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User Reviews for Autel Explorer


I’m extremely happy with Autel and am so glad I sold my Mavic. Autel app runs and connects great to my iPhone XS, app has an excellent design and features. I’m always excited for the next update, improving something that’s already great makes it a mind blowing experience! Great job Autel! You guys just need to bring out more stuff, and improve marketing to take out DJI. lol.

~KupCake, May 30, 2019
Latest update and firmware are flawed

I have both and Evo and Evo 2 Pro and both suffer from a new flaw introduced December 2021 using digital zoom in single photo mode with RAW (DNG) files. Only JPEGs will show the zoomed photo you thought you took. Let me be clear: this bug causes all RAW photos to be 1.0 magnification, even when you use AEB (producing hilariously bad results), regardless of the setting and what you “see” in the preview. This bug is a complete deal breaker on every conceivable level.

Databoyactual, Dec 20, 2021
Remedial interface errors and bad design choices

Mostly app problems but also EVO2 Pro bugsBlue text on black background becomes invisible in sunlight.Viewfinder is not WYSIWYG, live camera feed width on phone is scaled to fit entire width of phone display. Since phone aspect ratio doesn’t match, the top and bottom of recorded image gets cropped. This isn’t even reflected when grid lines are active. The X grid goes to corners of phone display not corners of image.Touching < or > at edges of sliding camera settings menu don’t cause menu to slide.Range limitation setting arbitrarily capped at 1,640’Unable to select modes such as “Dual stability” before launch.Menu labels internal memory as “Flash Card”Controller displays humble elevations ABOVE horizon as negative degrees.Video recordings limited to ~4:47. FAT32, exFAT no difference.Map display frequently reverts to zoomed out world view nobody would ever use.Buttons on bottom of controller too easy to activate. Controller is too small for adult hands.Controller display is too bright for night flights and isn’t adjustable.App on iPad is back to 2010 scaling trick.No way to force app to check for firmware updates. Must wait until app offers updates or manually load via as card. Current there are updates but app is not offering them.

Halfdonkeyed, Jul 08, 2020
Steps to Greatness

The App and the Drone is Great!!! Autel did it again!Here are my recommendations to take the Autel App and drone experience into 5 ⭐️ :1. Develop basic game to practice flying with the different controller modes. This way people can practice and fly while lying in there bed. This translate into means more utilization of the app which means more data which means more specific ads that concludes with higher conversions.2. Have you ever heard of “Button mapping”? It’s the process of simply reconfiguring or customizing a pre-established button layout to the unique preference of the user. You all should consider this. The three remote modes are not to my liking. I want to fly with the same movement controls as the drone in my video game 🎮 . That’s it! I got more but do those two things and everyone would go crazy! ✌🏾

Jbizzle117, Jul 04, 2020
Intelligent flight modes are non-functional.

I really want to love this app and the Evo 2 altogether. The videos I have watched make this thing seem like a powerhouse. Manual flying and some dynamic tracking functions work, however viewpoint and smart orbit DO NOT function. It prompts me to tap the screen, and nothing happens or it kicks me back into manual mode. This is incredibly frustrating. Also, the waypoint mission only works upon takeoff. I cannot start a new mission while in flight. I’m sure some issues are due to me being naive and user error, however the intelligent modes not working seems like a software compatibility issue. I hope these are resolved so I can really put this thing to work!

monico303, Dec 02, 2020
Buggy App!!!!!!

If I change from video to photo, it will freeze until I close the app out completely and go back in and vice versa!!! Not good for work flow, have to spend 2-5 minutes correcting the issue. I don’t have this issue using the controller. So it’s definitely the app!!

Mrmann1970, Oct 25, 2021
Recorded Flight Records Cannot Be Sync'd With Or From Any iPad

The latest iOS update was supposed to add the flight recording feature to all iOS devices. It does, but you will only be able to sync them from an iPhone! On any iPad, which is supposed to be supported, too, you cannot sync the recorded flight records because the CANCEL button and the CLEAR LOCAL buttons cover the START button and the 6 MONTH and ALL buttons and no other places on the screen are active. A simple screen redesign of the sync screen on the iPhone that would scale properly on an iPad would solve the problem. Don't they take the time to see what app looks like on an iPad before release???

PhotosByPhil, May 25, 2019

Easy to navigate the UI & also has good flight & GPS information on screen also easy to change camera settings! One thing I’d like to see outta the iPad version is native full screen support so I wouldn’t have to use the smartphone also I’d be nice to set it up on a tripod or one of those aftermarket controller tablet holders!

Pricelessppp, Feb 05, 2020
Most things seem to work.

The viewpoint intelligent mode does not work. I set my point, hit start, and the drone simply hovers. This is a simple and yet effective intelligent mode that would simply make my workflow much easier. I hope they fix it soon. As of writing this review, I fly the Evo 2 pro using my iPhone 12 Pro Max, and the iPhone, drone, and app are all up to date.

SuperfoodRN, Feb 28, 2021
Problem from the start

This is the worst Drone I’ve ever purchased there’s problems from the startThe camera doesn’t work and the SD card will not register as being installed I do not recommend this company

will joehlin, Apr 20, 2022


With the new Autel Explorer App, it's easy to control your Autel Robotics EVO I, EVO II, EVO II Pro, and EVO II Dual. Your mobile device will act as the central monitor (HD Live View) for remote piloting control, aerial photography, filming, and flight parameter tuning to achieve optimal performance. Monitor your aircraft data and use the autopilot features such as Dynamic Track, Tripod Track, Parallel Track, Viewpoint, Orbit, Gesture Control, Precision Flight, Dual Stability, Waypoint Flight, Rectangular and Polygon Mission (Some features are only available on the EVO II series).

For Use With: Autel Robotics EVO I, EVO II, EVO II Pro, and EVO II Dual Features: • Improved user interface with an optimized user experience • Enjoy the FHD live video feed from your 4K, 6K, 8K, and FLIR thermal camera • Professional camera settings • Support up to 8K and up to 120fps (at 2.7K) video recording and Picture in Video • Easily configure your aircraft’s flight control settings • Real-time monitoring of aircraft flight data and status • Upgraded flight safety: Failsafe feature and Low-battery RTH Countdown • More intelligent autopilot features: EVO: Dynamic Track, Viewpoint, Orbit, Waypoint flight, Rectangular route, and Polygon Mission. EVO II Series: In addition to the features available on EVO, Tripod Track, Parallel Track, Gesture Control, Precision Flight, and Dual Stability

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