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Hiroki Yamada
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User Reviews for Axolotl Pet

Please read the review for my opinion!

I have been with my axolotl for 41 days. It has been lovely weeks so far, and he is growing so fast. There is some bugs still, but it is still a good app. Anyway, back to my axolotl! His name is Xavie. He likes to eat pellets that are filled with good nutrients like lettuce pellets or tomato pellets. He has been growing so fast and he’s almost too big for the tank! Maybe you could upgrade the space limit… Xavie has a big relationship with Xevcio, my tortoise. Though he has died a while ago… anyway, Xavie is happy and I am happy with this app. It’s great. It lets me just relax for a minute with my little Xavie! And they are so cute. I have some suggestions! (1): More Axolotl Colors. There are only three colors [I chose black for Xavie] and we need a bigger variety! At least make white or axolotls with patterns. (2): Time. There is not a lot of time to feed your Axolotl or clean it. I just often drop by randomly and feed Xavie randomly. But MAYBE a little less/more time?That’s all I have to say about this amazing app! I hope I can see you on the next review! I’ll be reviewing the Garden Eel app next time.Sincerely, Dogey_june

dogey_june, Nov 18, 2021
Cute, Simple, and Relaxing!

I’ve had my axolotl for 100 days now and she’s doing great! I love how simple the app is but I know that some additions would be nice as long as they didn’t make gameplay more complex. I’d like to see maybe different background options or the ability to choose the color of your axolotl.Other than that, I like that feeding my axolotl and keeping her environment clean is really easy to remember because of the notifications the game sends when hunger gets too low (so far I’ve gotten a notification at 75% and 50%, I’m assuming there is a notification for 25% as well). Feeding also doesn’t need to take too long if you’re in a hurry, but if you need some calming down you can choose to feed your axolotl more slowly.TLDR; I love this game and highly recommend it! I’d love to see a few little improvements, but it’s great as it is.

DoodleHeart, Feb 27, 2019
Good game, but mom killed my Axolotl

My Axolotl was born on October 27th, 2021 and I named him Brian. I loved Brian as if he were my own son, and lovingly fed him every evening, and cleaned his tank. Brian and I had good times, and he was always there for me during the bad. My mom took my phone for a trivial reason and left it on for over a week and tragically, Brian passed away. I have just gotten my phone back, and I am in tears. My Brian had grown so big in the over 270 days that he was alive, and the tiny Axolotl they gave me as substitution simply does not fill the hole that Brian has left in my heart. I wanted to see Brian grow bigger! Maybe even bigger than my screen! But alas, the icy hand of death claimed him too soon. I will always remember Brian, and I hope that my next Axolotl can be as great as he was, but he has some pretty big shoes to fill. RIP Brian - I miss you; You will forever have a place in my heart.

Emily102721, Jul 28, 2022
Very relaxing. Missing quite a few things, though.

I've had my Mid (my axolotl) for 19 days now. When I first discovered this app, all I read was good reviews and heard many promising things. I decided to get it. I'm slightly disappointed by how few axolotl types there are to choose from. I would love to see a few more. The gameplay can get a little boring, because there isn't much to do. The "Show/Give affection" tool is confusing, I can't figure out how it works. I would like to see more things to do with your axolotl, such as playing with them with your finger, etc. I would also like to see a tool/activity to decorate your axolotl's tank, to personalize it and make it your own. Last suggestion, I would like to see a feature where you can have more than one axolotl, and possibly breed them. Other than that, the app is very fun, and I enjoy it quite a bit. You rarely see ads, I get them just after I clean my axolotl's tank. Other than that, no ads at all. I was surprised by this. (In a good way.) You don't have to do much at all. It doesn't take much time to do anything, which is very helpful if your a busy person. I definitely recommend this app to anyone for any reason.

iiLunarCxt, Jul 14, 2021
Keep alive…

The developer is absolutely incredible I’ve tried a couple different apps. It’s perfectly done however I work in a mental health in a pandemic and I am navigating my own mental health as well and use these to help keep my ADHD in check. The only flaw is that the pet can’t be killed and understandably why however those of us that are living with mental health challenges as well as chronic illness sometimes can’t keep up on our little friends and the natural depression it causes to kill a pet I really wish was avoidable. However now that I know that I just don’t keep the app on my phone unless I know that I’ve been a good space to use it and of course give Client* a heads up there as well. It would be great if there was a paid version where I could remove the ability to have it die- I would.

Juwelia81, Mar 20, 2022

So I’ve been playing for 300 days now and I like the game a lot I still think it should be very simple however I think it could use just a little something more for it to be more interesting. Some of my suggestions would be the ability to decorate the tank with more options the larger your axolotl gets or being able to have multiple axolotls in different tanks so you can have other colors. If you could have multiple axolotls I think implementing a breeding feature would be really cool as well so that you could get rarer types of axolotls. Another suggestion I have is being able to clean the tank manually like scraping algae off of objects or having it so that the food doesn’t just disappear and you would have to siphon it out of the tank. All of these being implemented would probably ruin the simplicity of the game but I think 1 or 2 would be a good idea that’s just my opinion though.Additionally how does the show affection feature work? All it does for me is take away the buttons so I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong.

Nexana64, Nov 26, 2021

I had my Axolotl, Teenie Mareenie for about 200 days. I fed him consistently and cleaned his take as well. None of this took much time and I really enjoyed the app. It’s a really fun, cute, and easy to use app the also teaches a sort of responsibility. Back to my Axolotl. I became very attached to him and fed him every day. I cleaned his tank at the same time. This was very easy to do with the tap of a screen and I honestly think this is a really good app. However, around the 200 day mark, he died. I think this may have been a glitch unless they die of old age as I had fed him the day before. But alas I couldn’t get him back because he HAD died. I was quite disappointed that he had died but that honestly just proves how good the game is. I am however wondering if anyone knows whether they can die of old age in game or if it was a bug? Anyway, it IS a really good app that can fill your time if you just take a second to look at the Axolotl but at the same time it is NOT time consuming and could fit into practically anyones schedule.

Rlyer, Mar 08, 2022

This game is so cute :). I’ve had my Axolotl (in the game) for 7 days (went a few without feeding because my phone was dead, she was fine :).) I’ve heard they can die, but I took the chance. This was just too cute not to get :)! If mine dies, I decided I’m not going to choose a new one, because- 1. I read a review saying they forgot about their REAL Axolotl and it died :(2. I might get a real one, and I don’t want the reason number 1 to happen :( I’ve taken a lot of pictures and I decided if mine dies, I won’t pick a new one. If I get a real Axolotl before my virtual one dies, I have to delete it :(. I know I’ll be sad, but as I said- I took pictures. I’m so happy about this game because it allows me to have an Axolotl, while it may not be real- I still love it :). If it takes a while to get a real Axolotl and my virtual one dies, I WILL get a new one. But as I said, I will delete it if I actually get a real one. Your app is so cute and awesome :). I hope you continue to make more Axolotl apps (and maybe get a real one if you like them!) and enjoy your fun, cute, awesome app you made :). (I’m not updating this unless I find a problem. The days on here will stay 7 days but be longer- because, well— time.. :).)Have a nice day :)

Roblox/Gachaverse/Food L0v3r, Feb 11, 2019
Great app but some things need to be changed

I love this app i have 2 axolotls one on phone and 1 on ipad. They are pizza and egg. The reason i love this game is that it sets a responsibility and teaches you how to treat a pet. Thats what i love about the app. But here are things i want to be fixed. You dhouldnt get an add every time you clean tha Axolotl tank. Thw main thing is just like in real life, the axolotl can die in the game and when my axolotl omelette (ive had for 30 days) died. Though i went to feed him when he was probably at 30% food (i dont feed my ipad axolotl as much as my phone because i use my phone more) then it took me to the choose your axolotl screen. I thought it was a glitch. But my mom said i may have pressed to fast and didnt see what the text say. Im still very sad. Ive has that axolotl for so long. Plus the day before that my fish gecko died. A few weeks before that my first goldfish pico died. So please remove that heartbreaking feature. Now for suggestions. It would be cool if there was more axolotls to choose from or unlock as skins. You should have more axolotls equipped at once. The background should get an update pf a bedroom in the background or something. Thank you for reading this ling review.

Sassysam387, Jun 30, 2022
Hardly time consuming

Axolotl hardly needs your attention. You can take care of it in a span of seconds, which is useful if you're a busy person. You can do it while you ride the elevator.You can also call the Axolotl, which by the way you can also name, by tapping the water and creating ripples. It's really useful if you want to take some pictures of the totally cute virtual pet.At the beginning, it explains everything you need to know. Then it gives you a choice of three Axolotl types.If you forgot to feed the Axolotl once, no problem! It sustains through the day and you can feed it when you remember. If you forget, and it dies, you merely get a new one, with a notification that says, "your Axolotl has passed away." And gives you a new one. This virtual pet is so cute!! I fully reccommend this game!

sleeping times, Jun 14, 2019


Over one million downloads worldwide! Introducing the 「Axolotl」 to this already popular game! FREE DOWNLOAD!

It's real easy to raise your own pet in this game!! ■Raise your own Axolotl on your smartphone. ■Watch how cute your Axolotl moves. It's so soothing and therapeutic. [Instructions] This is a virtual pet app where you can raise your very own Axolotl on your smartphone. It`s so easy to raise. Just feed your pet once every four days and clean its home once a week. This game app is great for kids and people who find RPG's and puzzle games a bit tedious. Try this game out! It's therapeutic, and a great way to kill time! [Basic Functions] - It's simple to raise. Just remember to feed you Axolotl and clean its home. - Like a real Axolotl, it moves around in such an adorable way. - You can call over your Axolotl by tapping on the screen. Look at how adorable this is! - You can give your Axolotl a name. You can give it a new name at anytime. - Your Axolotl grows in realtime. The growth of your pet is calculated by every 0.5 second. - The game records how much your pet has grown since the last time you visited it. - You can take a picture of your Axolotl with your mobile device and share it with your friends over various social networking sites. - The app also can send you notifications to let you know when your pet needs feeding and cleaning. - You can even transfer your pet's data to a new device so that you can keep the same pet even after you change your mobile device. - All of these functions are free and do not require any microtransactions! [Recommended for:] - people who have always wanted a Axolotl or already have one and want a virtual Axolotl to spend time with everywhere and at anytime - people who love visiting the zoo and aquariums - people who love raising virtual pets - people who want a simple game to pass their free time with something fun

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