s not like a cartoon that looks like you because of the camera. Most of the cartoon stickers are set to a certain face and the only “you” in the picture sometimes is just your shirt.

SlytherinHerondale90, May 30, 2021


B612 is the best all-in-one camera & photo/video editing app. We offer various free features and tools to make every moment more special. Meet trendy effects, filters, and stickers that are updated every day! === Main features === *Create your own filters* - Create a one-of-a-kind filter and share it with friends - No problem even if it's your first time creating a filter.

Filters are easily completed with just a few touches. - Meet the creative and diverse filters of B612 creators. *Smarter CAMERA* Apply real-time filters and beauty to capture every moment as your pic of the day. - Don't miss out on daily updated AR effects and seasonal exclusive trendy filters - Smart Beauty: Get a perfect recommendation for your face shape and create your custom beauty style - AR Makeup: Create a natural look from daily to trendy makeup. You can adjust beauty and makeup to suit you. - Shoot clearly anytime, anywhere with high-resolution mode and night mode. - Capture the fun moment with the Gif Bounce feature. Create it as a gif and share it with your friends to double the fun! - From video shooting to post-editing with over 500 kinds of music. Turn your daily life into a music video. - You can use a custom sound source for music by extracting a sound source from your video. *ALL-IN-ONE PRO editing feature* Enjoy basic, professional-grade tools for free - Various Filters & Effects: From retro to emotional modern style! Create the atmosphere you want. - Advanced Color Edit: Experience precise color edit with tools such as professional curves, split tone, and HSL that brings out details. - More natural portrait edit: Complete your pic of the day with beauty effects, body edit, and hair color styling. - Edit Videos: Anyone can edit videos easily with trendy effects and various music. - Borders and Crop: Simply adjust the size and ratio and upload it to social media. - Decoration Stickers & Texts: Decorate your photos with various stickers and texts! You can also make custom stickers and use them. Face Technology by SenseTime

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