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User Reviews for Amazon Photos

Nice for now but needs improvement in future

I like the app in general. The price is acceptable and is fast enough. I like the time reel and the face recognition is okay. I wish they had the location feature for pictures. Sometimes it’s easier to find pictures in a certain geographical location. Say you took a trip to a different country or you are looking for all the pictures you took at you mom’s place. The other thing they’ll need to add is a built-in software to help you pick best picture and delete similar ones when you are taking 5 pictures from your kids and look for the best one. It’s good for them too, drops the space each user needs easily 20% or more. I also wish there was a better desktop app to look at all the photos and have easier process fir mass photo download.

Ali Absz, Aug 06, 2022
Good when it works.

When it works correctly, this app is great. After I sign it, it usually works for 3 or 4 days, then will be stuck "checking" for x-amount of pictures, never loads them and then I either have to sign out and sign back in or delete the app and download it again. Then when I login, it's stuck on the login page for about 12 hours, then is on a blank white page for about 12 hours, then everything is fine and it works for a few days before I have to repeat the process again. I have some photos that it has never backed up and it apparently never will because even when I tell it to upload them, it gets stuck and they still never backup. But... for free... and unlimited storage... I can't be too mad.Update: the app has been working amazingly well, until iOS 14. Now every time I open the app it gives me the login screen, but I have to log out first or nothing happens. When I login, it acts like the first time I’ve ever used the app and tries to upload everything from my Photos. I have to reset my settings the way I want them and delete a bunch of pictures that have uploaded and been deleted previously.

Black1304, Sep 27, 2020
Expect frequent double orders

I have spent so much time having to correct an app flaw: normally, you ho through a sequence of screens to complete orders. HOWEVER, amazon’s app does this frequent bounce back before an oder is complete, and it returns you to the home page. Then, you are not sure if the order goes through. I have had to get credited 3x for double orders. And even if you contact them one minute after receiving confirmation of an order to cancel (I receive two separate Discover charge texts), they will say “Sorry we are unable to cancel the order.” Then, you have to go through the hoops of a refund and of explaining to recipients why they are getting two sets of the same photos. I know it is easy to blame app user, but each time it is amazon’s app jumping out of a sequence mid order. Other times, you’ll get a death spin of it uploading or processing, and I have had to turn off and back on my phone to kill it. iPhone issue? Both phone and app are up to date btw

Bobuhm, Jun 13, 2021
Love this - Please add multi-select option!!

As a photographer I love that this allows me to store high quality RAW files from the camera without having to pay for expensive cloud storage outside of my Prime membership!! Really awesome as other services do not store the full quality images. I also love the faces features and ability to search by what’s in the picture. I edit most of my photos on iPad so its great as I can just import them from camera and back them up here and my hard drive. There is ONE THING that is super annoying and should be fixed- the ability to multi select or select all. I dont want to back up every single item in my photos just the RAW photos and edited versions. So I have to manually select each photo which is so many when I do a shoot with 400 images for example. If I could hold and drag to multi-select or create albums in iPhone photos and choose “select all” it would make using this app a million times easier.

CiaraSebecke, Dec 28, 2019
Only a few minutes and bugs are showing

I’ve only use the app literally like 15 minutes and I am so furious with this app. You’d think something with great ratings will be good but I am so disappointed. Let me tell you why.1st as I was trying to upload photo for my Echo Show, the app decided it had to notify me through mid selection that it needed to update.. I lost my progress of selecting 30 photos.. okay no biggie I can reselect it. After it did what it did, I tried to reselect the same photo.. well where is the upload section? It’s hidden in settings.. why is this the location for such an important function? I had to google where it was FYI. Upon finding the upload section, I can’t access my favorites... at this point I’m starting to pull my hair. Desperately trying to get my favorites folder to show up, I close the app, delete some folders in my photos app, and kept trying to find a solution. To my surprise.. nothing worked.At this point I am desperate to add photos to my echo show because I have a party to host.. so here I am selecting photos with over 11k photos without a way to narrow it down...But the last thing, the very last thing that is making me frustrated.. is how much the scrolling jumps.. I’d be scrolling then all the sudden it jumps all the way down near below the center of photos.. this happened at least 4 times, until I need to write this review. I’m done with this app. Complete disappointment. ughhh I am so frustrated..

Jsanch224, Jun 14, 2020
Photo recognition

I would like to be able to tag the people and just photos not under just where the people circle is because it doesn’t catch everyone in there I would like to be able to tag the people myself in photos, also it has automatically done a lot of duplicate photos so I have three and four of each photo in my photos I’m glad that I’m a prime member and it doesn’t charge me, and in the iPad app when I’m putting text on a photo and maybe I’ve done one or two it like will not save it so I have to start all over turn my iPad close the app or out and then try it again and it will take it I called about this and they told me to uninstall the app and reinstall the app I did that but I still have that problem on the iPad and on my desktop I was used to be able to put a photo frame with a color for Christmas red and green Halloween orange and now I cannot do that I’m sorry that they took that away I like that feature of putting a frame around my holiday photos

kansas city kimmie, Jan 20, 2021
So far so good

It seems like a good way to store photos! Pretty straight forward and easy to navigate/access photos after they have been backed up. A few minor things are a pain, like when adding photos to an album, it doesn’t keep them marked as part of that album. So if you go back into all photos to add more to the album, there’s no way to tell which ones have already been added. The albums also aren’t organized by date of the photos in the album, they are organized by when the album was created, which isn’t very helpful. I’d prefer them to be organized chronologically. I only started using it a few days ago so maybe there’s a work-around that I haven’t discovered yet...all in all, a decent way to store photos.

KasKas222222222, Mar 08, 2021

I love itIt would be easier if option to add important business card or I’d or document details automatically for like 2 sec smart scam and upload rather than hours of notes … recognize name addresses business etc please.Oh also please offer other easy and btw old now smart features such as smoothing a paper digitally ( like the white board notes used to) You should easily be able to straighten a page without manually doing it. Auto capture is great but not all pages will be exactly flat please allow for skewed or off angles folds etc and correct easily.A base virtual page down that matches the base color of the document would also be good.No one should see what color desk or copier the pdf scan or photo was taken on.Please try not to bleach out photos and address or other text when adjusting scan also… the whole thing should be balanced and legible and for legal documentation or identification the colors themselves are as important as the balance, clarity, and view ability of the facts. And optionally seeing the lighter shaded text say sunbleached or carbon or lighterhand poor copy etc and auto fill with appropriately tinted color text. Added feature to find missing words from carbon or lighter would be great.

SaltySeaForestMe, Feb 19, 2022
Solid mediocrity

So far, it is difficult for me to properly rate the app. I have been trying to back my photos up for a couple of days. I have just over 12,000. I left the app open overnight last night and woke up with 491 photos remaining to back up. I needed to send a quick text message, so I switched over to messaging, sent my message and promptly returned to the photo app. The count went back up to over 12,000 and the app now is “checking for backup”, counting down in the same fashion as when I started the process last night. As an added service to something I already pay for (Prime), it’s tough to complain but it isn’t doing what I need it to yet, so I need to maintain middle ground until I have some indication that it will ever back up my photos. It doesn’t do any background uploading, wifi or not, and I can’t just leave the app open all day. Each time I go back into it now, it starts over.

stclair77, Sep 23, 2019
Pure Photo Storage

At this point this app is purely for storing photos, which it does excellently. If you’re a prime member looking to free up space on your phone, this app is for you. But in addition to storage, I like to organize my photos. The latest major update has made it very difficult to do that. - First, the facial recognition has never been great. It’s always combined multiple family members into one. The plus of the old version was that I could manually override the person tag. Now, I’m stuck with whatever tag the app automatically assigns. This makes it difficult, as I like to make different albums for my individual children. Now my sons are lumped together under the same person tag and I can’t separate them. - Second, the user interface is unfriendly. It’s difficult to find any feature that’s not looking at a picture or a memory. The search function is cool as long as I’m not looking for a specific person (see my first complaint). Overall, I like the new streamlined look, but a menu bar wouldn’t hurt.

Synai14, Apr 19, 2022


Safely store all your full-resolution photos on Amazon Photos. Use this free app to back up, share, and organize all of your photos. All Amazon Photos customers have 5GB full-resolution photo and video storage.

Personalize your Fire TV and Echo Show to display your favorite memories. Order photo prints, custom gifts, and home décor directly from your phone to make gift giving a breeze. You can opt to remove photos and videos stored in your phone to free up space, knowing your photos and videos will remain safe—now and in the future. Take advantage of features like This Day to see and share photos from this date in years past, and Memories, to automatically see curated slideshows from trips and other special moments from your life. Use invite-only Groups to gather and share a multitude of top-quality photos and albums with family and friends. FULL-RESOLUTION STORAGE Amazon Photos keeps your photos and videos the same size and format as the originals. With full-resolution storage, your prints look as sharp as the day you took them. PERSONALIZE YOUR FIRE TV AND ECHO SHOW So many photos and videos captured remain tucked away in a phone or camera. Device personalization means your best memories stay where they belong: in the spotlight. Whether it’s your Fire TV in the living room or your Echo Show on the kitchen counter, your memories get the attention they deserve. PRINTS High-quality prints, made to order. Best of all? You can make it happen right from the app and transform those memories into prints, custom gifts, and home décor. Available only in the U.S. THIS DAY View (and share) photos from this date in years past, whether it’s one year ago or five years ago. MEMORIES Your special moments set to music and re-surfaced as a curated slideshow to re-live the good times. SHARING Share full-resolution photos and videos with family and friends by inviting them to a private Amazon Photos Group. Share lifetime-long memories or highlight special events such as vacations, playoffs, parties, graduations. View photo slideshows on your Fire TV and Echo Show to enjoy special moments throughout your entire home. FEATURES • Prime: Prime members get unlimited, full-resolution photo storage and 5GB for video • Storage: Free 5GB photo and video storage • Full-resolution: Keep your original image’s resolution: more pixels equal better quality photos and videos • Personalization: Keep photo memories on view instead of tucked away in a phone or camera • One-stop shop: Photo storage, prints, and sharing • Prints: Favorite memories transformed into photo prints, custom gifts, and home décor Available only in the U.S. • Built-in security: Back up photos and videos automatically just by turning on with Auto-Save • Alexa: Take, view, and share photos hands-free • Groups: Privately share selected photos, videos, and albums with family and friends across devices • Subscriptions: Expand storage with flexible monthly and annual plans starting at $1.99 By using this app, you agree to Amazon’s Conditions of Use (www.amazon.com/conditionsofuse) and Privacy Notice (www.amazon.com/privacy).

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