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AndyRDH Board Review for NBDHE

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AndyRDH Board Review for NBDHE

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User Reviews for AndyRDH Board Review for NBDHE

Needs a lot of work.

This app helps studying for boards. However, there are sssoooooooooooo many errors that it is frustrating and unbelievable that such a caring and thoughtful man such as Andy would not fix this and help out his future dental hygienists! If Mr. RDH is who he says he is, than this would have been fixed by now. Total at the end of tests say 0 (mega frustration).. All radiograph images are the same (pointless test)... Wrong answers... Excessive typos... Jumble questions (where they dont even make sense) and many many more. I would not recommend this to anyone if there were other apps out there for board review. I've only found 3 and this is one of the better ones unfortunately. Please please please fix in the next week so I can study!!! Thanks.

callajane, Feb 24, 2013
Andy App

Great source to use to practice boards. Lots of questions to help jog your memory. Perfect to use especially if you didn’t buy the Andy book and online use! I highly recommend this along with another study source. Quick and easy to use for on the go purposes!

ceap3, Jun 13, 2022
I passed the boards

Despite many of the other poor reviews, I used this app for about 2 full months everyday over and over and over and I have to admit I never pay for apps but I'm glad I did. I took the boards in June and MANY of the board questions were ones that were in Andy's app and those which I would not have known had I not used the review app. It was truly a life saver... Sure the app had a few glitches here and there but over all the $9.99 was worth it considering it tremendously helped me pass a test worth so much!!

Christina A's iPhone, Sep 20, 2013
This app rocks!!!

This is the best idea ever! It's so inconvenient to always carry heavy review books around with me. This let's me study at anytime, anywhere. I was stuck on the freeway for over 30 mins bc of an accident and was able to use this. Andy is very helpful and is the only one I know who goes out of their way to help students so much. It's hard enough to get teachers to do that and it's their job!! He really is a blessing for students and his website is great. Oh.. And for the person who complained that it didn't help for the NBDE part I is going to bad on their exam if they can't properly read directions and instructions. This app description clearly states what topics it covers and the ones he complained about were not listed. I wanted to wait to review this app until after I got my board results. I made a 93 thanks to this app! I was able to answer many questions from recognizing it from this app. This was a lifesaver!I'd you are taking boards soon... Buy this app!!!

DHStudent, Jul 18, 2011
Do not waste your money!

This app is the biggest headache. Don’t do it. I’ve never downloaded an app that glitches this horribly. Andy needs to completely redo it because the last thing stressed hygiene students need while preparing for boards is an unreliable app service! Beyond disappointed I didn’t heed the other reviews and gave it a shot. Seriously, do not drive yourself crazy trying to get this app to work like I did! Response to theirs: No one ever said anything to me about internet connectivity so I don’t know why they responded with that. What a horrible way to respond to frustrated and stressed customers when your product doesn’t work for them.

dianabt2015, Jul 07, 2022
Very helpful review app

I bought this app for on the go studying, via my iPad and iPhone, so I wouldn't have to lug around my review books everywhere I went. I found this app extremely helpful with the "mock boards" they able you to do question after question just like the real board does. I also liked the fact that it gives you a score, and then rounds it how the board does so you can see how on track you are with passing. I enjoyed the fact that it saved your boards so you could return to them later if you didn't finish. It also allows you to mark questions for review, so you can come back to the questions you may need to study up on a bit more. I also really enjoyed the radiology review portion because it was much like the real board in what the questions could be. Overall I highly recommend this app, and would buy it all over again. And yes I passed my national board!

Heatherfeatherbad weather, Sep 20, 2013

I purchased AndyRDH and while they charged my account immediately I was unable to access it because I never received an email verification. I heard a lot of great things about this app and wanted a little extra material before I took my exam. After waiting 5 days, which felt like over a week because when stressing about your exam the days feel like years, Andy made sure to correct the fact that I hadn’t waited a long time to get access. What stung the most is that when I asked for a refund because I had never accessed the account and my exam is right around the corner he told me that I would have to dispute the charges with Apple Pay and ended the email with how great his customer service is.

Hello Rory, May 23, 2020

I just purchased this app today and was very excited to get started using it. But after only going through 2 subjects (anatomy and radiology) I found several problems. Several of the radiology questions are paired with the wrong image...the question asks you to identify what the arrows are pointing to but there are no arrows or what landmark is labeled "C" and the image only has numbers. And there are some contradictory rationales on the anatomy questions. I took screen shots of my phone in hopes of uploading the pictures but I can't. But one question asked which muscle protrudes the mandible and the answer is lateral pterygoid and medial pterygoid is incorrect but another question asks the function of the medial pterygoid and the answer is protrude the mandible. I plan to keep trying the other subjects but hopefully these "bugs" get fixed!

Lamahin, Mar 30, 2016
Just okay..

This ap is just okay. It has a few good questions that I hadn't encountered elsewhere but that's about it. It asks the same questions OVER and OVER to the point where you're simply memorizing the answers and not leading the material. Several questions are confusing due to grammatical and spelling errors. Some of the answers are also confusing because it will say you got it wrong but give you a positive "ding" and list your answer as the correct one. I consider this a waste of $10 that could have been better spent elsewhere. I've never understood what is so difficult about proof reading your material, especially when making such a profit. It reminds me a lot of the text books I've purchased throughout DH school. Another thing I would like to mention is that this is not an adequate representation of the board and will likely give you false hope. 14 questions on perio, primarily concerning mouthwash? I highly doubt that is the case. In conclusion, if you haven't studied much for the board this may be a good ap for you. If you know your stuff decently well then I wouldn't waste the time or money. Hope this helps!!!

Mamy109, Apr 26, 2013
So many issues

Before I had downloaded this app, I had heard so many good things - that people would be able to only study this material and be able to pass boards. So I downloaded the app and set up my profile. This is when issues started. Before I was able to log in, I needed to verify my account through the email I provided. Never received it. Finally had to reach out to support. Was finally able to use the app for a full day. Only one. Then the entire app crashed and no one was able to log in. Everyone I know who has the app wasn’t able to use it. We contacted support and they said it was just a bug and they were fixing it. “Should be done by tomorrow.” Tomorrow came around and it was still broken. Contacted again. “Will hopefully be done today.” Still waiting on it to be fixed. Regarding the materials in the app itself, it is fair. Lots of test questions from various subjects. The rationale behind why your selected answer is right or wrong is subpar - some will explain why and others won’t. Overall, the materials in the app is fine, but that’s only when the app itself actually works...might be better off studying other materials and apps if I’m being honest.

msoren98, Apr 22, 2020


AndyRDH Board Review for NBDHE (Hygiene), NBDE (Dental), and DANB (Assisting) exams. With this app, you will rock on the Board exam! This app is completely interactive!

Nearly 1000 questions to test your knowledge on common Board items and words! No more carrying around heavy textbooks and needing internet access to take practice exams. No page flipping to check your answers and no manually calculating your grade. We do all the work for you and make it fun! Andy Codding, RDH – better known as “AndyRDH” or “AndyFutureRDH” has been the nationwide leader and resource for helping students prepare for, take, and kick butt on the dental hygiene Board exam. This app will also help you prepare for the NBDE (Dental) exam as the question banks are the same. If you are preparing for the DANB exam, this will also help! Topics covered include: Clinic & Ethics Community Dental Anatomy Dental Materials Microbiology Nutrition Oral Pathology Periodontology Pharmacology Radiology Special Needs Use this app while waiting in line at the drive-thru, grocery store, waiting for lecture to start, or your clinic patient to come. No longer will you be worried about the times you should have been studying, if only you had your textbooks. This app rocks! Features: Nearly 1000 total questions with ability to upgrade for additional questions. Countdown timer! Set you Board test date and graduation date and always see how many seconds are remaining! You’re closer than you think! Are you ready!? Four mock Board exams with 150 questions each. Rationales included for most questions! Ability to upgrade to more mock Boards. Mock Boards have memory! They automatically shuffle the order of questions each time you take them. This means you will see a different test each time you attempt it. Exclusive “Understood” option lets you mark a question as “understood” so that you no longer see that question again. We have an option in the settings menu to uncheck all understood questions if you want to see them again later. Marking questions as understood, means each time you take the test, you only focus on ones that you don’t understand yet. Mark each one understood until you know and comprehend the questions and answers for all the questions! This insures you “know” before you “go” take the real Board exam. Questions by topic. Do you only want to take questions on just Dental Materials or Dental Anatomy? This option allows you to focus only on one topic. Eleven main topics are covered. Prefixes and suffixes section - This area has nearly 300 questions testing your knowledge of the most important area you can study for the Board exam. If you know the prefixes and suffixes, you can better answer test items and deduce the meaning of words you are unfamiliar with. 90% of vocabulary on boards can be determined simply by knowing common prefixes and suffixes! This app makes sure you are on your “A-Game” when tackling the Board exam! Exclusive feature of converting your score percentage of correct answers to what it would be on the real Board exam! This is based off last year’s five test versions and will convert your percentage to what you would have made on the real test with your results. This is a must for gauging your studying and is only available based on Andy’s extensive research of multiple scoresheets. These Mock Board questions are exclusive to the AndyRDH app and can not be found on the HYPERLINK "http://www.AndyFutureRDH.com" www.AndyFutureRDH.com websitem or any other location!! Rationales for most questions are available. To find out rationales for incorrect answers, you must select them.

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