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Army Builder Roster Viewer

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Lone Wolf Development, Inc.
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User Reviews for Army Builder Roster Viewer


The app will not link to dropbox. Dropbox is the only way to import your list to the app. To be worthwhile the app needs to let you just build your list.

35)78@, Mar 10, 2019
Use It All the Time

The roster viewer is great. I can look at my saved rosters on my phone at work and check out adjustments I need to make for a game later that night.

Bladestorme, Apr 14, 2017
Major Flaw

A major flaw with this app is that you need to link it with Dropbox, which I don’t have and don’t want to get. If you don’t link the app to Dropbox, you can’t use it.

ChrisCraft1718, Jun 15, 2019
No longer usable or supported

Requires linking to old version of Dropbox which is impossible and the app’s website goes to a 404 error. Abandonware.

el traverino, Nov 12, 2019
Dropbox with a different skin

This app doesn't have rosters built in to calculate it just pulls files from a specific drop box folder. You could just download drop box

iKEEED, Aug 24, 2016
Does what it says

I've been using Army Builder for years ... It's a solid program. This app lets me view my rosters without printing them all out ahead of time, then losing them! It doesn't over advertise - you get your rosters without the pain of making PDFs and sending them to yourself to be read in a crummy format. If you like Army Builder this is a good add-on.

Leeds88Aa, Jan 03, 2015

This app is a huge letdown for me. I was expecting the full Army Builder as an app on the ipad/iphone. instead, this is simply duplicating the features of ‘export to pdf’, made more complicated by needing to download the app and sync to dropbox. There is no ability to build, edit or interract with army lists or entire army rosters. I’m a huge fan of Army Builder but when it comes to this product I have to ask why Lone Wolf wasted developer time on this. Huge letdown.

luke525, Oct 29, 2013
Must have if you use army builder!!

Only four stars for being a list viewer without the option to edit. That said, it's a great list viewer. Just make your lists on the PC the upload them to drop box and they will be with you wherever you take your phone. Also gives you the option to print your lists from your phone. Great space saver if you're going without a concrete idea of what list you're going to use.

Noip, Jun 04, 2015

This is just a viewer, you cannot build lists with this software.

Stormonu, Jun 20, 2017
Don’t waste your time

Couldn’t even log in to try to view anything. Just forces you to download Dropbox, and then won’t link to it.

taipei person, Jan 08, 2018


Banish printed rosters from your table with the Army Builder Roster Viewer! For users of the Army Builder brand roster creation tool, the FREE Army Builder Roster Viewer is now available for iPhone and iPad! Instead of printing out a roster for each game, the Army Builder Roster Viewer puts all your rosters at your fingertips.

No more forgetting a printout, or saving a PDF to your iPad to view during the game - the Roster Viewer does it all for you! We've integrated with Dropbox to make it as easy as possible to view your rosters. Instead of emailing yourself a PDF or transferring files via iTunes, simply save your rosters to Dropbox and have them instantly appear on your iPhone or iPad! Linking your free Dropbox account to the Roster Viewer lets your iPhone or iPad immediately see the list of rosters you’ve saved. If you're planning on playing more than one game in a day, loading multiple rosters onto your iPad is as simple as saving them all to your Dropbox! With just a few taps on the screen you can see multiple views of your roster , including a standard print-style list, a "card view" with individual cards for each unit, a mobile view optimized for use on the iPhone, or a simple tournament summary or model list. Army Builder is a game-system neutral tool that supports many games, including Flames of War, Warhammer, Warhammer 40,000, Lord of the Rings, Warmachine, Hordes, Warhammer Fantasy, Hail Caesar, Bolt Action, Dystopian Wars, and more. Create your roster with Army Builder on your desktop or laptop, and viewing it on your iPhone or iPad is easy with the Army Builder Roster Viewer! The Army Builder Roster Viewer requires rosters to be saved with Army Builder v3.4c or newer, a free update for anyone with an active license. Please note that this app is only a viewer - rosters must be created with the full version of Army Builder on your desktop or laptop, and loaded into this app for viewing. You can't edit rosters here, just view them. For more information, including a free demo download, check out our web site at http://www.wolflair.com/.

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