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Irina Schens
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User Reviews for Animal Coloring Book -

Wish for more options

It's a good game but I just wish there was More options to chose from and not say please rate this is the 5th time I've reviewed it and it still won't let me color but other than that it is a fun game

Abbybug#4, Jan 11, 2017
Coloring book review.

Its a great app because you can relive your stress and really go all out in creativity. There are a lot of colors and inspiration. But the one thing that disappoints me most is the fact that there are only a few coloring pages. But on the bright side the coloring pages are really detailed. You will only have to do like 3 or pages a week. Some of colors are not that great because they make them look so great on the outside but on the inside they are very deceiving. If you need a stress relive game then this is the right game for you !👁❤️Coloring Book!

AllTheFun, Apr 07, 2019
Great coloring book

I am a senior colorist and this book is a great book to challenge all levels of Colorist. It has many pictures with a lot small areas, but it helps develop patience and when finished, the pictures look beautiful.So happy coloring and enjoy this great app. Carol in AZ🌵

Carol in AZ, Nov 05, 2019

This is a great app! The only thing that would be nice is if I could click on a color that I've already put down and I would I be able to pick it up and put it in in another spot. The other apps do that and if so conveniently awesome I don't have to research for that color. Love all the animals they're awesome! Wish there was more free ones though!

colorDZ, Apr 22, 2018
Fun but you have to pay for some things

The game is fun and allows you to express your creativity. However, I dislike that you have to pay for some of the designs. I would recommend it to the people who don’t mind paying for the designs they may or may not want.

Dogs200, Apr 11, 2021
Coloring book

i love this app because coloring is so much fun the only problem is when you screw up on what coler you put down you have to go back to that color like if you put something down that you want white you have to go back to the color white instead of just clicking on the coloring and having it turn white.;)

Jew C Fruit, Nov 14, 2016
Adult coloring

I love your color palette. I dislike looking for different shades of colors. Also like how the pictures are presented - not too easy and not too complicated. Do not like the fact that to open some of the pictures lt sends you to other app purchases and when you are transferred there it says not available at that time.

lojono, Feb 15, 2020
Pretty great!

I love this app so far, the only problem I have with it is a feel like there isn't much selection but that's fine, I haven't had this app for a while and I'm only making this to get more drawings but this apps pretty great! I would totally recommend it for anyone that needs a stress reliving app.

THEPOWEROF[JayFeathers]STICK, Nov 06, 2017
Coloring book review

It's a great app because of the color choices and pictures... The only thing that makes me mad is that I had to write this review to open up a picture... I mean fine whatever I'll write the review but really? Did u have to make it so u HAD to write a review to open a page, also I'm not happy about having to pay for other pages.

Vixieluv, Aug 12, 2016

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Werfshdudvjdk, Nov 15, 2016


Get New Animal Coloring Book - an Addictive Coloring Entertainment for All Ages! It will help you to relax and to relief your stress at anytime on your iPhone or iPad! Enjoy all beautiful Animal Coloring Pages and share your results with your family and friends!

See what our happy users saying: by Carol in AZ – 5 strars I am a senior colorist and this book is a great book to challenge all levels of Colorist. It has many pictures with a lot small areas, but it helps develop patience and when finished, the pictures look beautiful. So happy coloring and enjoy this great app. Carol in AZ. by jdbdjdjfj – Amazing!!! 5 strars I love this app it's so relaxing and I love the pictures. It's the best colouring app ever. GET THIS APP!!! by a380matt – 5 stars This is just an enjoyable app. Nothing mind boggling, just relaxing. No complaints. I enjoy it very much. by SanjaMcKinnon – 5 strars I really like this game because it’s fun and has animals and its a great app for distressing people. by D7591 – 5 strars I enjoy coloring with this app. Great selection of colors and a good assortment of coloring pages. by rjlora05 – How cute! 5 stars The pictures adorable! The coloring helps me relax! It's better than any game I've played! by Carly Ogden – 5 stars I love the way the pictures look and the colours make them look super majestic. by lily the princess – 5 stars The game is so fun it's mostly fun when I am siting on the bus doing nothing. by Howler498 – Adult coloring is awesome! 5 stars This amazing coloring app always calms me and gets me feeling creative! by radio the fox – 5 stars I love this app so much it helped me with my stress. Major Features: - Slim and user friendly UI design - Simple and easy one-touch coloring mode - Wide color palette with tons of colors - Color picker to re-select already used color - Big zoom to reach all smallest elements - Save, share and print your works on any connected devices - Use any background music you like - Universal app which works on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Your benefits: - Relax and anti-stress effect - Motivate and develop your creativity Do not wait - download if now for free and enjoy forever :)

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