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AMC Theatres: Movies & More

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User Reviews for AMC Theatres: Movies & More

Buggy &Requires excessive prompts

First time user of this app. Long time Flixster user. We also have a Stubs card. Upon trying to purchase tickets, received error message ‘Oops! Something went wrong...’ Selected the purchase button again and received the same warning. Then we were timed out and had to restart the purchase process from the beginning only to find our seats were no longer available -Because apparently the transaction did complete despite the error messages and zero confirmation that the transaction went thru.I don’t like being forced to check my credit card account to make sure we weren’t charged twice because the app never confirmed the transaction! This is BASIC stuff!Also, too many clicks to see what’s playing/times at a given venue. The initial screen giving information about the theater is more for the egos of AMC Executives - The customer wants to see the movie and times FIRST, not a corporate marketing spiel. We use these apps to save time, that point is lost on AMC.Also, favorited 5 AMC theaters, but can’t seem to get a filtered list set as my default view showing only those theaters. I don’t need to know about a theater 10miles away, I just want to launch the app and see what’s playing at my favorites. I imagine that option exists but I can’t figure it out, or because of a bug the setting/option doesn’t work.Appreciate they include run time and technical info for the theater/ presentation.

Anonmom, Dec 28, 2017
Great App

I love that my teenage son has everything he needs on the App when he goes to the movies. He just scans his tickets to get in. For concessions, he scans our STUBS membership to get size upgrades and redeem rewards dollars, then scans gift card(s) that are saved on the App to pay the remaining balance. I just purchase an egift card through the App and receive it electronically. Then I save the gift card on the App and he’s good to go. No need to bring cash. The stubs membership has also been worth it. We get rewards dollars that can be redeemed on the App when purchasing tickets or concessions, and you get size upgrades for concessions. The convenience fee is also waived when purchasing tickets through the App. We have saved so much money.The tickets are easy to purchase on the App as well. -And if for some reason you aren’t able to use your tickets, you can cancel all or part of the order up until start time of the movie. You get your full return quickly and without penalty.The one thing I would like to see added to the App is the ability to “re-load” the existing gift cards saved on the App. That would be great.

Brickmastercool, May 18, 2019
Dirty Theater

We attended a movie last week. In all the years I have been coming here, I have never seen such a filthy movie theater. I had to move peoples used popcorn buckets & cups to sit in our assigned seats. After sitting I looked around. Idiots who leave their trash rather than putting it in cans outside the door was in other seats & on the floor. Please do not have all the correct messages regarding cleanliness after opening from Covid. I realize all businesses are short handed because people are making more sitting at home. My expectation would be to show less movies & space the time of those movies to allow staff & management to at the very least pick up trash. Have disinfecting wipes at each movie entrance so we can wipe down the armrest. The crowds are small anyway & if this continues Covid or no Covid who wants to sit in dirty theaters. In the past a crew came to clean after the credits & it is not optional to only clean at the end of the day. What if restaurants had signage stating their expanded cleaning strategies & only cleared dishes & wiped the table at closing? I see no difference in my last experience at AMC. We are going back but if we continue will depend on how comfortable we feel in your theater.

fl07291951, Jul 20, 2021
Great app, but I can’t share a film with anyone!

AMC does a great job of keeping track of tickets, points, and rewards on the app. It also not as buggy as it once was before.But seriously, when will there be a way to book tickets for myself and a couple plus ones under the three free movies a week benefit? Why not allow the ability to treat your friends and family to a movie once in a while? The more friends we bring, the more fun can be had. This would give non A listers a chance to join in on the movie experience, too.And for everyone’s sake, please remove the movies from the selection list if they don’t have any show times for my theaters. Countless times, I’ve selected a movie from the list to find that it isn’t even playing in my own city. I appreciate the posters and I understand how you want to market the movies, but how come when tapping on the movie showtimes when I select my theatre doesn’t give me that poster view and goes straight to showtimes? Personally, I think it’s a little premature to assume that if you’re looking at show times, that you automatically know what movie and showtime you want. It’d be more intuitive I think to limit the advertised movies to the ones you can actually book a ticket instead of the current set up.

Grigoryan, Dec 31, 2019

I have never had a problem with the AMC app. It is super helpful with finding any showtimes for any movie currently playing in any AMC theater. I’ve never ordered anything in the app just because I find it easier to order in person, but it is super easy to find some great choices in the theater, and it even gives you some combo options. I think that’s pretty cool, I love getting to see how many points I have left for my next reward, and how many points I have in total! Also I’m able to see my upcoming reservations. The app notifies me, when my screen is locked, about my movie pass (that I added to my wallet), letting me know show time is almost near and my pass is ready for when I arrive at the theater and I won’t have to hold the line to look for my pass. Super quick and easy to reserve the preferred movie of your choice, at your preferred time. The only problem I’ve had with the app, is that sometimes when reserving a seat, I get the image of A theater (that is supposed to look like the one the movie will be playing in) and I get the middle seat, for example, and then I get to the theater and instead of the entrance being on the left (how is showed on the image for the seats being shifted to the right side) the entrance is on the right (and the seats are shifted to the left side). So then I’m not in the “middle” as I wished but it’s still close enough. Other than that little detail, the AMC app has a lot to offer and I am very proud to be an A-List member.

jaybeezy AN37, Apr 01, 2019

let me tell you, AMC hits all the feels. It’s a great spot to take your kids for some family fun. When those kids grow up they’ll take their high schools dates there. Then when THEY have children they’ll take their little families there. So go watch a movie. That being said what’s it not is, it is NOT a vessel for hedge fund meat heads to illegally manipulate its share price to the point where poor AMC would have to file chapter 11, Force 30,000+ people out of a job, in the middle of a pandemic. I refuse to let them blockbuster the best movie theater business on the entire planet. It will be like a Phoenix rising from the ashes mark my words - I won’t even sneak candy into the joint anymore. I’ll buy those goods at 700% give me one of each. I’m telling you right now, I’ll tell every girl I take there “nah you can’t share my drink, I’ll buy you your own medium.” I’ll head down to the arcade after the movie every night and throw pocket fulls of quarters in the air till the kids only wanna go to AMC for family vacation. I’ll switch my ENTIRE wardrobe to all AMC merch. Don’t mess with me Ken Griffin.

mistawes, Feb 23, 2021
Great service at a great value if you love the cinema experience.

If you like watching movies and watch at least one a month this will appeal to you. Just make sure there’s a few AMCs within driving or public transport distance. Had the other monthly movie service whom shall not be named and it made me love going to the movies again but not prepared to shell out some dough for the magic of the big screen as often as I was going. Tried this out and loved it even at double the cost of the previous monthly service. Sure it’s only AMC theaters but they offer some great conveniences. The occasional busy movie day when I’m not really trying to go anyways is about the only issue I’ve experienced but being able to use other checkout services to see the movie with your stubs membership is quite the excellent workaround. Bravo AMC heads that worked that deal out! App is just ok but it does its job 95% of the time. The really busy times (understandable) the servers are slow I guess so it makes it a pain to buy a ticket but the workaround is a godsend. The service itself is the real star of the show and if you love watching movies the way they’re meant to be seen to get the full emotional umph! Then this will be a valuable membership for your entertainment buck. If you read this whole thing thanks. It’s weird nowadays to read this much of a review but thanks I appreciate it and I appreciate you. Sincerely a fellow movie lover. 📽🎥🎬🎟

Music2aSoul, Dec 29, 2018
Super Conveniant

AMC is my “go-to” theater @ my local mall. I love reserved seating as well as the recliners. This app makes it that much more of a desire for me to go there, it’s pretty simple to navigate this app, it builds up points quickly leading to awesome discounts on whatever u choose, tickets, snacks/food etc. All I have to do is show the barcode on my phone to the ticket taker and I’m set! AMC has also proven to me to be so easy to work with, a sort of “no-hassle” experience. If you’re not satisfied at all, u get a refund no questions asked. If something comes up even minutes b4 the show starts they’ll refund you. Or.. if you’re @ the theater & for whatever reason you might want to exchange your time for another, and/or another time AND movie altogether, the customer service counter will gladly oblige. There’s also express service for stubs rewards members on the concession line, which is AWESOME. The one & only thing & it’s not a huge deal, is the fact that I can’t exchange tix for another time by way of the app, they’ll only simply refund ur $ and then you have to choose another show or time starting over. Hence why I said that at least they’ll offer more solutions inside theater. Highly recommend. It’s not that much $, & you’ll save a lot. The discounts are def worth the price!!

SLPYJO30, Jul 17, 2018
loses tickets

Until recently I gave this app 5 stars, but recently it has been glitchy as others have reported, not allowing purchases, and today I went to check on an order for a few days from now and it wasn’t there in the app, the tickets were not displayed. Worried that I had forgotten to place the order, I checked my credit card statement and found a charge, then checked my email for the ticket confirmation, but nothing showing in the app. After a chat session with customer support, i was told to bring a pro out of that email, and that the tickets would show up in the app after the movie showtime. after. I got the sense that the rep felt I was being stupid for not knowing this. Hopefully I will not have a problem. BUT: I kept checking, and discovered that this happened at least once previously, and that time, I just thought that I had forgotten to place the order, ordered again, only to discover after the showtime that there were two sets of tickets displayed, the ones I used and the ones I wasted. Now I’m out over $90. Reaching out to customer service to see if they will help, but since it is well after the showtime, I’m expecting them to say they cannot help me. Really annoying and wipes out any savings I’ve gotten from being an A-list member.Moral: Don’t trust the app to track your purchases properly!

Soundman245, Dec 31, 2019
Great AMC app!!!

I’ve been using the AMC app for about five years now. I’ve never had any problems with this app and every time they keep adding new features a new features in new features it gets easier and easier and easier to use. Why are you somebody else’s Apple Watch I go through for somebody else to buy tickets at the theater that you’re actually going to go to. You just put in a middleman in between you and your theater and you’re going to spend even though you may not think you are you going to spend a little bit more money. I don’t believe that if you buy a ticket from the ticket vendor yeah do you actually get a cheaper price because a ticket vendor has his finger inside the pie and he’s going to want to piece of that ticket price of the vendors going to get it extra $.10 or four dollars on your ticket. Again AMC app is the only app you should use to buy tickets for AMC theater. And if you don’t like this app then maybe you shouldn’t be coming to an AMC theater watch a movie with people who enjoy the AMC theater experience and enjoy the app. Thank you again great Apt AMC keep up the good work I can’t wait to see what kind of features are going to be on the Apt in the future.

SPAM 1911, Jul 04, 2018


The AMC Theatres App is your portal to everything AMC. Buy tickets, get info about the movies you want to see, access your AMC Stubs rewards and make A-List reservations. Our Theatres: Type in the name of your favorite theatre, or find the theatre closest to you.

Find out which theatres feature premium formats like Dolby Cinema at AMC, IMAX and AMC, or RealD 3D. All About Movies: Discover AMC exclusives, official trailers, movie synopses, cast info, and film ratings from experts like IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes. AMC Stubs: Log into your AMC Stubs account to earn and track points and rewards. Access your virtual card and scan it at the theatre to apply your savings and rewards instantly. A-Listers can make FREE movie reservations and Premiere members enjoy waived online ticketing fees. My AMC: Find your purchased tickets, rewards and all things AMC Stubs. Food and Drinks Online Ordering: Skip the line by ordering concessions before you get to the theatre. Available at select locations with either express pick-up at the concession stand, or delivery to your seat. Reserved Seating: Save your favorite seat in the house. Digital Tickets and Membership Card: Save room in your wallet for more important things! Your phone is your ticket and your AMC Stubs membership card. Advance Tickets: Buy tickets the second they go on sale and be the first to see the movies you’re most excited about.

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