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User Reviews for Arabic Dictionary Premium


There is big problem in search bar Many times I can’t past any thing in it

ahmed3alali, May 17, 2020
Works well

A well functioning app, seems to work pretty well.

conformistmachinepeople, Sep 04, 2017
Very Good, but room for improvement

The app has an extensive dictionary searchable in English or Arabic and a good word of the day system - worth having! I bought the full version and am happy. But it would become infinitely better if the flash card part were improved by allowing the flash cards to be divided into groups rather than one gigantic stack, and if it could show you the cards at random rather than in alphabetical order, and if there was a way to mark the cards as "know" "not sure" "don't know" and have the app show the cards in an optimal way at random (seeing the cards you know less well more often until you mark them known)... And while the dictionary is big, it often has many words listed as possible meanings so some differentiation and nuance would help.

DDKns, Sep 21, 2013

This is a good functional glossary (not a dictionary), and hopefully will get even better. I gave it the benefit of the doubt and gave it 4 stars instead of 3 because it has pronunciation for Arabic as well as English. Some of the translations are strange, but overall, it's not bad. It's my current reference of choice. A fuzzy search function would be helpful for those of us who can't spell (is it a ت or a ط?). It would be fantastic if you could select a word where multiple translations appeared so we could look those words up directly.

Easy Hero, Jul 23, 2012
I love this app

I'm learning the Arabic language so this app is very useful for me and love to really keep on learning on the go❤️.

Eeyoresmily, Oct 22, 2017
Dark mode

where is the dark mode, we need the dark mode.

Haval Barwary, May 10, 2020
Sound does not work on iPhone 6s and iPhone 7

I purchased the app. Sound stopped working. Now this app worth nothing. Asked for help twice got nothing none.

Poor EMC user, Dec 04, 2018
Need to continue developing

The founder and editor of this wonderful application needs to continue developing the way the words and their meanings displayed.. more punctuations, better detailing about the type of word (n.), (v.), (adj.)... etc. and of course more meanings in both sides and even little examples that explain the right usage..Great dictionaries up their can be a great example of how should this dictionary should be..Please just don’t fall in the concept that this app is just for daily language use and go further to make for any kind of translation use..

Saeed Q., Jan 02, 2019
Gréât app

That is amazing app, i am impressed with how well functions. I could search any word in Arabic and get a very accurate meaning

Sela Yousef, Jan 07, 2019
Excellent and amaxing

This app is very helpful , useful and beneficial thanks

Walidmu, Feb 15, 2019


• Bilingual English to Arabic and Arabic to English dictionary • Arabic to English word and phrase translator and translation • Over 350K words and phrase can be used in offline • Offline pronunciation and translate any sentences • Scan text in image by pointing camera to search in dictionary • Designed for student, teacher, tourist and language learners • Having thesaurus, synonyms and antonyms • Translate individual words, phrases, or whole sentences • Tap a word for cross searching • Bookmark and Recent history for instant recall • Word of the day to learn IELTS, TOEFL and SAT words • Multiple games help to improve English and Arabic vocabulary • Offline Pronunciation helps to learn words properly • Flash card and Word of the Day helps to improve vocabulary • Phrase book, Phrase of the day and Phrase Card helps to speak common phrases • Quote of the Day improves wisdom and motivation قاموس عربى - مترجم لتعليم اللغة الإنجليزية • قاموس ثنائي زوج اللغة من الإنجليزية إلى عربى، ومن عربى إلى الإنجليزية • مترجم وخدمة ترجمة كلمات وعبارات من عربى إلى الإنجليزية • أكثر من 350 ألف كلمة وعبارة يمكن استخدامها دون اتصال بالإنترنت • تلفظ الكلمات دون الاتصال بالإنترنت وترجمة أي جمل • امسح النص الموجود بالصورة ضوئيًا عن طريق توجيه الكاميرا للبحث في القاموس • مصمم للطلاب والمعلمين والسائحين ومُعلمي اللغة • به قاموس مفردات ومترادفات ومتناقضات • إمكانية ترجمة الكلمات المفردة أو العبارات أو الجمل بأكملها • انقر على كلمة للبحث الموسع • خاصية العلامة المرجعية وذاكرة آخر عمليات البحث للاستدعاء السريع • خاصية كلمة اليوم لتعلم كلمات IELTS وTOEFL وSAT • ألعاب متعددة لمساعدتك في تحسين لغتك الإنجليزية ومفردات عربى • تلفظ الكلمات دون الاتصال بالإنترنت يساعدك في تعلم الكلمات كما ينبغي • بطاقات فلاش وكلمة اليوم يساعدونك في تحسين مفرداتك • مسرد العبارات وعبارة اليوم وبطاقة العبارات يسعدونك في تحدث العبارات الشائعة • اقتباس اليوم يحسّن الحكمة والتحفيز