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User Reviews for AO Office

Buggy and unpredictable

I haven't been able to get it to work with any degree of reliability. 1 in 3 times crashes opening saved files in Google Drive. Files seem to successful save sporadically. I don't feel comfortable using it.

33fluffycats, Jun 25, 2018
Open office

I love this app because I love writing but my hand hurts so this is perfect for me I love this app

bb,m n, Dec 21, 2021
Small problem

I am having a problem filling in the rows as a separator. On myiPad.

Devin1z, Apr 21, 2022
No way to select a sentence, cut and paste...

I have the paid version for my 2019 iPad Pro. It only allows you to select a single word at a time. There is no way to select a sentence, cut and paste it somewhere else in the document. It is only useful to open an already formatted document...As a word processing type app it is useless. I’m going back to Pages for iPad.. DO NOT BUY

DocECarroll, Dec 07, 2019
Needs Work

No landscape. Arrow keys don’t work on Bluetooth keyboard (important for calc / spreadsheet). Page layout is awkward. No font size selection. Fonts missing. Hope it gets better. Love the idea of an OpenOffice port for iOS.

GGonJR, Sep 20, 2017

Well done on this fine functioning app. It's exactly what I needed. Keep up the good work.

Landoinchina, Jul 28, 2017
A real office suite that can't do it yet

I have been waiting for a real office suite for the iPad - Not a mobile office suite. IPad (especially since 13.3 and real mouse/cursor support) has grown up enough to warrant a full office suite.So I was excited to see a port of OpenOffice for iPad. Unfortunately with the Magic Keyboard, it will not allow you to type anything at all, in affect making this app totally unusable. I look forward to keyboard access and full mouse support. I would have normally given this only one star, but I'm optimistic for this app. When it becomes usable again, I'll upgrade my review. Please keep working on it.

Mark.Fenn, Sep 17, 2020
So far so good

I can be easily stressed and I have downloaded several apps in an attempt to create a document. But AO Office is the only one that I have found so far that is easy to understand and has all the features I need without being confusing and stressful. So far so good and no complaints from me. I seriously recommend AO office.

MissoulaBen, Jul 07, 2022
Functionality Issues

I installed this app and it worked great until I updated it. Now it says user ‘“‘ has the app open and User ‘“‘ needs to close the app before I can use it. There is no other user. This is why I hate open source software. Anyone can hack it and change the coding. It’s this something you can fix?

Pamela of Oakland, Sep 08, 2021
Should be Removed

The author needs to remove this app from the app store until they have a ninety nine percent bug less application. It got so bad that I reconverted my documents back to Word. This way I can revert to using the app that I started out with. At least it didn’t make you correct it’s errors while typing. Making your sentences meaningless. So don’t bother with this application unless you want to spend lots of time making corrections before writing the next sentence.

rba1854, Sep 01, 2021


The AO Office is the world's first porting of OpenOffice for iOS and it's powerful and complete office suite for OpenDocument. You can view, edit, insert and export office documents using full features of the OpenOffice. AO Office has 5 components: - Text Document (ODT) - Spreadsheet (ODS) - Presentation (ODP) - Drawing (ODG) - Formula (ODF) * AO Office is a forked project from the Apache OpenOffice project.

AO Office is not affiliated with the Apache OpenOffice and LibreOffice project. ■ Festures ■ - View / edit / import / export documents - High reproducibility for Open Document Format - Export and import documents as PDF - Formatting paragraphs - Create stylized text with special effects - Support for extensive file formats - Support for embedded object - Support for Dropbox / iCloud Drive / Google Drive / OneDrive / Box - Support for NAS / WebDAV (Paid version only) - Support for Audio and Video - Support for recovering the unsaved work ■ Supported File Formats ■ AO Office can open and save to: - Microsoft Word (DOC / DOT / RTF) - Microsoft Word 2007 (DOCX / DOTX / DOCM) - Microsoft Excel (XLS / XLT) - Microsoft Excel 2007 (XLSX / XLTX / XLSM) - Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT / POT) - OpenDocument (ODT / ODS / ODP / ODG / ODF) - Portable Document Format (PDF) - OpenOffice.org1.0 / StarOffice6.0 (SXW / SXC / SXD / SXI / SXG / SXM) - Text (TXT / CSV / XML) - HyperText Markup Language (HTML) - Adobe Photoshop (PSD) - Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) - Windows Metafile (EMF / WMF) - Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) - Data Interchange Format (DIF) - SYLK (SLK) - Portable Anymap Format (PBM / PGM / PPM) - OS/2 Metafile (MET) - Sun Raster Image (RAS) - Mac Pict (PCT) - X PixMap (XPM) - StarView Metafile (SVM) AO Office can open: - Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 (PPTX / POTX / PPTM) - AutoCAD (DXF) - T602 Document (602) - Computer Graphics Metafile (CGM) - Truevision Targa (TGA) - X Bitmap (XBM) - Zsoft Paintbrush (PCX) - Kodak Photo CD (PCD) AO Office can save to: - PlaceWare (PWP) - Macromedia Flash (SWF) - JPG / GIF / PNG / BMP ■ Gesture Assignments ■ - Hard Press or 2 Finger Tap = Context Menu - Pinch In & Out = Zoom In & Out - Drag = Scrolling - Drag with Hard Press or 2 Finger Tap = Drag & Drop ■ Limitations ■ - Not supported for macro ■ Contact Us ■ [email protected] Twitter: @office700 The paid version includes the following functions. · Remove ads · Access to cloud storages · Other useful functions

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