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User Reviews for Amex

So happy I came back to Amex!

Recently I had a dispute with Capital One my main credit card company when I wanted to pay off my statement balance. I had called them and made payment of the amount they gave me but then received in the mail a bill for some ridiculously small amount that I thought surely was in error so I called but surprisingly they argued and said that I indeed owed the amount and that I must have misunderstood. I’m pretty sure I had not since it was I who called them with the intent of paying off the statement amount. So it was then that I decided if $0.72 was that important to them I was going to vote with my $ and discontinue Capital One. That day I paid them, canceled my account, and cut up my card. However that meant I then needed another primary credit card. I have been an Amex member for a long time but worried that the old style way Amex used to do thing’s might not be as flexible as I needed but decided to give it a go. I can’t tell you how happy I am that I made that decision! Amex has made some amazing changes the last few years and the app is just awesome. The plan- it feature for payment is simply brilliant! I just wanted to let you know that I am so happy I decided to go back to Amex and I’m confident I won’t have to worry about having to move to another credit company again !! Thank you so much!

Cendi1958, Jul 28, 2021
Most terrible customer service department I have ever dealt with

Historically Amex had provided decent customer service. Occasional issues that were eventually resolved albeit after having to spend a bit of time on the phone. Today I had a simple issue that needed help resolving. I had to call four times and speak with six different representatives. I also used the chat feature and also spoke to six or so representatives. All in all, I was instructed to walk or drive from place to place to try and use the card, spent over two and a half hours on the phone and over three hours in total and still never got a resolution. The representatives were often rude and I was even hung up on by a supervisor when he said he would hold. When I asked what could be done to make up for my time wasted, I was given a flat “nothing.” For anybody considering which credit card company to use, I would not consider this one. Worst customer service I have ever received from any company and I have two cards including a gold card and probably spend somewhere around $50k a year and was treated like they could completely care less about me, my business, or their complete inability to provide even adequate customer service.

dsprague1679, Aug 01, 2021

Imagine your account being paid off; and to get a random email stating they have received your info at a location you’re not at; but still has given you the charge. You call to only find out there’s been a fraudulent charge added to your account. Once you report it and discover the location and know for fact they couldn’t have checked you in because you’re home. And have been home for over four months. Makes you suspicious about how people can charge a card with no valid id. And now you have to wait until the investigation is completed before they will remove it. Is not a great feeling. It actually makes me a bit nervous due to the fact I am closing on my home and when I mention this to the credit department they state oh they can’t do anything about it. Well now this reflects my credit report and everything I work so hard for. Not making me happy one bit. I don’t know if I will ever travel and use this card again. Knowing that locations can take your info and their computers can just charge people at random for a stay they were not at. As well as the fact that they leave it on your account and knowing you’re not present don’t remove it.

KNG15$, Jul 03, 2020
Interest Rate Charges and statement view on Mobile App

I remember when I first started this credit card in 2021 I was paying for interests even though I was paying off the balance down to zero. I called in about this and I was told that the interest charge is to make sure that I am using the card. Months later interests rates charges stopped so I figured it is because I have been using it consistently. Recently March or April and also May I got charged for interest rates even when I am paying on time and the full balance. The mobile app and online access through a PC is not user friendly when it comes to showing the total balance owed within the 30 day period. There is No running total balance. Overall it’s hard to understand what is really owed so I just pay as soon as I can and before the due date. But still got charged the interest rates. So I am dissatisfied. I hesitate to use this card now since The interest rate charges are hard to predict and understand. I have other credit cards that early mileage points as well. So I am more inclined to use those since they don’t charge me an Interest rate because their statements online so super easy to understand.

Monalisa P, May 12, 2022
Great App, but don’t stop there.

A few things I could mention that could bring this app to 5 stars - I would integrate apples current FaceID update to allow for pin entry when it detects a mask. Currently, the app will simply say that “faceID is not detected” it’s something small that can make a huge difference because I’d rather not take off my mask in stores when I want to get into my app, and I’m sure I speak for many people when I say entering and remembering passwords are tedious. Additionally, I would update your app to allow for dispute submissions, status and resolution directly on the app instead of having to clog up your chat. It’s available on your website, just port it over to the app.Finally, I would put something to allow for better reward tracking and pending rewards on the app itself instead of having to go on your website.Additionally, I know this is probably more a hit on Delta and not American Express, but you do have a partnership with their Credit Cards so, have better communication with them and their/your cards. It gets annoying when I have to flip flop between apps and websites to see and track my rewards.Finally you could have a kind of Minimum balance calculator for the Pay it Plan it. Sometimes I’m scared to use Plan it because Im scared my next months minimum due will go from 35 to 350. ...which is fine, id just appreciate the heads up when/if it happens.

Not_Kidding, Jul 31, 2020
Absolutely horrible app when it comes to rewards

So technology should make our lives easier, but American express has found a way to make it worse. I redeemed points for gift cards through the app, but trying to use them is just utterly ridiculous. First, you can’t even get to the cards without providing information that is on your AMEX card itself. So even though you have securely logged in to the app, you still have to do more. So if you’re not carrying your AMEX card with you, you can’t use the gift card. Navigating to the cards takes forever. I’m sure everyone is familiar with the phrase “it isn’t rocket science.” But apparently this is! Whether used or not the cards stay in my view, so I have no idea which ones I have used. And to determine the balance, American Express sends you to the vendor’s website, which is not at all helpful. That site asks you for the gift card number and PIN, so you have to go back to the American Express app, write these numbers down, then go back to the vendor site again. Now think of doing all of this while you’re standing at the checkout line at Home Depot with people waiting in line behind you for you to get this done! And forget trying to resolve this in the app through chat. Chat is just another word for we’re not going to listen to you but instead will send you links to FAQ sites. This has got to be one of the worst customer service experiences I’ve had with an app and the corresponding credit card company.

PhilipNTx, Jul 26, 2019
Worst Credit Card Company / App lockouts constant

I have 2 platinum cards through American Express. Out of the 12 credit cards I own, I hate using them the most. American Express constantly locks me out of my account so I can’t make a payment and have to call and be on the phone for nearly an hour during my lunch break to get my account unlocked again. Then, even though I’ve jumped through hoops to make every payment on time and have one card paid off, they send me an email that they’ve lowered the credit limit on my other card by almost half! I put a larger business purchase on that card during Black Friday and got my credit limit lowered the following day, affecting my credit score by 19 points. Afterwards they had the audacity to send another email saying I am getting close to my credit limit now and need to make a payment to lower my balance. Worst creditors I have ever dealt with. With one annual fee of over $500 and another at $195, I cannot wait to pay off the second card and cancel both of them so that I never have to deal with American Express again.

skynaomismom, Dec 07, 2019
Do not take any offers from this card!

They are awful! Be careful giving them direct access to any of your bank account!!! I had business Amex Open from 2003 till recent. Trying to make my life as business owner easy, I’m setting up as many auto pay via my business bank account as I can. Back in March this year I set up auto pay with Amex in the amount of $4500 as BC immediate was charged over $9000. My attempts to correct their mistake consistently failed. I removed this auto pay and lowered my usage. In June I attempted lesser amount on auto pay, allowed them to charge $817 per month and made a first payment while on the phone with company rep. Payment was successful, amount was reflected on my auto pay agreement and I was expected repeated charge in the amount of $817 in July 16, as was agreed. But July 19 Amex attempted charge in the amount of $8190 for the first time, and repeated the same attempt on 21th and 27th despite me contacting Amex asking them to shop and correct their mistake and blocking their transactions on the bank’s side. Guess what, bank block them and assure me I’m safe after first attempt, but they manage to hack into my bank account and continue this financial harassment. I will get rid of them one way or another and would give them NEGATIVE STARS if possible. Stay away from this scammers

Tamara Levit DDS, Jul 30, 2021

SINCE 1990, I have always been the biggest AMX fan and championed AMX to others—because you always had my back, talked in nuance to solve my issues (and usually had the authority to make decisions) and always fun to deal with. Gradually, that has changed as customer service continues to go south. But it was the last customer service agent who took my call—that took AMX to a new low. The problem wasn’t even the problem. He was the problem. He was the farthest away from your classic AMX professional—that I thought it might be a training tool—what not to do. So rude, disrespectful, basically calling me a liar when facts of my problem were not believed and then shamed me for falling short as a customer when he couldn’t otherwise explain or defend how his talking points related to my case. BUT AT ANY RATE—if AMX (or any vendor) can explain to me or even inform me of “bad news”—I can accept anything professionally (and kindly) communicated to me. THIS WAS NOT THAT. I TRIED TO CONVEY MY EXPERIENCE to “complaint dept(?)”—I was just too upset. But if he worked for me, I would have fired him on the spot—he crossed a line—one that has taken yrs to build. I don’t know how to ID him—except you can probably access the notes on my account?? The subject of my call was POT.

to Zander, Feb 14, 2022

For more than 20 years I have been a good customer - I have used my card almost exclusively and paid my bills. I’ve spent more thousands than I can imagine. Due to COVID I lost much of my salary as my husband was leaving me. I fell a month behind and made a temporary payment arrangement. Sold the house to pay bills because I’m the kind of person who does that. Paid off the loan and credit card a month ago but was still showing my account was still showing suspended. Called and they said I had to wait to the next billing cycle. Bogus. Next cycle comes and I am still suspended, yet I get charged $160 for the annual fee. I chatted and they tell me to call the line I already called and wasn’t helpful. I call and get told by the automation that I can charge, but I just tried and my card declined. Very much regret that I just paid that fee or I would be cancelling the card right now. I get it...I made a late payment, but now I’m back on my feet after a brief delay as o figured things out, my salary is fully restored and I’ve recovered from my financial difficulty and you’re losing a customer. I’ll keep the card open because I am buying a new house and done want to show a recently closed account but I will cancel next year and you will have lost a loyal customer.

trifoldboard, Nov 21, 2020


The official American Express App for iPhone allows you to access your Account from anywhere. Track spending & rewards, find offers, review your balance, pay your bill and enjoy features only available in the Amex App. Touch ID and Face ID login (on supported devices), gives you quick, safe and secure access.

Make the most of your Membership with the speed, security and convenience of the mobile Amex® App. SECURE ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT • Enhanced activation experience for you to confirm new Cards and setup your Account. • Activate your Credit Card for Apple Pay in the Amex App, then simply unlock, tap and pay. • Freeze and unfreeze your Credit Card instantly at any time. STAY ON TOP OF YOUR SPENDING • Check your American Express Account balance, pending transactions and sort charges by amount and date. • Go paperless with access to past PDF statements. • Turn on AutoPay to pay your Amex bill automatically from your bank account each month. • Check your spending power. Enter an amount for an expected purchase and you’ll see if it’ll be approved. Approval based on account status at the time of request • Filter transactions to see spending and subtotals for each card on your account. For Basic Card Members Only. PROTECTION WITH REAL-TIME ALERTS • Turn on purchase alerts to be notified when your Credit Card is charged. • Receive instant fraud alerts if suspicious activity is detected. • Never miss a payment with payment due reminders. • Manage all your notifications in the Amex Account tab. EXPLORE REWARDS AND BENEFITS • View your Rewards balance and find ways to use Membership Rewards® points* - from gift cards to credits on your statement. • Use points to cover your eligible charges via a credit on your Account. * • See personalized recommendations for other ways to use points. • Refer a friend and earn rewards when friends and family get an American Express Card through your referral. For eligible Card Members only. AMEX OFFERS * • Discover offers from places you shop, dine, travel and more. • Explore a map of nearby offers. • Get Amex Offers notifications direct to your device. AWARD-WINNING SERVICE • We’re here to chat 24/7. Start a chat with us in seconds and revisit conversations any time in the app. We’d love to hear from you! Stay in touch with us using our social media pages: Twitter: @AmericanExpress Facebook: facebook.com/AmericanExpressUS/ Instagram: @americanexpress Amex Send & Split™ enhances the way you send money and split purchases with other Venmo and PayPal users, all in the American Express app.* Now you can pay friends with more flexibility and without the standard Venmo or PayPal credit card fee§. You can also seamlessly split your Amex purchases with others and get paid back directly to your Card as a statement credit. Best Part? You’ll be the one to earn the rewards for the purchase you split. Enrollment Requirement. Terms Apply. § PayPal may charge a fee when sending to non-US recipients. The American Express® App and app features are available only for eligible Card accounts in the United States. American Express® prepaid Cards and Cards issued by non-America Express issuers are not eligible. To log in, Card Members must have an American Express user ID and password or create one in the app. Apple, the Apple logo, iPad, and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. iOS is a trademark or registered trademark of Cisco in the U.S. and other countries and is used under license. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. *To see the full Terms and Conditions, copy and paste the following link into your browser and scroll to the bottom of the page: https://amex.co/AmexApp-Terms For J.D. Power 2021 award information, visit jdpower.com/awards.

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