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Awesome Voice Recorder PRO AVR

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Awesome Voice Recorder PRO AVR

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User Reviews for Awesome Voice Recorder PRO AVR

Very nice app to work with

Sadly I get errors with IOS 11.4 and watch OS 4.3.1, both standard releases. The errors say the app is not updated. On the watch it just acts like a remote for the phone. This does not allow recording to the watch or using the watch microphone. This is acceptable but don’t call it a watch app, call it a watch remote However, on the phone it seems to work ok, after the initial error. This works good and has good quality.

Antiduplicity, Jun 09, 2018
Recorder with the function I want!

I especiallyI use this app like that this recorder plays back on repeat and is easy to use! Also, I had a problem with this recorder, wrote the support and it was fixed the next morning. I would recommend that you get it!

Bandman39, Aug 20, 2021
Good stuff

Most impressive is the fact that they have a logical sortable default date format for naming files, unlike basically every other app on earth! I really wish you could choose multiple files for export to Dropbox, and choose a destination folder. Other than that, great.

Beach2005, Mar 16, 2019
Shady, and difficult to edit

Tried to sync this app to my Google drive, but Google would not allow it because “this app tried to access sensitive info in your Google account.”Also, I could not figure out how to trim the ends off the audio file — editing seems difficult.And I really wanted this to simply access the standard iOS sharing interface so I could send an audio file over iMessage, but it does not do that. Not a great file sharing experience.

Bill F 666, May 13, 2022
Excellent overall. Some operations are obscure

Excellent pick up and play back. Good filing system. Shares easily. My one complaint is that the in-app instructions are not clear enough for first time users. I wanted to combine a few files into one longer file and the instructions were not clear on how to do this. Getting to the “combine” screen was difficult. I had to eventually edit the file then trust that the two chain link symbol was actually the control to bring up the “combine” screen referenced in the help file. It was. The help file referenced “combine” but provided no instructions for how to bring it up.

Eindecker, Apr 26, 2018

12/22 update: even though I’ve paid for the pro version it’s not letting me rewind faster than 5 seconds. This app isn’t working as promised. I’m not receiving the benefits I’m suppose to. Why is it telling me I need to purchase pro version when I ALREADY HAVE IT!I’ve been using the free version for years and finally decided to upgrade since I needed more personalization. This app fails to provide proper instructions on how to import from the free version. I had to struggle through it with my anxiety kicking in, it was very frustrating.But at last. I figured it out. Settings—> share —> Dropbox (only one that worked for me) —> sign inGo to the file you want to transfer, click icon with upward pointer —> share option —> select Dropbox.It’ll take you to another page, then select upload.Open Dropbox, locate uploaded files —> export —> AVR pro.Hopefully this helps someone. Other than that, I love the app. Very useful, just a major headaches transferring files. Thanks for coming to my Ted talk.

Everything_else_taken, Dec 22, 2020
Use on Apple Watch

This Voice Recorder App icon is not available for placement on the Apple Watch Face as a Complication - very disappointing, as it means I can’t simply tap the App icon from the Watch Face and begin to use. Without the complication icon available, I now must go through several steps to navigate and use the App — Big Drag! Please make this App available as an Apple Watch Complication. Note: I purchased this App specifically for Apple Watch.

IconicityWorks, May 26, 2019
Excellent recording app with couple of issues

I’m having this app for quite long and this is my preferred app for any voice recording need. Absolutely no complaints except following 2 items:1. Unable to record voice using Apple AirPod. Once recording pressed it cuts off AirPod and uses only device mic. I’m not happy with this kind of app behavior. I think this should be fixed2. If 5 recordings are in a folder & if I start playing the first one, it stops after that first audio. I expect it to play all 5 one after the other within the folder. This makes the whole playback experience manual.

Nikita.x, Jun 26, 2019
Quick and Versatile recording functionality.

Extremely satisfied. Very simple but useful tool for recording, reviewing and clipping. And the voice recording quality is fabulous on both iPhone and Apple Watch! You can use stealth (discreet) recording on iPhone with no problem, but don’t expect the same thing on Apple Watch. It’s simply designed for the quick instant recording on the go and simple record-pause-stop remote when recording on the phone(hard to exercise discretion). Waiting for updates for the multiple uploading to clouds, too.

RatorA, Aug 27, 2019

I’m a former National radio entertainment reporter and I currently have a show on air in Arizona. The quality of this app is just superb. I couldn’t be happier. It’s also very easy to transfer...upload, save. I strongly suggest you spend a few bucks to get the Pro version. Highly worth it!

RogerCG, Mar 25, 2018


■■■ #Rank 1 Business app in 35 Countries ■■■ ■■■ #Rank 5 Business app in 85 Countries ■■■ AVR is the best voice recording application with a cool interface and perfect functionality for business people, reporters, tutors, audio experts, sound engineers, school personnel, university students and those who need to manage voice memos. Support for Apple Watch Available on both iPhone and iPad. ■ Main functions - Direct recording MP3, WAV, M4A audio format - High quality audio recording - Unlimited recording time - Background recording - Wave display for recording status - Various audio quality options (11,025KHz, 22,050KHz, 44,100KHz,48,000KHz) - Mono/stereo recording - Records playable in various media - Restart voice recordings after phone call pause (Up to 3 minutes recording pause) - Add description to voice records - Fast and easy to use - Display recording file size - Safe stop for low battery and storage space - Bluetooth support - Supported audio formats (MP3,WAV,M4A,M4R) - 5 microphone designs. (Professional,Classic,Studio,Studio Pro) - App colour Themes (Dark / Light) - Added music library import function - Create a ringtone - File creation function with noise reduction - Sorting file function - Earphone remote control playback - Waveform pinch to zoom , Swipe to scroll ,Tap to set cursor ■ Powerful file Sharing & Management - Transfer files using iTunes - iCloud Drive , Dropbox , Box , GoogleDrive , OneDrive , SoundCloud - Email - AirDrop - Wi-Fi file management (upload,download,edit...) - File sharing / send files in another app “Open in” ■ Folder management You can create folders to save and control files Creating/editing/deleting/changing/moving ■ Repeated, slow or fast play You play repeatedly, slow or fast. Replay,Rewind,Forward / 0.1x ~ Play Fine-tune the playback speed ■ Trim&cut audio records You can trim&cut the voice records as you want.

You can use the left/right pointers to trim&cut the voice records and save it (mp3,wav,m4a,m4r) ■ Audio visualisation Voice records are visualised so that you can easily identify voice sections Sound visualization ■ Sound tag You can play immediately by adding several tags to one audio file at selected time Play at the location of tag ■ Sound file combination You can create one new file out of several audio file. Create a file by setting play sequence of several files ■ Noise Reduction Noise Reduction can reduce constant background sounds

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