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Anubis - API Debug & Inspect

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Anubis - API Debug & Inspect

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User Reviews for Anubis - API Debug & Inspect



chenye我最棒, Dec 07, 2019
Great job

Absolutely 5! Amazing application, great support!

ed_gbbs, Dec 20, 2018
Great companion to Thor

Great for use with single API calls. Wether you just want to get a single call or if you need to decode a call, this is my go-to.

Fuhaku, May 24, 2018
best app,best Dake

With network debugging problems,we said let Dake do it,then it's done!-------------------------------------------The only problem is that we'er not well prepared for Anubis,like the Ancient God,it's so MYSTERIOUS that we still want more from Dake's instructions!Thank you!

Kosettelin, May 03, 2018
The irony of "Anubis" is profound

This app is named after the Egyptian God Anubis (God of Death). And yet, this app is what literally preserved my life when it would have otherwise ended through the subversions and misdirections of Pegasus, and its supporting legion of Gangstalking hackers. It's this app alone that allowed me to confirm what I had suspected for months, but was unable to prove; that my web traffic was being redirected/intercepted/blocked by Pegasus spyware operations. It allows me to analyze the SSL certificates of the web servers that answer my DNS queries, and consequently recognize when my web connections are clean or compromised. I'm looking forward to exploring the other functions of the app, but this alone makes the price more than worth it. If there's a way for me to donate more, please let me know. I'd be honored to oblige. Cheers.

NeVerdun, Jun 15, 2019
Hackers are slackers

I want to echo another person on here. I got rooted on October 2020, and the peoplewho did it stole classified military data, destroyed a 7-figure defense project and are currently grifting me because securitytrails.com is developed by cut rate hacks who root people with google backdoors, MS employees using the defaultuser0 "bug" to exploit people and rerouting goverment correspondence. Security Trails LLC, in Delaware, is a fraudulent and malicious company. Thanks to you i have reclaimed ground. These retards get btfo'd by recurision and lack of type safety everywhere and instead of getting good, they use cheats to keep people rooted. There are no cheats for skill, and my friend you have a master skillset.

PhagsPA, Mar 02, 2021
dake 666

dake 666great app

viniedodo1, Jun 29, 2018


苏苏3333, May 03, 2018


Anubis is for HTTP request debugging and inspecting. Debug/Edit API & Understand HTTP request. # Full support for dark mode # Apple Silicon Mac supported # Request (API Group > Tasks > Request records) - Editing request in raw and struct mode - Support multipart/form-data or raw file - Build/edit request with URL, har, p4thor - Requests replay with policy: delay, repeat, pipelining, etc - Pick files from Photos, File App, "Resources" to construct a request - Export OpenSSL command for HTTPS request records in: - record detail > overview/request > link - record detail > SSL/TLS version # Policy Contruct HTTP request with policy of delay, repeat, duration, cookie storage, SSL/TLS version, SSL/TLS security policy.. # Utilities - Encoding/Cryptology tools - HTTPS cetificate inspector - RegEx validator - display CPU/Time cost for regular expression debugging - tap "CPU/Time cost" area to show the cost analysis. - alarm clock icon: CPU clock - normal clock icon: time duration - String encoding & converting - IDN encoding (punny code) - Date formatter - JSMin - br, gzip, deflate extracting - HTTP chunked body extracting # Monitor - Network state - Network interfaces - Hardware state in real-time

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