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Ammo Inventory,Price per Round

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Ammo Inventory,Price per Round

  • Sports
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User Reviews for Ammo Inventory,Price per Round

Pleasant Suprise

I opened the app today and found it was updated with new features, icons and new look. Still have to see how well it runs but I'm excited they are doing updates.I've used this so far to help me organize, but got behind on entering usage and purchases which you have to for it to be accurate and up to date.So, new features make me want to get back to updating my inventory. I'll report on this new version as I use the new features.

367app4free, Mar 05, 2017
Unable to enter info

Downloaded and tried to enter caliber for starters. Keyboard would not activate. Help!!!

blueknight206, Dec 15, 2017
where did it go?

opened the app a couple of weeks ago to find all my data gone. what the deal? lost my taste for this app real quick.

Color me gone, Jul 08, 2019
Disappointing update...

The latest update has not allowed me to add anymore inventory. Every time I am going to select ammo kind or location for a new record, it crashes. This was an awesome app before the new bugs...please fix it soon...

MariachiVela, Aug 07, 2014
Exactly what I was looking for

It tracks just as I needed. Ammo types, storage locations, quantity, and ammo used.Only thing I would hope for is a way to reimport data via an exported CSV file in case I have to delete the app and bring the data back in.

Recon_18, Oct 28, 2017
Used to love this app; until I got a new phone

I entered in all of my ammo data in this app when I had an iPhone 6S, which I guess backed up to a computer instead of iCloud. Once all the data was in, I threw away all my receipts for ammo purchases over the last 20 years or so since I figured everything was backed up. The sad reality is that it was not. Once I got a new iPhone XR, when I went to restore everything, sadly, none of my data came back. Ugh! Now I have no data on what my cost per round is, and I need to dig into my ammo cans to recount rounds. Big bummer!

RPG Lover 7, Sep 14, 2020
Doubt that I will be able to use this App.

I am looking for an simple app to manage my ammo supply. This one looks like it should work, but after downloading it and trying to set it up, it does do at all what I need. The first and my glaring thing missing is caliper. No place to input it, thus no why to sort by it. I wanted a location box to search by, this has one but does no seem to work. I say this is not one for me.

Scsiguy72, Dec 16, 2017
Waste it money so far.

I reload and store a lot of factory and reloaded ammo. I was looking for a program that would keep my inventory for this purpose. I started using this program and I am entering information for a particular ammo when I notice I have been switched to a differs ammo and I am editing something that I had no intention of changing... Now I have to delete this program and start over with a new one. This is a complete waste of time. Don't waste your money on it...

theseal12827, Feb 27, 2016
My pin code doesn't lock

Bought today, 12/2/14. Don't know what the time out is for passcode lock. Annoying. But, I will use this app, as it's competition is pretty poor. Will make more observations as I use it and post my findings here.

Todaysword, Dec 03, 2014
I like it but....

It would be even more useful if You could record say G1/G7 BCs, muzzle velocity from barrel lengths, etc. and could say create an inventory of firearms and then for each type of ammo I have record things like muzzle speed and group size and other comments for how each round worked in each gun. Also add functionality for batches of handloads with details in the load and how they shot in each gun.

UpstateChris, Jun 27, 2020


The Ammunition app is a straight-forward, no-nonsense record keeper for tracking ammunition in Inventory and Storage with statistics for both built-in. Sort ammo records by Ammo Name, Location and Date. Each record will allow you to track the following information: Record Date, Ammo Name, Location, Maker Name, Rounds, Cost, Container, Grain, Ammo Shot, Cost per Round, Remaining Rounds, Percent Shot, Percent Remaining, and Notes.

Tracking for the Ammunition and Location is provided using Statistics. Statistics = Averages: Cost, Number of Rounds, Rounds Shots, Cost per Rounds, Remaining Rounds, Percent Shot, and Percent Remaining. Statistics = Totals: Cost, Number of Rounds, Rounds Shots, and Remaining Rounds. This app features: • Share your stats or awards by social media or email • Universal App (iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad) • Automatically Saves Your Inputs • Export to CSV • Latest version of iOS is supported • All iPhone and iPad screens supported No network connectivity is required. This app works with local storage.

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