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User Reviews for Audiobooks.com: Get audiobooks

Great Functionality

Overall, this is a really good app. It has great functionality and I really like that, unlike Audible, I can use my credits within the app. I’ve also used the Scribd app in the past and whenever I adjust the volume in my car it pauses the app, which is really frustrating. I never have that issue here though, which is great.As I said the app has great functionality, but there are a few things in the UI that didn’t seem the most intuitive to me as I read Gregg Horowitz’s Out of the Dark. First, the “hamburger” icon on the top right opens the left side nav, which is both unexpected an unintuitive. There’s also kind of a high learning curve remembering where the wish list is. I expected this to be just another item listed within the side nav, but you have to tap on My Books to get to it. When you think about it, this is a very logical and useful place since it allows you to more easily compare what books you have now with what you want to read in the future, but I find I have to poke around almost every time to remember where it is.

|)Rock, Jun 16, 2019
Awesome, but needs bugs fixed and improvements

The Audiobooks player is packed with features and looks beautiful. However, the companion watch app on my latest IOS Series 5 watch shows left / right repeat buttons too small , too close to the lower side corners, and won’t register when tapped. Then I’ve had my watch freeze and I have to reboot watch. The shape of the repeat buttons isn’t right either as they should be fully round. The buttons on my iPhone 11 Pro Max show the adjustment i made to “15 seconds”. The watch app won’t update and still shows the default “30 seconds” before I changed It on my phone. Lastly, the watch app is missing next / previous track controls. I’m just now even noticing the watch app going to black screen and main app crashes. Also, while I appreciate the app downloads the book, there are other things I don’t like and have questions about : 1. MP3 Audio books are available all over the internet, why is it Audiobooks will not let us download and play on our own players? 2. Why were we not told clearly in advance that we aren’t going to download a mp3? 3. Why are we not told whether we get to use the downloaded audio without time constraints without purchasing the membership? I hope there is a resolution quickly , as I can’t use this product at work without my watch very well and seems little shady not being informed as a customer.

CSiegell, Jun 29, 2020
Solid alternative to Audible with one key negative

Like many others, I signed up when up when I saw the offer of 3 free credits during the trial. As others have mentioned, this is somewhat deceptive because the third credit is limited to VIP selections, but it’s still a good introductory deal. So far, the book selection looks fine to me - maybe not quite as extensive as Audible, but pretty close. I primarily read history and most everything f I searched for was available. My one key complaint is that the books download as one large block - no chapter headings or any way to really navigate the book outside of manually fast forwarding or setting your own bookmarks. I’ve been listening to Margaret MacMillan’s “The War That Ended Peace,” which is a 30+ hour book on the causes of the First World War. It’s a great listen and I haven’t had issues with it this far, but with a boom this dense I can see a situation in the future where I might want to jump to a particular chapter or section of the book and that’s going to be much harder to do without any sort of chapter links/headings. I assumed that chapter breaks would be kind of standard for streaming audiobooks at this point t, so hopefully those will be added at some point. That’s my main complaint, but otherwise a solid experience so far.

goodfelladh, Dec 02, 2020
So far so good

I just got this app yesterday but so far so good. There is one feature I can’t seem to find and am slightly annoyed by. However that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, but if it does I wish it was easier to figure out. Here it is, it seems like you get to select a playback option in the settings (for example mine is 30 seconds) but after you choose it seems you’re stuck with just that option. Sure change it again but I’d like to be able to go back 30 seconds AND go back a chapter. There doesn’t seem to be an easy way to restart a chapter or select a chapter specifically. Now like I said I haven’t spent any time looking for any tips or instructions for using this app, so maybe it’s right there and I haven’t realized it yet. But if that’s the case then I’d say this app is quite similar to audible, but not as user friendly in that way. Still, I’d recommend this app for anyone wanting to listen to audiobooks. The playback thing is minor and may not bother most people so clearly they’re doing everything else ok, so worth a download if you’re interested in audiobooks.

J.Wood1023, Oct 11, 2017
Pretty good app!!

I tried out Audiobooks because they offered me some free books and a free trial period. I’m in my trial period and have been exploring the app. I LOVE the way I can trade a credit for free access to a large library of popular books in the Audiobooks Club. It offers several categories to choose from and one of the categories includes selections available from all the categories. I can binge listen for free to books that would require a credit to be used on another reading app I have. Also it is cool that each month I receive one credit for any book along with one credit for a VIP book. The VIP section has a limited number of books to choose from, but there are many interesting titles. Also there are so many news casts, podcasts, magazines and free books available. The Free Books section has newer edition books and a lot of classic literature available. I get really caught up looking at the entire list and viewing a number of books written by writers from the past - Jane Austen, Mark Train, Aristotle, James Fenimore Lewis, Lewis Carrol and many more! My first listen was The Vanishing Half: A Novel by Brit Bennet for my book club. This was a very interesting read! I rate this 4 stars rather than 5, because it was sometimes a bit difficult for me to fully navigate the app at first. After some trial and error, I have no problems now.Dfnurse777

momma d on the go, Dec 03, 2021
Poor App

Not ready for primetime, at least on my iphone 7 running 12.4.1. The basic problem is the thing is always looking for a network connection before it wants to play, even if you’ve downloaded the book to your device. Very often if you want to start listening when you don’t have a connection (and lots of us live in rural areas where the network goes in and out depending on where you are) the app just refuses to open, sticking on a spinning logo. Further, once it does open, and the books is playing, it will shut down again regularly if it goes through an area with no connection - again, this is trying to play books that you have downloaded to your phone specifically to get around the problem of spotty networks. Finally, when you’re back up and running, it will give you a dialog showing a choice between two saved bookmarks and will ask you which one of these you want to start playing from - usually neither of these bookmarks are within 10 minutes of where you actually stopped listening.I contacted the company once to see if I was doing anything wrong, and the nice young lady somewhat sheepishly acknowledged that the problems I outlined did indeed exist. There’s been at least one update since then, but it hasn’t got any better. It’s a shame, because I really want there to be a solid competitor to Audible, but Audiobooks dot com books can only be played on this app, and this app is really quite poor.

mpmusicny, Dec 21, 2019
Good app, could be great

Downloaded the app because vision problems make reading difficult and audiobooks allow me to continue to pursue my life-long love of books. I’ve been using both OverDrive and Audible in the past. Chose Believing the Lie by Elizabeth George as my first selection because it is not available from my library. There is a nice selection here, which is very appreciated for future audiobooks.The app works well so far but I would recommend two areas for improvement. I fall asleep while listening and as many other reviewers have stated it is not easy to scroll back to find where I fell asleep usung either the total time Seekbar or the Track Seekbar. The second improvement I would recommend is related-I wish a dark mode of the app were available because the play screen is largely bright white and a dark mode or less white space on the screen would make restarting the audiobook more pleasant in the middle of the night, especially since scrolling to find my spot is more difficult using this app.

R M27, Jan 17, 2022
Good but needs some work

The app isn’t as intuitive as it could be - fly overs would help a lot over icons at the bottom. It would be excellent if it displayed the chapter that is currently playing. Tracks aren’t very helpful in trying to sort out where you are in the app. I like the fact that I can boost or slow the speed. More control from a locked screen would be excellent or even better it would be awesome to add some SIRI controls when in the car or even at home showing the chapter. For instance, it would be excellent to easily pause the app from any app - widget for while doing other things when the phone rings. Similar to the small PIP of TV or video so control is offered no matter what screen or app I am in (transfer control to the widget to pause or speed up slow down)It would be nice to display on the Lock Screen (and the proposed widget) the sleep timer in effect and how much time remains before cutoff - you could EVEN offer the option to add X number of minutes easily to an existing timer. A quick add of a bookmark from the Lock Screen would be extremely useful if someone is using in the car - of course it would help if voice control could be implemented but a one button push for a quick bookmark would be excellent

Rovrallovr, Jan 26, 2021
Good enough, but could use work

Ok app, great service. Have only listened to one book so far but it was one of the 28 hour books in the Dark Tower series by Stephen King so I think I gave it a fair shot. I’d prefer if it allowed you to use chapter selections instead of choosing by track which just wasn’t the same since they aren’t labeled to give you an idea of what part of the book each track covers. Also the scrolling could use some work - it won’t allow you to simply drag to a different part. If I lost my place (used the book to help me fall asleep some nights) I’d have a hard time finding it again the next day - I’d screenshot the time I started and I’d then have to find the track that was closest then skip forward or backward in 30 second increments. There has to be a better way. But overall I like the app and they have a large selection of books. There hasn’t been a single book I’ve searched for that wasn’t available. Although the search function is also lacking. I don’t think it can find books through a partial title search. I tried searching for “Stephen king dark tower” and it gave me an error. Tried searching for “Stephen king song of” and got an error. He’s written so many books that simply scrolling through a search just for his name wasn’t finding the specific one I wanted. Finally searched for “dark tower vi” and found it. Maybe the coders don’t actually use the app, I don’t know, but I’m sure it would be better if they did.

Sara Gheesling, Mar 29, 2020
Good experience so far

I’ve just started using this app, but it seems to be everything you need and nothing you don’t. Not only does it have a good selection of books, plus an additional VIP book per month, the app function itself is ideal. It’s got a sleep timer, bookmarks for when you want to go back to something that really impacted you, plus the ability to change the speed which I usually bump up to 1.5 when I listen to audiobooks now. It helps me get so much more reading in, and you don’t sacrifice quality in the process. I also LOVE that it shows where you are in the book as a whole (like 1:55 of 7:42) but it gives you different tracks within that too! It’s really nice to get to see it broken down in little chunks in addition to your total progress. I first listened to the free VIP book “Nudge” and it was surprisingly good! Something I wouldn’t have normally picked to read but thought “why not” and I’m glad I did. We’ll see how things continue to go, but so far I think it’s a good service and a well functioning app.

saraemilypoarch, Sep 09, 2019


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