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Alon Dictaphone-Voice Recorder

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Alon Dictaphone-Voice Recorder

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User Reviews for Alon Dictaphone-Voice Recorder

Being asked to rate the app is annoying

The app is fine, but you will be asked to rate the app every single time you open it, and then multiple times throughout the day. I am using this to dictate patient charts while our regular system is down, and I get a new "rate our app" pop up after EVERY dictation. That's about 20 times per day. For $5 purchase price, I expect not to have a ton of pop-up messages during use. They are very frustrating.

amypacemaker, Jun 29, 2017
Response to 5/17 review.

I reviewed the app in 5/17 and want to change my review to 5 stars. The support team reached out to me promptly and showed me how to perform the functions I reported were not available on the 5/17 review. I give this app now a 5 star and the support team a 6 star!

Appusa, May 24, 2023
It's Awesome!

Very nice app. Use it to record class lectures for my students. It interfaces nicely with other apps (eg DropBox) for upload. Sound quality is good. While the recording dashboard is clear. The developers made some key improvements in its upgrades. My go to audio recording app these days.

Batgirl2011, Aug 29, 2020
This application literally does everything it should.

I only use it to record daily audio logs. I sent those over to Google drive. Don’t do much else.

Hellman2626, May 13, 2021
Accessible and powerful!

This app is absolutely accessible and powerful!! Love it’s recording capabilities, especially it’s voice activated recording function. The overall accessibility is a win win for me and the blind community, it’s going to get better with every update. Works fully 100% with VoiceOver!! I love it, and it’s my go-to every day recorder!!

jcdjmac, May 02, 2020
Stable, somewhat non-intuitive

This program works well once you get used to its non-standard buttons and user experience. I think with a few tweaks they could make it something that is in alignment with normal apps. The instructions could also probably use some expansion, for instance to make it easier to understand how to switch to MP3 output rather than WAV. Finally, the ceaseless demands for a Review were pretty annoying, and I’m sure tends to depress the ultimate ratings people give. It would be smarter if they asked less frequently.

Kapo10, Feb 04, 2018
Thanks for the stereo options, but nix the rate reminder every time I launch the app

I’m visually impaired, and love the accessibility of the app. Nice work on the 2 finger double tap for voiceover users. Please though get rid of the rate reminder every single time I launch the app. it is starting to get a bit annoying. I’ve seen reviews offering this suggestion as well. One other thing, the manual could be better written with headings and more detailed explanation of what the tools do. for example the conjunction item appears to do not a thing, unless I don’t really understand. The manual has screen shots, but not enough text explaining what things do. This would help those of us who are blind understand key aspects of the app. over all I give this a 4 out of 5.

ke7zum, Jan 29, 2021
Frankly, I wish others could have this app.

I have mostly used this app offline. The only time I used while connected to the internet, it asked me to give it a review. I was not prepared for this and so I don’t actually know what to say. Hence, I’ve appreciated the app in all manner and so I give a 5star.

Kome cameroon, Jan 05, 2021
Basic functions are puzzling

I like the recorder. It has good sound and it allows me to slow the speed if I want to transcribe. However I am having issues with very basic functions. I can’t play back and listen to the recording I select. Instead it scrolls to the top and only lets me play back the most recent one. I cannot find a manual, only what looks like an ad with photos.

Missy4446, Jan 02, 2020
Stable, flexible & feature rich

This is the only stable app I have found in the App Store that enables you to record at 44.1 kHz or higher and 32 bit depth. It also gives you the ability to bypass the iPhones internal audio circuitry. I have literally tried every recording application in the App Store and this is the best. There are no longer other features to buy to have the full Alon app. There are also now no advertisements. I use this app on a iPhone 6s+ and have not experienced any of the problems mentioned in the other reviews. I use this app with my Shure MV88 stereo mic for impresive CD-quality music recording. With the Shure Motiv app running in the background and set up the the way you choose the Alon app Records with the settings in both apps when the MV 88 is used. This is an excellent combination. Customer support is the best I've encountered.

scubnubbic, Aug 12, 2017


ALON Dictaphone is the professional audio voice dictation app for those who want the highest quality dictation and audio recording device available. You can use ALON Dictaphone to dictate notes and memos quickly as well as record meeting, lecture, interview, and day-to-day sounds using your phone’s microphone. Time to free up your hands and get rid of the traditional notepad!

Ditch your notebook and start audio recording everything you need, from a to-do list to a critical memo. In addition, you can share your entire meeting and lecture notes with anyone. It's super quick and easy to start sharing your audio recording with your friends, family, classmates and co-workers. Key Features: • Highest quality recordings (up to 48000 Hz/320kbps) • MP3, WAV formats all dictation and note taking • Edit options: Append, Trim, Cut, Overwrite, Insert, combine recordings • Stereo support • External microphone support • iTunes file sharing • Uploading recordings to Dropbox, SoundCloud, GoogleDrive, OneDrive, SharePoint, YouTube, Box, Evernote, FTP/HTTP/WebDAV servers • Adjust microphone gain sensitivity • Background sound recording and playback at different speeds (x0.5, x0.8, x1,...) • Option for auto-syncing audio recordings with Dropbox • Sync audio recordings, audio bookmarks and preferences with iCloud • Bookmarks(Time, Photo, Text note) Additional Features: • Sort audio recordings (by their name, by duration, by size, by date creation, and by type) • Bluetooth and external headset support • Import recordings from other applications (which support such option) • Export recordings to other applications (which support such option) • Record/Playback when your device is in a sleep mode • Pauses automatically on incoming phone calls • Playback/record timer • Fast forward/rewind • Simple editing with audio bookmarking • Opportunity to create a play route from the bookmarks • Voice activated recording - stop recording during silence • Send or delete multiple recordings at a time • Categorize and sort recordings • Adjust playback speed • And more... There is a comprehensive help manual in the app that describes and walks through all of the application's features. When you need an audio recording, you can use ALON Dictaphone to record and share meeting notes, class lectures, or even the sound of ocean waves crashing. Use your voice to dictate notes, memos, and to do lists. No more fussing with a notepad and taking notes by hand! ALON Dictaphone brings high quality audio voice recording to the palm of your hand, enabling you to dictate all your notes and memos. Download ALON Dictaphone today and get free upgrades in the future! This application is not for recording phone calls! ALON Software would love to hear your suggestions & feedback on how to improve our Audio Voice Dictation Recorder! Please continue to send questions, suggestions and ideas to http://alonsoftware.com/support.php. Visit us at http://www.alonsoftware.com/dictaphone_apple.php to learn more.

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