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Applaydu family games

  • Education
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User Reviews for Applaydu family games

Best learning game ever

This is such a great game because you can do stories meet new friends you can make your own story to you can choose the things you want to do a color in some things in my favorite part is that when you press the camera button all the animals you have you can see them in like 3-D

cakerootoo, Jul 20, 2021
How good this game is but I have a question

This game is amazing because it does not have no ads because unlike of others they pretty much have ads this is from the eggs and you can like download the app and I did and it is like the best good for your child and I am nine years old and I like it and I’m in fourth grade it goes from like you can go to everyone even adults but it says it’s for like children from like I don’t know like some thing to nine but I can go away my higher but I do have a question about this how do you get like the thing that you built from the egg to go to that like how does on there like you can like I don’t know like first you have to build and then you have to download and then you like I don’t know what do we do please tell me because I am confused and I just got this game does not tell me on the instructions

creepy vampire face, Sep 18, 2021
Lovin it😍😍😍

Hi I hope you’re having fun today I love your app love and I appreciate you so sorry I just got to the start date because I’m not sure if it’s my phone I don’t have any time for me that I can just do that for all your doing good Morning I hope your day goes ok ok thank you for all the good luck with the rest of the week I love it thanks for letting me know I hope your doing good thank love for all you good luck and hope your day goes ok ok thank

disapointed always, May 18, 2021
Awesome Ness is in the air

Playing this game and I really like it I am done like so many things on it and everything is free you don’t have to pay for anything…………… So I just got this game and it was awesome I didn’t and I think you should get it because my family is awesome and I think that too but sometimes I just want the perfect game to play and relax playing it but I can’t really do that because of what I have to do my chores and everything so it gets hard to do stuff like that anyway love the game usually get it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💖💖❤️❤️❤️💖💖💖❤️💖❤️❤️📱

eat oily, May 30, 2022
Good game!

This is a very good game! If your a parent looking for a game for your young kids this is the one for you! You can make your hero name and chose a difficulty easy, medium, hard. You first get your own pet and you can chose a onesie or a mask that matches your animal oh forgot to say you can costume your avatar! You click a book with leads you to so many cool adventures you color an item along the way and you get a new pet every 4 or 5 stories! I really do recommend!

Ellen Hyland, Oct 20, 2021
Great app! But…

I’m 9 years old and I play this game. It kinda feels like a 3 year old game. Well, it probably IS a toddler game. ‘Cause my character is literally a BABY. I know lots of kids my age will enjoy this game, but turns out this game is for more little kids. I would suggest a elementary school mode for Applaydu. So more elementary school students could play this game. This game is a LOT of fun, no lie. But I would like to upgrade my character into a third grade kid. And Seriously, I read NOVELS, people! Can you at least add harder words at the reading part? Anyway, I still TOTALLY recommend Applaydu.

Ellymartin, Feb 20, 2023
Excellent quality and FREE

I thought this would be an advertising gimmick when I downloaded it for my 5-yr old. I couldn’t have been more wrong! This is a compendium of games that are exceedingly age appropriate (you can change the target age). Our son loves discovering new ones. They’re educational and require minimal parental intervention. And there are no ads, no add-ons to pay for, and it seems very stable (no crashes!). I couldn’t be more enthusiastic about this! I do have two other games that I pay a monthly subscription for and this is certainly up with those in terms of quality and quantity (of activities). The developers deserve a prize!

Gerry (UK), Dec 19, 2022
Impressed-doesn’t work great on our iPad though

My 4 year old daughter absolutely loves this app. Cute characters, educational parts to the story line, lots of activities within the app that allow for decision-making moments, upbeat music. I’m always wary of new free apps having content that is not age appropriate but that’s not the case with this app! ** The only reason I docked one star is this app works great on my iPhone but on the iPad, after just a few minutes, it glitches and just closes without warning. So the only way she can really enjoy using it is playing it on my phone which isn’t convenient or helpful to me!

Honhon1985, May 19, 2022
This game is amazing!

Because I’m poor I’m a little bit rich my dad said and it’s free it’s amazing it’s cool I’m like have a so many family in my side of family members I have like a one big family separated I have a helper because I am seven years old I am in Myanmar I live in Thanlyin Star city B1 408Remember that my room is 408 my tower is B1😵😵😵🤩🤩🤩🤩🥳Don’t think the 😵face The face is actually fainted

I love every app OMG, Mar 12, 2022
I love the game but….

The game is pretty good but… I like the old version of kinder… The version what’s with all the shapes you can make and this was my very good childhood I don’t know if you know the old version but if you do just make another game about kinder and make the old version because the old version is my childhood when I was young so if you could please make another game about it because I really miss it and I know it’s been a couple years when I didn’t tell you guys about it but I wanted to tell you about it. Are you to kinder developer that makes the kinder eggs and if you are please make the old version of the game if you do I would enjoy that very much Sophie you can do that I would be very happy with you and give it a five star rate but I’ll give it a 3 star rating it’s not bad at all that it’s just that I like the old version better. So if you could make the old version again I would really like the game again so thank you for making this game and keep up the good work❤️

JACOB Henry Anderson, Apr 19, 2023


**A DIGITAL REVOLUTION IN APPLAYDU SEASON 4** Welcome to the Edulands: the first digital world for kids filled with thematic islands where they can explore various universes to free their imagination. Watch as they become the heroes of their stories and discover more about the real world through the enriched animal experience of Natoons, physical activities with Joy of moving, petting characters, expanded home & avatar customizations, stimulating games, AR masks & stickers from iconic licenses! Teleport into this world with your family through the magic portal and join us for an unforgettable adventure in the Edulands! **APPLAYDU: A KINDER ADVENTURE FOR THE FAMILY** Applaydu’s magic portal teleports kids aged 4 to 9 into a world where they can bring their physical heroes to life in AR and engage in family activities that support their growth: from arts & crafts to stories & stimulating games about numbers, animals, and geography, some even in offline multiplayer!

Watch as their imaginations grow while they craft unique homes, avatars and personalized bedtime stories filled with magic. Applaydu by Kinder is 100% kid-safe, playable offline, ad-free, has no in-app purchases, and supports over 18 languages. **WILD ANIMALS TO DISCOVER WITH NATOONS** Season 4 takes animal exploration to the next level! Roam freely in the wildlife of the Natoons Eduland as your child embarks on this adventure with 30 additional animals! Not only will they discover animal sounds and their habitats, but also the environment surrounding them! Complete quests in nature along the way and store your discoveries in the improved journey book to keep meaningful memories and share these animal stories with your family! **TELEPORT TO AUGMENTED REALITY WITH THE MAGIC PORTAL** Keep your kids active at home with the AR game based on Joy of moving, an educational method that through play and movement, encourages the development of fundamental skills, supporting children to grow active, grow happy. Through this game they can move wings and collect points by reproducing flying movements to make flowers bloom! Experience a mixed reality challenge with Natoons: Grab your child’s physical character and collect all the food as fast as possible! Finally, use the 3D scan to teleport your child's heroes from physical to digital through the magic portal of Applaydu! **STRENGTHENING THE BOND THROUGH CHARACTER PETTING** Season 4 introduces petting, allowing kids to take care of their favorite characters: from cleaning and feeding to playing ball, kids can spend quality time with their heroes to strengthen the bond with them. The more affection shown through petting, the more rewards they will get! With an additional 300 characters, kids now have a huge choice of Kinder heroes available for petting! **STIMULATING GAMES AND ACTIVITIES** Applaydu Season 4 offers stimulating games and activities that support kids' growth and skill development. Throughout their journey in the Edulands, kids will discover numbers, animals, geography, and even vocabulary & drawing games developed in collaboration with Oxford University. There are many gameplay types, such as racing, physical activities in AR with Joy of moving, going on animal adventures with Natoons, and even offline multiplayer games that provide the perfect challenge for kids aged 4 to 9. **MONITOR YOUR CHILD'S PROGRESS WITH EASE** Ensuring a secure and enriching experience for your child is effortless with Applaydu's dedicated parental area. Now accessible from anywhere, it allows you to monitor your child's progress and get personalized recommendations while enjoying peace of mind at home as their playtime is in safe hands. _______________________ Applaydu, an Official Kinder App, is certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program (www.kidsafeseal.com) and EducationalAppStore.com. Contact us at [email protected] For privacy-related questions, please write to [email protected] or go to http://applaydu.kinder.com/legal

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