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Sylwester Los
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User Reviews for ArtStudio - Draw and Paint

Best I've Found

This is totally worth it. It can be a little buggy at times, but eventually you can work around those bugs. (except when it can rarely just close out and delete the drawing though) The zoom feature works very well, it can move the canvas off screen and zoom in to a single pixel even. It comes in handy a lot.My favorite thing though, is how customizable the brushes are. You can make your own, and the best part is stuff that you can add to it, like fadeout, wetness, jitter, there are tons of stuff that you can change the levels of until you get what you're looking for.

~Juniper Falcon~, Jan 14, 2017
Wow. Almost 5 years with this app

My last review was from 3 years ago but I've been using this app for 4 and a half years. Since I had a lack the usage of a computer I never had photoshop or adobe illustrator..I do now and I didn't start from scratch on there because of my 4 year skill of this amazing app. I've used this app for many things starting from drawing to photo editing. I greatly recommend this app to anyone from rookie to skilled, because even ME, started from rookie to skilled, and I have this app to thank.. Thanks guys for making this amazing app and for reading my review :)

💨💨💨💀, Jan 30, 2016
Worked fine UNTIL TODAY

I’ve used this app for many years. It makes for a great art program and photoshop substitute. However, today was the day your app gave me issues and made me livid. Whenever I had left out of the app for barely a second, it would reopen as if I’m opening it for the first time in a while and undo whatever I had that wasn’t saved. And then, it turned all of my art into barcodes for some stupid reason. I would try to reload it without saving and it shows the original picture in the thumbnail but it reloads the image as barcodes. An entire day of work is all gone because of this random bug that showed up out of nowhere and ruined everything. Words cannot express the anger and frustration I feel towards this product that I’ve had zero issues with since I puchaswd it within the several years I’ve used this product.

Blu3 star, Jan 06, 2022
Long Term User - and Definitely a BIG FAN!

I’ve been using this App for over 5 yrs and as a Graphic Designer and Marketing Consultant, this has hands down been my favorite Illustration and Creation App, so EASY and has been ahead of its time (I have pointed so many people to this App!), Long (like literally years) before other Apps had even remotely reacher this level of Customization. It’s like A.I. but with less clicks to get things done, and a lot less complicated..I Love using this App and I have used it to create Personal Artwork, Photo Graphics for Websites, Missing Person Fliers, Instagram & Other Social Media Post Pics, Etc., it’s so flexible that the possibilities are simply Endless as Your Imagination! Thanks for a Great App!

Curiosityscat, Sep 07, 2020
Amazing App

I have been using this app for 6 1/2 years now. An old friendbof me showed me this app as their "Secret art program", and I have been hooked since! I love how you can create such amazing, colorful artworks with this. Also, the brushes are the best. There are some things I cannot find anywhere else in an art program, like the burn tool! I'm obsessed with that tool! It creates such vivid and eye pleasing colors in my art! I use this to draw nostalgic characters very often. I can't tell how satisfied I am with this app. It constantly makes me feel happy and nostalgic!

Glitterboi✨, Feb 15, 2022
I want to be able to save my drawings!

So I use this app on my iPad because long story short I accidentally bought the wrong version. I have no complaints about it, I actually love it, I just feel like the creators completely forgot about this app. It hasn't updated in years, and like many apps it's far from perfect. I would like the option to cloud all my drawings sketches that are works in progress. Recently my iPad screen got destroyed and I have to get it reset, but it may require a reset which will possibly make my loose all my apps. It's not a problem for most apps because the data is saved, but from prior experience of having to reset my device, i know that all the data will be deleted off the app if the device is reset. Please bring back the legacy option or something, I don't want to loose all of my progress 😰

Kuro Katt, Oct 15, 2016
So useful!

I have been using this app I believe since my very first iPhone, ok maybe the one after that. I still can’t believe some of the amazing things it allows you to do that you really cannot do with any other app. It’s a little on the technical side but it’s the only app I have that I can make cut and paste collages like the kinds you used to be able to create with Paint. And those are still really fun. I use it for way more that just that- it’s also useful as a legit “photoshopping” text tool for documents, and many other things they just don’t make apps for anymore. Thank you so much to the app creators! You guys made a real gem!

Lil' Red Ridin' Hood, May 14, 2021
Great app, but buggy.

I've been using this app for so many years, I can't count them. It's always been such a great tool to use, and I love it so much. I would give it 5 stars, but unfortunately it's been quite buggy lately. Often, even after saving my canvas, it will destroy it and not let me undo it. Like, I'll open a different app for a moment, and when I go back to this app, the entire thing is basically murdered. It is extremely distorted, basically appearing as a bunch of straight lines dripping down the canvas in the colours I was using. I can't hit undo, when I try to reload the project it's still the same, and there's nothing I can do to return to my actual drawing. This has happened multiple times over the past 2 years, and it's quite frustrating considering the amount of effort I put into my art. I simply do not have the time to put up with this. I can't afford to spent hours on a portrait, only for all my work to be literally wiped down the screen. The app is absolutely wonderful, but this bug has made insanely furious.

Luna is my new name, Feb 28, 2016
Tool That Copies Color

I wrote this for another reviewer, but I do not see his/her review anymore. I believe the Tool That Copies the Exact Color is the EYEDROPPER, of which there is one inside the app. You can find it by scrolling all the way down the left toolbar which also contains the pencil, the brush, the bucket, and several other tools. Then long-press on a color and the eyedropper picks up that color. You will see the picked-up color on the other toolbar - the toolbar with the colors. The picked-up color will show on the top square. Also there is a User's Manual which you can download from the website right on your iPad or phone. Just tap on "ArtStudio" on the top toolbar at your left. Then look 4 spaces down and you will see the User's Manual. Tap on that and it will take you to the website. From there you can "open in iBooks" if you like and save the User's Manual in iBooks for future reference. I hope that helped. - I wrote a review back on December 19, 2015 and here it is: I have had and used this app for several years. It's my app for creating just about anything I choose. I have used it to create cartoon characters, backgrounds, text, photo editing; with filters and distortion, and more. It's indispensable! I only wish I can go out and buy an iPad Pro or something greater than my old iPad. Ooooh, I would also love an Apple Pencil. Are you listening Santa?

sorry4ever, Oct 07, 2017
Worth every penny

This app is by far the best app I could possibly recommend to any artist. I started with the light version at first because the price was a bit hard to swallow, but seeing as how the quality was less I had to see if the full was worth it, and it 100% totally is. I personally enjoy it for photography purposes as well as digital art. It's like a mini photoshop you can have on your phone for half the price. I import my photography, and with the array of tools they offer I can completely take out parts of the photo that were distracting, like a awkward cloud in the sky or telephone pole. You name it. For digital art, the app offers so many techniques and tools you can use to Make whatever you want and really I just can't express enough my appreciation and love for the app. If I had one request, it would be to make a laptop version that's equally affordable and easy to use. I often conquer big projects using this app and when enlarged on the computer the quality sometimes decreases. Having this program in my Mac I feel could eliminate that. But over all a terrific app!

Thihsfhi, Apr 21, 2016


*** This is the LEGACY version. ARTSTUDIO PRO, the successor to this app, is available now with many new features and improvements. Find it by searching for “Artstudio Pro” on the Mac/iOS App Store.

ArtStudio is the most comprehensive, sketching, painting and photo editing tool in the App Store. Completely re-designed from the ground up the new ArtStudio features a beautiful new user interface and a powerful new graphics engine to make creating works of art faster, easier, and more fun! Using advanced drawing algorithms this is the fastest and most precise version of ArtStudio to date. See the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P__arq3jk3U Follow us on twitter: http://twitter.com/lucky_clan Follow us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LuckyClanApps Gallery: http://flickr.com/groups/artstudioimages/ appmodo.com: "It doesn’t matter whether you’re a skilled artist or a newbie; ArtStudio is for you." appsmile.com: 5/5 "This is what PhotoShop Mobile wishes it had been." FEATURES: - flexible canvas size, max: 3024x4032(iPhone 6s), 3264x2448(iPhone 5/5s/6), 2592×1936 (iPhone 4s, iPhone 4), 2048×1536 (iPhone 3gs) - 16 tools: select, pencil, wet paintbrush, dry paintbrush, spray, dots, eraser, smudge, bucket fill, gradient, text, clone, heal, blur/sharpen, dodge/burn, eyedropper - 450 HIGH QUALITY BRUSHES (150 free, 300 paid) divided into 30 groups - custom brushes, max size: 500x500px - select tool: rect/ellipse/lasso/magic wand/by color, add/sub/intersect, contract/expand/round corners/border/... - text tool: over 150 system fonts, support of external TTF fonts (just upload .ttf file in iTunes using File Sharing), special text layer to easy edit text - favorites list to quickly access user's favorite brush settings - fully customizable stroke settings: blur, flip, size, opacity, spacing, fadeout, squeeze, angle, speed-size, speed-opacity, random flip, scatter, jitter-spacing, jitter-angle, jitter-size, jitter-squeeze, jitter-opacity, jitter-hue, jitter-saturation, jitter-lightness - symmetric drawing - guidelines, grid - shapes: lines, rectangles, ellipses, polygons (open, closed) - layer options: add, duplicate, merge down/visible, delete, lock alpha, show/hide, link, name, reorder, opacity, blending modes - layer masks - layer/selection transformations: move/scale/rotate with multi-touch, flip, rotate left/right, fill/erase - distort (skew, perspective etc) - 21 layer blending modes: normal, multiply, add, difference, screen, overlay, hue, saturation, color, value, ... - import from 'Camera Roll', camera, iTunes, clipboard - export as JPG/PNG/PSD to 'Camera Roll', email, clipboard, iTunes - multi-touch navigation with unlimited zoom - undo/redo with almost infinite number of steps - image resize (none, bilinear, bicubic, lanczos interpolations) , change canvas size, crop - 40 filters: gaussian/motion/radial blur, sharpen, unsharp mask, add noise, render clouds, edge detect, border/vignette and more - Elastify filter used to make incredible distortions - adjustments: brightness/contrast/exposure, hue/saturation/lightness, color balance, temperature, shadows/highlights, CURVES, auto contrast/colors/white balance and more - video tutorials ## IPAD VERSION AVAILABLE IN APP STORE ##

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