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User Reviews for AXS Tickets

Sketchy ticket website

I had bought three concert tickets this morning unbeknownst to me the website had charged me an additional three tickets including the ones I had already purchased the first time around. So I had paid $181 including the $181 for the three tickets I bought the first time (the ones I did not want) When you are on the final page of this website they will ask you if you want something called ticket protection which is basically an insurance if something goes wrong your tickets are protected. Their website did not inform me I would be charged $25 for this service. This charge is per ticket (s) If you are looking to sell your tickets on their app DONT. They will charge you $18 and keep a certain percentage of the sale.Don’t even get me started on their customer service. No contact number just an auto chat which is completely useless. They gave me a # that wasn’t even verifiable. Lastly, when I was on the final page getting ready to complete my purchase, there is a pop up window for ads that promise free things do not click on this. Exit outOf the window immediately. This is how I was tricked into buying more tickets. I was not aware I had already completed my purchase and was charged $181. So naturally I assumed the ad closed my window browser and did not complete my purchase. Nope.Looked on my bank statement sure enough I was charged $181 twice three tickets I did not intend to buy. These tickets are non refundable so I am out $200…. What a waste.

200393992, Jun 25, 2021
No Stars?

I would give this app no stars if i could. do not use this app to sell tickets. The absolute worst and most unprofessional app i have ever used. Their customer service is also by far the worst i have EVER experienced. I was on hold for over an hour and one of their representatives hung up on me so i emailed them and then called back immediately after and was on hold for yet another hour. The email response i got didn’t answer a single question of mine so i sent a response asking for them to actually answer the question that concerned me and they neglected to respond. Save your time, use a different app. They also neglect to send you confirmation emails so you have no idea what is going on with your tickets when you buy them and when you sell them. UPDATE: received a developer response that pretty much blamed me for their negligence. I checked every folder in my email because i assumes that for sure they would be more professional then that, but again, I received no confirmation email and then my intelligence and common sense was questioned by the developer because of their negligence, again, DO NOT USE THIS PLATFORM.

BeneciaGloriaa, Mar 19, 2019

This app is absolute trash and i implore any venue considering to use them as their third party ticketing app (Billy Bobs Texas) to reconsider. I purchased tickets and created an account using my Facebook. I follow all of the prompts and when i am finally signed in it tell me i must “verify my email” and when i click on the link i get a message “oops something went wrong, try again later”. I have been trying to get access to my tickets for 3 days i have chatted with three different “customer support” individuals and after explaining this very issue i received the response “have you downloaded the AXS app and login with your email”. I have created multiple reports and have received only that they have forwarded to their support team and have received nothing since. The concert is in less than 24 hours and their only resolution so far is “you have digital tickets so you can use your card and an ID to enter the venue”...yeah right and have them refuse me at the door. I do not understand where the difficulties lie in this process and am very unhappy with this service. I should have used the print at home option but this was the “recommended” option. I will NEVER try to get tickets thru these frauds again. Extremely disappointed. AWFUL!!

Captainkirk19, Feb 25, 2021
A Comedy of Errors!

Let me first say that the employee we talked with was polite and kind and tried very hard to assist us. Unfortunately, when he merged my two emails he linked the event tickets from last year to this year. I got to the event, having paid for 10 tickets, and the etickets didn’t work. So after waiting in line I had to go to another line for printed tickets. The box office tried to print off my tickets but the only ones they could access to print (we discovered after printing) were from 2021!!! This was after spending quite a bit of time talking on the phone with customer service before we left home! We had to work with the box office manager for an hour, and could only access tickets after I contacted my bank and got the payment information. We did finally access tickets, no thanks to AXS, but because the manager knew how to work around the system. I am seriously unhappy that we missed over an hour of the event, especially when we arrived before the event began, just because an AXS employee linked tickets from the 2021 rodeo to the 2022 rodeo today. I had a handicapped family member who was seriously compromised during the wait time as well, due to heat and having to climb a total of 43 rows of steps to finally get to the correct seats instead of 22, which was almost to much for her to handle. All of this because we were linked to LAST YEAR’S tickets! Really?!!!. I expect much more from AXS!!!

Daves1girl84, Jul 24, 2022

The transactions of the of computer controlled part of the app seem to work well but don’t dare use customer service for help, I just asked the First Lady, I have never done this before can you just tell me if I did this rite please, and have my tickets. she told me I could not be on Wi-Fi when using the app so she hung up on me. I had to get on my phone. When I tried the second time to just confirm I had not sent the tickets off somewhere, this lady says your not the person listed I said there are two of us one who has money and no email one who has a email my brother same last name of corse and we made sure that everything matched exactly just as stub hub told us to so she proceeded to hang up on me, and remember I was the most polite you can possibly be having been a customer service manager for Chrysler corporation for 33 years this is company so set in its ways of telling people to go eat there hat so much they can’t even be nice for one second to help a customer you know do there job correctly.

eddieauto, Jan 23, 2022
App does not work; it will not verify my acct

I bought 2 tickets to an event a month ago and downloaded the app immediately to verify my purchase. I had no trouble signing in and viewing my tickets at that time. Flash forward a month later, day of show, and the app tells me upon signing in that I either haven’t used the app recently (I used it exactly a month ago, how often am I really expected to use it??) or that “this is a new device” (it isn’t) and I need to confirm my acct via an email they’ll send me. So they send me the email, I click “Verify Device”, which takes me not to the app but to the website, which greets me with an error message in a red box: “This session has expired. Please log in again.” So I log out of the website, go back to the email that has the link that they say will expire in 6 hours (it’s been minutes, not even 1 hour), and when I click the link, I get the same error message. I tried logging in on the app again, get the same message about needing to verify, but obviously that DID NOT WORK, so I request a new email with a new verification be sent. It never comes. I just hope I can get into the show tonight with my proof of purchase and the order number, which thankfully the WEBSITE does provide when I log in. But there are no viewable tickets with bar codes, which is what the agent at the door will want to scan tonight. Now, tell me why this is happening. And why did I pay such exorbitant surcharge fees for THIS experience?

GroperSteve, Jun 25, 2022
Needs work

I don’t normally do app reviews, but this one frustrated me. The app communications are confusing. First, after requesting to transfer two tix to the person I bought them for, I got an email saying “[Firstname Lastname] hasn’t accepted the ticket you transferred...” But the name it listed was MY name, not the person to whom the transfer should go. The next day I got the same email twice simultaneously. I did buy two tix, and my friend had not yet accepted the transfer, but why two emails? Does my friend have to accept each ticket separately? When my friend did accept the transfer, I received an email saying my friend had “claimed the 1 ticket you transferred for the following event...” Wait a minute, I transferred TWO tickets. Why does the email say “1 ticket”? Have no fear, there’s a link in the email where I can view the completed transfer. Ugh! After several tries, the link DOES NOT WORK. But wait, there’s a phone number in the email you can call for help. Tried it. On hold forever while I worked in the kitchen. I finally gave up on that. That’s not all! The app currently states that the tix were transferred on March 14, 2019. Not true! That’s the date I requested the transfer. They weren’t actually transferred until my friend accepted the transfer two days later.The tix I purchased were not cheap. I would expect the venue would use an electronic ticketing system that’s not so confusing and confounding. Two thumbs down.

j_wilson_85, Mar 16, 2019
Terrible customer service and crashing app

tl:dr - Crashy app. Save your emailed tickets. Hour long customer service wait with no live person interaction. The app keeps crashing right now every time I tap the menu bar. Have had a variety of other problems in the past, particularly with tickets not displaying. I go to at least 10 shows a year, not necessarily all through axs, but probably a fair split or slight majority. Save the pdf email that comes with tickets attached, as that email bailed me out a couple of times after other encounters with their poorly working app. Speaking of poor service, called the customer service number, took several minutes just to get through the automated prompts, then waited for an “operator”. And waited. And waited. After several more minutes, I thought hmm, I’m just going to put my phone on speaker, do a little work on my laptop, and set a timer to start truly counting the minutes. I got to an HOUR solid, no kidding, without EVER getting a live person on the phone. And that was after the minutes that passed by before I actually set the timer. Boooooo Axs. How you have this market largely cornered is beyond me.

Jdg401, Apr 15, 2018

I bought tickets in May but the catch was apparently it wouldn’t be processed until the end of July two months after I bought the tickets. So the email said it wouldn’t be in my account until July 22 at 10 am. Here I am July 22 after 10 am and they still haven’t gone in my account and the concert is in a week. I should add I can’t go to the concert anymore. No big deal I can just sell the ticket. Except I can’t because there’s NO TICKET. it says “it will appear here there might be a delay” my guy I’ve literally already waited over 2 months there shouldn’t be a delay. It’s already going to be risky trying to sell it a week before the concert which is whatever— but I still haven’t gotten my ticket. Customer service is nonexistent. It’s a self help thing that just has FAQ but no number to call and it says you can’t ask for help from a real person until you only have 48 hours until the event. What was the big fee they add on for if I don’t have my ticket and I can’t have any customer support? And the fact you have to have this stupid app to even get your ticket is ridiculous. I will NEVER buy a ticket that requires AXS I regret buying this ticket and y’all need to give me my $200+ ticket now.

Katherineanf 💚💚, Jul 15, 2022
Not An Easy Switch

I’ve used the Flash Seats app for years with no problems. Recently, after making a purchase I was informed that AXS would be taking the place of the discontinued Flash Seats app effective 8/30. I didn’t have a problem with the transition until I downloaded AXS and attempted to login. It was explained that if you had Flash Seats then you already had an account in AXS waiting for you. Understandably, you’d only have to reset your password and then you’d have access to all your account content.Unfortunately, after I downloaded this horrible app, it wouldn’t allow me to sign in. I requested a password and followed the instructions, but that didn’t resolve the situation. Every time I try to sign in, after creating a new password with my already existing email address on file, I’m told that There is an account error and I need to be redirected to the help page or live chat. At that point I’m told it is “cookie” related and I can’t proceed in Safari without changing my settings. The only problem is, I’m not using Safari so it should make a difference. I’m annoyed with this application and don’t even care to resolve the issue.I’m going to really miss the easy use of Flash Seats. Too bad it makes you give this app at least one star on the review. This app is absolute garbage!!!

Myersmlaw, Aug 03, 2020


Tap for tickets to see the artists and teams you love. With the AXS app, you can find great events near you, buy 100% official tickets, sell your seats if you can’t go, and more. It’s all a fan needs, all in one app.

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